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Adam goes on a nightly stroll around the abandoned national park and gets himself into his first were fight with Amira. Gets hurt rather badly as the teenage tiger makes a bouncy castle out of him.
Solomon suspects Zelda to be the cause of a recent attack. Zelda isn't quite ready to admit her faults.
Max and Em invite Nat and Katya over to reconcile, offering apologies, regrets, and looking to find understanding in the whys and hows. Instead misunderstandings and confusion rule as the conversation derails into vendettas and no questions are answered.
Frank calls Elijah to help him in getting stitched up after Blair attacked him.
A blind date between Renji and Dariush leads to hand holding and an abruptly ended kiss when Dariush realizes his date's body temperature is unnaturally cold. Discovering he was a vampire ends the date poorly and they both leave with varied emotions.
Adeline judges Cassidy fit for duty following her prolonged recovery after a vampire attack :)
Minerva helps Agostina learn to focus on her extremely difficult ability... somewhat. They also manage to connect some.
Dove goes to get some take out but nearly gets taken out by an orange PMSing hungry wolf. It's just like being back home where everything wants to eat you!
Monica goes to the quarry to mope. Gets pinged by Katya, who opens the door to a more freeing form of violence where no one really gets hurt.
Monica and Adeline meet, they have a fun palm reading session, and then Adeline discovers who she's been talking to. Monica dips before she makes a second mistake.
After a long time in the making, Alby and Imran meet with Beauregard to explore the extent of Imran’s new ability. Talking leads to the two friends coming to the natural decision to join the clutch. The best surprises are those which are unexpected.