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To celebrate his birthday, Wallace becomes a hot local single in your area.
After Ginger gets yeeted into the sun, she finds a spoon and then meets a meanie vampire who teases her with it. Thus she climbs him like a tree to get it back!
Emily proves she has steely control even under duress and Max loses a bet. Their meandering conversation has them face the past: what happened that night their Prince revealed a nasty surprise? They realise they might be better off on their own.
Grace finds Caleb breaking into a food truck and thinks she can get him to split the loot. Instead, she gets a taste of her own gross medicine.
Abraham comes over to Asha's to discuss memories.Through various detours, they talk about him maybe part-timing it in the prowl in the future, marriage, therapy, and cultural differences in love. At the end, they celebrate the festival of lights together.
Natalie and Dante have a reunion "lunch" that involves more hashing and healing than any actual eating. It's very awkward, but it's a start.
Jamaal and Ashley reconnect. She figures out he's lying about his eye color, but he assures he he's not the worst kind of shifter, at least.
Tiff and Beau share a quiet peace in the park. With neither recognizing the other for the threat they are, only pleasant words are exchanged, ending in one of those little moments of seemingly meaningless compassion that can help one get through the day.
Mateo is in for an ugly surprise when exchanging a handshake with Laurence, who is sporting a silver ring. After a close call of shifting at work, both men manage to get out of the situation unscathed.
With a bit of liquid courage and the encouragement of a friendly Clift Bear, Abraham finds it in himself to approach Cliff to hash out their past beef.
A werewolf touches Grace's pants, so she develops a new power to escape.