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Looks+Outfit At the Ridgefield Fringe Fest booth area

Dove was setting up, the chair was simple leather and wiped down between each person and she cleaned the tips of the markers between each as well. The tattoo artist felt very weird being in another place that was claimed like the wolf just wanted to bust out like an alien and run around and sniff it all the weird beast that it was.

Shaking that off, she went and grabbed the large cup that had her own sweet tea in it and plopped herself down to sit with a bounce, and then reached for her sketch pad.

Currently, she was just drawing whatever came to mind, currently, it was a sketch of a Lion freaking over a ladybug and that alone just made her grin. She still had to add in the mane to him of course but this alone was giving her life until movement caught her attention and she looked up.

"Hey there, need help thinkin' of something mate? "


You know, the benefit to marketplaces was that you could just stare at the stuff people were selling, and if they tried to initiate conversation, you could just barely look up and make something that was hopefully a smile and then book it to the next booth. It wasn't like she wasn't going to buy something. Because she totally was. But it would take a trip or two around since people were trying to sell stuff, so they couldn't just ignore someone obviously perusing their booth.

The awkwardness was something they would all have to accept.

Including Pru, who had been quietly eying the temporary tattoo booth while the artist was doing something else. But then she was spotted and in the tent so leaving seemed really weird. "Um." Her tongue whittled against the backs of her teeth for a second. "Raccoon." She gestured vaguely to the crowned raccoon. "It's cute." Except that didn't answer the woman's question at all.
Dove smiled a bit proudly as she spoke about the raccoon, "Aye, that one was fun. It was a custom piece I did for someone, " she told her with a proud smile as she continued to sketch the lion and work on fluffing out his mane to make him look more lion-ey. She was eventually going to send this image to Iago just for his reaction to her rendition of him.

"Feel free to look around, or have a cuppa sweet tea, " she offered to the woman. What Dove did not do was get up and crowd her space, she just relaxed and sketched. If the woman wanted some fun ink, she'd give it to her- even if it was on her forehead.
Bullet dodged.

Pru nodded like a chicken and smiled all the way up to her eyebrows. The woman seemed distracted enough which was nice, to be honest. Pru shot a quick glance at the cutesy sketch. It looked different from a lot of the other samples in the tent.

And then she was offered something free which she would not say no to, especially since it was consumable. So she quietly floated to the little drink station and poured herself a little cup. A, it was sweet. But she took another one while she glanced at the prices. A glance turned into a long stare though while she deeply considered what she would even want to get and where and...

"I'd uh. Can I get one? A little one?" She looked over her shoulder and then twisted around. "Artist's....choice?"
Dove saw her looking and so she tilted the sketch pad down a smidgen so that she could see. The artist tried to keep her style wide and varied for everyone to have something to enjoy while she built her tattoo family up. So until then, she was going to be a jack of all styles.

"Little? Sure can, " she said sitting up now and setting the sketch pad down. Looking her over for a moment, she'd bite her lip thinking for a moment, "I need to know though, is there anythin' you absolutely hate and wouldn' want you your skin? " the Aussie asked her curiously as she patted the clean chair next to her while she pulled out a few packs of colors. Free hand was the only way to go for these and that is what made them FUN!
Cup now clasped in both hands, Pru slowly sat down in the offered chair. She sucked in her lips, thinking, thinking, thinking...

"I don't think so, no." She sipped the cold tea and then looked into it's comforting brown depths. Pru thought maybe the poop emoji would suck, but nothing about this tent indicated that she was about to get stuck with a temporary poop emoji on her body.
Dove smiled, "Alright, sounds perfect then, " she told her as she then opened up her sketch pad and started to flick through the pages. Then she landed on something that was rather near and dear and gave her the same vibes as this lovely creature that she owned.

"Alright, this is going to tickle a bit, " she told her as she pulled out a white marker first and then gently turned her arm over so she could have her inner arm and started to sketch out the design of two sugar gliders chasing one another but it was just the outline, so nothing fun yet.

"So what's your name? "
It would be a surprise because Pru didn't look up until a question was asked of her. Though she was entirely compliant through the whole rotation of her forearm. Just a bit lost in the sweet tea sauce was all.

She eyed the white marks taking some semblance of a shape on her arm. It did tickle. She had to sip her tea again, now just one handed.

"Prunella, but Pru, Nell, whatever." She bit back the kneejerk desire to depreciate her own name and settled the paper cup on her leg, trying to put on a less strained smile now that she would be settling in. The artist was sweet. Not pushy. Free drinks. Just chill.
"Pretty name, I'm just Dove. Nothin' fancy or whatever, just Dove, " she told her as she continued to make the outline with the pen. It made a great stencil marking as she made the flying critters that ended up having a third. It was forming a starting point, mid leap, then full leap type form was what she was drawing on her arm.

She'd still only charge her for the small, it was her brain that was making it larger.

"Do you have any tattoos...piercings? " she asked curiously while she worked, sticking the end of the pen in her mouth to reach for a darker white to help add in some dimension to the sugar gliders.
Dove. Seemed like the name an artist would have. She probably had a really pretty signature, too. A loopy D. Maybe some wings or something.

Pru looked down at the art so far. It was, uh, a lot bigger than small. Was she gonna have to pay for this? Was it rude to ask? Uh...

"Just my ears." She answered, still looking at the design take shape. "Kind of... expensive? Or, well, I'd have to pick something that will be on me for the rest of my life."
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