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Seeking mental health services for dealing with his recent divorce and other issues, Chief Tiffer runs into Dr Zhu for the third time. Kindly offering lunch, she finds herself in a discussion of the STF's future and accepts an offer in turn.
After leaving everything behind and getting an invitation from a jaguar, Julian finds some help and guidance from Abraham.
When Dakila calls a pack meeting to confess that he has needed to tell the STF about his status as a werewolf, feelings of betrayal and being blindsided explode. Julian leaves the pack and uncertainty among the remaining members blossom as they cope.
After finding a cat in an alleyway things quickly spiral out of control between Willow, Kaida, and later, Catrina.
After finding a drunk Axel in the bathroom of a bar, Rhett gains information that was probably best left private.
Beauregard picks Ariadne out for an easy meal, but learns in the aftermath that the psychic's cousin (and his crochet client), Pandora, has been killed by a mystery vampire.
Valerie's chilly afternoon walk goes sideways when a crocodile tries to make a snack of her. Grace makes a daring rescue, but that leaves Valerie with a lot to think about.
Oliver teases a weird cat with a piece of bacon and ends up with a bit and scratch for it, leading to an unknown infection.
Dante rolls back into town and immediately has reason to think Rice Bluff has gone even more to hell since he left. Vampires can fly now? Fuck's sake.
Jimmy arrives to a power lesson and unwittingly ends up with the keys to a safe place to practice. Everyone’s invited!
All concerned parties swing by Katya and Natalie's to meet Blair, figure out where she'll stay, and work out a plan for the full moon.
The werewolf prince decides it's time his police chief boss knows the truth.