Cliff Douglas Advanced Were Bear
Basic Information
Name Clifford James Douglas
Pronouns He/Him
Age 39
Birthday March 4
Height 5'6
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Ricki Hall
Residence Location Camp Baron
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Owner — Douglas Carpentry & Pine Peak Sanctuary
Vehicle Blue 1996 Ford F-250 Four Door
Group Pine Peak Sleuth
Rank King
Vampire Stats
Age turned 27
Supernatural Eye Color Black
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 27
Supernatural Eye Color Black
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 27
Supernatural Eye Color Black
Animal Appearance -Kodiak Brown Bear
-7ft at shoulder, 12ish on hind feet, 1,950 lbs. H E F T Y
-Denim, plaid, leather
-Usually has a beard, keeps hair short.
-Right eyebrow has a notch in it from a scar he received when he was changed. No, he doesn't shave it like that.
-Too Many Tattoos
-Amiable & Humorous
-Stubborn & Decisive
-Compassionate & Forgiving
-Realistic & Reserved
-Self-critical & Childish
-Capable & Handy
-Moralistic & Ambitious
-Born in Ouray Colorado in 1983.
-Pretty nice upbringing until mom and dad split when he was 14, mom took his older half sister to live in Colorado Springs. Still sorta resentful about it.>
-Stuck with his dad, so he grew up basically at the lumber yard his dad owned and ran.
-Took to carving and carpentry at an early age. Started his own carpentry business at 18.
-Dad died of cancer when he was 24, he inherited everything including ownership of DLC.
-Tries the whole office job thing for a while, gets too stressed and torn up about his dad, starts drinking, drugs, and anything bad for you.
-Decides to hire out someone to run shit for him, but still profits.
-Pretty much a grade A asshole for a while, family and friends stop talking to him.
-Things get bad. Carpentry business plummets.
-Stumbles around a forest one night, drunk off his ass>
-Bear. Bears. Huge bears.
-Wakes up in some stranger's bed, half naked, with mostly healed wounds all over.
-Badda-bing badda-boom, you're in a Sleuth now!
-Despite the whole werebear thing, stuff starts looking up. Less drinking, no more drugs
-Started actually trying to put his life together again, and is still trying
-The whole nearly dying by being slaughtered by giant bears changed him mostly for the better
-The Sleuth was a good experience and helped him grow, but the whole ordeal made him want to turn a new page and start fresh
-Ridgefield is probably the best place to do that.
--In Ridgefield County--
-Moved into Graupel Canyon, and shortly became wrapped up in the Cobalt Ridge Sleuth.
-Eventually, disagreements and impulsiveness found him leaving with his closest friend, Maxine, and moving to Lauderhill
-Stuck it out with her, and then alone when she had to move away. Rogue life, baby.
-Eventually found other bears whom seemed to like him, began taking the steps to open Pine Peak Sanctuary in Camp Baron.
Moved to Camp Baron, and formed a little ragtag Sleuth of his own. King time!
-Has two cats, Mapel and Rosa
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