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Rocco trawls Muse for easy victims and Fischer practically falls into his lap. His first training wheels-off suggestion leaves them both confused but Fischer turns out to be a satisfying meal regardless.
Lazlo asks Vivian for help. Vivian asks Lazlo for info. They speak the same language yet different ones at the same time.
When a deeply burned and distressed Meike wakes from her vampire encounter, she begs help from Levka. He tries to convince her it will be alright, but in the end agrees that her only solace is a permanent conclusion.
Monty, in attempt to mend his relationship with Michael accidentally bloodlusts, murdering the poor psychic boyfriend, or for at least a while.
Nico picks Monty up after the untimely events of the amusement park
Ghost Edward surprises Dakila and the two have a heart-to-heart over a game of chess.
Saoirse and Mahnaz have a mild encounter involving waffles and cute girls.
Two detonators cross paths on a mild night. What starts as an awkward encounter turns into shared excitement that there might be more to explosions than meets the eye.
Axel drunk calls Gabe, they actually talk and its even sorta nice.
Holly is having a bad time. Dante tells her he's gay to make himself less of a creep, and makes her cry anyways.
Following Rocco's betrayal, Samiel decides to speak to Beauregard to do damage control and figure out where they're standing.
Monty and Michael scare each other. Turns out Monty can turn into a bat now. They make a solemn promise