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Kesi goes to get a nice hot bath, meets a rather spunky psychic and manages to suggest him. The cheeky git dead sleeps her in the water with him and he nearly drowns. Interesting connection ensues
Grace and Jimmy share a meal and talk about friends and feelings. Then take a walk and talk about life goals and feelings. Then shop a bit and talk about hair and powers and feelings. Then crash back home and talk about, heh, feelings.
Paul rips his pants, Red offers to help and things escalate fast. Thanks, anxiety!
Frank and Mathis address the distance that has steadily grown between them, and mutually decide to make it permanent.
Asha enlightens Catriona about Levka's jail sentence, and Cat divulges how a possibility of evidence was denied. As both lose their faith in the criminal justice system, they come to a secret agreement with each other.
In spite of meaning to get together for a bit of lighthearted hang out, Frank brings too much baggage to the table and Eli insists he share. Even though things aren't looking good for the prowl or his relationship, Eli is sure his friend will be alright.
Wes R. meets Wesley F. and learns the truth about the existence of supernatural beings.
Raziyya meets an ankleted Cassidy at the Haunted Renaissance Faire and lets her win a joust in a secret exchange for suggesting her into having fun with her, forever. This definitely won't become a pattern or anything.
Zara sought out Beauregard in a matter she believed he might be able to help her with; her heart ache. He gave an ear, offered some help and in the end they mutually agreed on a suggestion that he'd do to her to help her heal and a new friendship starts
Poor Rei is out geochaching during the full moon. She loses more than the track of time when she encounters Zoelle, roaming around as a polar bear. Zoelle decides a lesson must be learned.
Abner finds the cheetah form of his past meal Lazlo, the two fight. This time Abner doesn't leave with a full stomach, but a wounded one. And a finger as a prize. Lazlo ends up asleep and fingerless in the woods.