David Herrera Common Were Wolf
Basic Information
Name David Herrera
Pronouns He/Him
Age 36
Birthday Apr 1
Height 5' 9
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Conrad Ricamora
Residence Location Starling Hills
Vehicle Maroon 1990 Honda Accord
Vampire Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
  • Iberian wolf, dark grey and brown pelt with rich rust mottling focused around the ears, chest, and legs
  • On the slender side, but abundant fluffiness about the torso largely conceals this
  • 3' 8" or so at the shoulder, and just over 7' 6" from nose to tail, but barely weighs more than 100 lbs
  • reference (photo credit to Kati H.)
  • "Wofl" pronounced like "waffle" and not as funny as he thinks it is
  • Tight, closed lip, "oh go please don't talk to me" smile is the default
  • Has a bit of flair in his wardrobe, a "colorful academic" vibe with bowties and such that he stringently maintains as compensation for how boring he feels he is
  • Cleanshaven always, with a short and simple haircut
  • Nigh on a decade since the infection corrected his eye problems, still wears nonprescription glasses because he thinks his face looks weird without them

Abashed | Nosy | eXacting | Impulsive | Obsessive | Uptight | Sincere

  • Born to first generation American born parents, his grandparents on both sides having emigrated from Columbia.
  • Enjoyed what he'd call a pretty normal, pretty boring childhood in Florida.
  • Good grades, bad socialization. Always awkward, not so much with the having of the friends. People were scary. Are. Are scary.
  • Maybe Nice Guy'd harder than he should have in high school.
  • Went to a local community college because finances. Did okay. Got an AS in Business, because it was boring and practical. Just like David.
  • Afraid of the commitment of student loans, he played the familiar crappy retail job, crappy food service job game for a few years.
  • Managed to move out of his parents', who promptly divorced, so... that was awkward.
  • Had to move back in with his mom. That was also awkward.
  • Finally landed some sort of internship that seemed promising.
  • Until his supervisor, whom he'd maybe had a crush on, flipped out and got all hairy one day when he tried to ask her out. Everyone else had gone home, which was the only reason he could maybe try this, without an audience. Holy fuck, people are scary.
  • Cue "here's the basics, fucking deal with it" montage.
  • In a strange sort of mercy, his shut-in, antisocial lifestyle made the horrific adjustment period a bit more bearable. Wolfable. Whatever. Mostly hide at home and be miserable. He was already pretty good at that.
  • Wolfable, but slow, it took nearly a year before he was able to really come to terms, settle into some sort of understanding with the animal in his head.
  • Feeling sort of in control but still seeing himself as a huge liability to his poor mother, decided to strike out on his own.
  • Slowly meandered about the southwestern US, largely returning to the crappy retail job, crappy food service job game. But being uncommonly strong was new, so he also got to add crappy labor job to the mix.
  • In the summer of 2020, having discovered that hey, animals didn't flip the fuck out like he'd just asked them out anymore, decided he could maybe do something with that. Animals had once been only a little less scary than people. Now, thanks to wolf brain, they were a lot less scary than people.
  • Settled into Ridgefield county and got a whole semester into a local veterinary technician program. So...
Not truly bilingual, but has a pretty okay grasp of conversational Spanish
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