Elijah Foster Advanced Were Coyote
Basic Information
Name Elijah Leslie Foster
Pronouns He/Him
Age 46
Birthday May 22
Height 5' 11
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Alan Tudyk
Residence Location Alameda
Occupation Location Alameda
Occupation Pediatrician
Vehicle 2017 Lexus CT [grey]
Group Dusty Mutt Band
Rank King
Role Medic
Vampire Stats
Age turned 32
Supernatural Eye Color Black
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 32
Supernatural Eye Color Black
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 32
Supernatural Eye Color Black
Animal Appearance
  • Tawny and grey fur, wiry
  • 60 lbs, 3.25 ft at shoulder, 4 ft long
  • Reference!
  • Dark blond, light blue eyed
  • Pretty far from fashionable, has a small selection of generic clothing for various situations
  • Prefers casual wear whenever reasonable
  • Usually has a bright smile on for the job, but takes it off after hours
  • Decidedly average build, slightly receding hairline, nothing special
  • Wears a simple gold cross under his shirt 95% of the time.
  • Real good with kids
  • Pretends to be good with people when he wants to
  • His own worst critic--also maybe your worst critic
  • Tends to make a decision and stick to it, either out of stubbornness or desperation
  • Selectively patient
  • Not quick to actual anger, but builds up irritations until he explodes on someone or something
  • Believes in doing good, is moderately successful, is naturally a little caustic
  • Seeks for proof that he is not a monster
  • Doesn't like to talk about it
  • Born in 1975 in rural Wyoming (though really which parts of Wyoming aren't rural?) to a good Lutheran family.
  • Middle child of three, his life was normal if a bit secluded--grew up knowing he wanted to work with animals.
  • Graduated and began schooling locally to become a large animal vet for local farmers. Had a knack for it.
  • Married when he was 25. Only daughter--Tawny--born when he was 26.
  • Lived the good rural life for a long time until someone in the local Band thought it would be funny to give Dr. Foster a good chomping.
  • 32 was a hard year, as he had to change job directions and couldn't tell his family why, and desperation more than any real desire to stick around the Band had him joining them.
  • 33 was harder still, because while he thought he was getting a handle on things, maybe figuring out a new direction, his daughter finding him locked in the shed one stressful afternoon went catastrophically.
  • Grief was impossibly high, he couldn't bear to stay--moved to Utah and filed for divorce.
  • Buried himself in sorrow for a while until he met a new Band, one without all the undesirable associations from before. Started to feel better and get a better grip on who he was and come to terms with what he'd done.
  • Went back to medical school, warned it would be hard, but determined to prove that he was something more than what one terrible moment would paint him as.
  • Decided on pediatrics for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which was the memory of what he'd lost.
  • Waited until he was certain this wasn't the worst decision of his life, joined a practice in Ridgefield County.
  • Hoped to find his place here, both as a person and as the coyote he'd become.
  • Found a band.
  • Sort of found a life while he was at it.
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