The almighty handbook! We recommend reading it in full before joining, but don't worry too much about memorizing. It's always here for your reference!

Rules and systems:

Getting Started & Character Creation Guide

The place to go if you're new on the site and looking for how to... well. Get started!


The OOC and IC rules of the game you'll want to familiarize yourself with and follow for a happy Passing Strange experience!


Where does Passing Strange take place? What's life like? Learn it all here!


It's not about experience points, but it is about experience!

Dice & Tabletop

Your luck around here is a roll of the dice. Literally!

Laws & Enforcement

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gunna do...

Face Claims

Come face to face with our faces!

Jobs List

Work work work work work!

Species and their mechanics:

Humans & Psychics

Learn about the more human but still very powerful segment of the population: humans and psychics!


Human? Animal? The balance differs from were to were, but let's just say the beast isn't just inner.


Life after death can go on for a long, looooong time... if you know what you're doing.

Powers List for Psychics & Vampires

Explore the many magical power options available to psychics and vampires!


Magic, how it manifests itself in the Strange universe, and the ways it affects the people living there.

Pregnancy & Child Development

The birds, bees, and beasts. Learn all you need to know about these subjects on Passing Strange, no NSFW tag required!

In-game groups:

Leadership & Groups

While these supernatural found families typically fly under the radar of human society, they often serve as a means for better survival chances - and besides, misery loves company.

Ranks, Roles, & Challenges

How the hierarchies of vampire and were societies keep things running smoothly. (Usually.)



Do great things, win pretty profile images!

Coding Tips

Not sure how to link a link, bold a bold, or image an image? We'll teach you!


Giving thanks to some of the touches that make Passing Strange so dang strange!

Yearbook 2022

Two trucks holding hands, two trucks holding hands...

Yearbook 2021

Send me on my way (on my way), send me on my way (on my way), send me on myyyyy way-

Yearbook 2020

As we goooo onnnn, we rememmmberrrr, all the times weeee, had togeeetherrr...