The Seanchaí Collection An egg in hand is worth

notably beauregard is NOT HERE, there's just a delivery he technically sent

It was a medium sized box, not the sort of package that would draw tremendous attention. Wider more than tall, wrapped neatly in parcel paper. Light enough to imply that the contents were not made of anything weighty, but heavy enough not to suggest emptiness.

There was no return address, and the label on the outside read merely the Seanchaí Collection's address, and above it: "ATTN: Ender." No last name, regrettably, because it simply hadn't been asked.

This would, ideally, be delivered to wherever in the building such things were collected. Perhaps some number of human employees would pass it around not knowing who "Ender" might be. He acknowledged this possibility and found it an acceptable risk, though his obvious hope was that it would reach its intended vampire.

if anyone opens it, let me know, and I'll reveal the contents

Tatiana was there, humming a bit and checking over some of the books and then finding herself over to the mail area. Sometimes she went there to see if there was something she could bring back home to Catrina to save her a trip so she went and looked through the letters until a package caught her attention.

Lifting the box, she looked it over for a return address or anything significant but all there wasn't much. There was a label and the name didn't mean much to her since she'd not met the fellow vampire so she took the box into the safety of the vampire area to sit at a table with it.

Tati pulled out one of the training knives she had on her and slowly sliced open the package to take a peak into it; maybe she'd get an idea for who this was for or from?!
Beauregard had no practical way to reach Ender. He'd considered asking Catrina directly, but who on earth would list off an address for a clutch-mate to another dominus?

In the end, he knew that at best, she would instruct him to send the gift to her or to the Collection. No need to ask at all, then, he imagined. Beauregard was returning a gift for a gift. Perfect civil.

He'd yearned for some elaborate pattern with leaves and ivy, but the best he found would have pushed well into months of work combined with his other projects. A gift too late would simply be awkward, and that wouldn't do.

In the end, he went with a blanket he'd completed before in a number of colors. With tireless hands, it was easy enough to put in a few hours at a time here and there. It went folded neatly into the box, a handwritten note in flowing swoops on top.


I am no painter, but I thought it would be fair to trade for my craft of choice. My apologies for a sharp start to our meeting, and thank you for your generosity.

Tatiana opened it, slightly wincing away as she had heard of glitter bomb packages and the like so she was trying to be careful but was blissfully met with...a blanket. A rather lovely one at that with a note to the same name.

Oh dear.

Closing the box, she drummed her fingers on the lid as her head bowed a bit in embarrassment while she pulled out her cell phone. She went to the group chat and scrolled through until she saw the name. Clear as day right there, Ender.

Silently she prayed he was the forgiving type.

Tati groaned a bit as she opened up a separate text chat and took a quick screenshot of the box.

[insert photo of the slightly opened box] Hello, this is Tatiana. I am terribly sorry, I did not realize this was meant for someone I thought it was a spam box because I didn't recognize your name and that is my fault but there seems to be a package here for you? Again I am so terribly sorry it didn't click right away

Pleading for forgiveness sounded like a great idea right now.
Ender was surprised by the text. Wasn't the least bit angry about it, but he was surprised he had a package.

It's alright. Thanks for letting me know it's there. I'll stop by in a bit to get it.
Sounds good! I'll be here with it since I was planning on just relaxing here :)
Also she sort of wanted to apologize once more in person because she felt like an idiot. Tati was rather sure Catrina was going to laugh and shake her head at her later.
Oh. He wasn't aware that she was just going to sit there with it. Ender gave a small frown. well, guess he'd go get it now.

It was okay though. He was interested in seeing what it was.

About ten minutes later, he came through the door of the Collection, to the room where he knew she'd be. Gave a shy smile to the woman once he entered.
Tatiana was doing just that, though in a rath unique manner.

She'd be on the couch, dangling off of the arm of it with her arms resting on her midsection while a book hovered right in front of her face so that she could read it.

Was it strange? Yes but it was effective and built her endurance with her ability and she was trying to go for longer each time. When she heard the other vampire, her head lifted with the book.

"Hello! "
Ender hadn't expected a floating book, but that's what he saw. He stopped short, but otherwise said nothing about it. Reminded himself that vampires had lots of powers. He smiled again and managed a small "Hello," before walking over to the box. There didn't appear to be other boxes in the room, so this had to be the one for him. He looked inside and pulled the note out first, arching a brow at it and then looking back in the box to pull out the blanket. He smiled. Absolutely loved it.

"Wow," he whispered. Couldn't believe that he'd gotten a whole knitted blanket. It was very thoughtful and Ender was quite touched by the gesture.
Tatiana reached for her book and then slid down to sit normally, her hands pressing the book to her lap, "Again, apologies for vas strange package so I didn't register it a gift, " she told him a bit embarrassed as he went in front of it.

She was curious, she'd seen a look but not wholly so when he pulled out the blanket her eyes went wide, "Vow...zhat...kind gift from friend, " she said with a bit of a smile as she looked at the detail. It was definitely made with care that much she could tell.
He recognized the Russian accent. Luka had one at times too. He didn't think he'd seen Tatianna in person. but he was sure he'd heard of her in passing. He smiled kindly at her. "It's alright," he repeated from his texts. Really, he wasn't concerned about that.

The gift was certainly kind, and while he would like to consider Beauregard a friend, he knew that Catrina would not like it. She was right not to. Beauregard was another dominus. Things, he knew, had been strained between the two leaders at the beginning of Rhiannon Court's founding. He looked from the blanket to Tatianna. "It is very kind."
Tati set her book on her lap as she looked at the gift, it was very kind of him to make that for Ender.

"You should send him somezing back, " Tatiana suggested. Didn't matter if he made it or not, it was the thought that counted honestly.
Ender nodded. "I believe this is a thank you gift. Because I gave him a painted ceramic egg," he said quietly, wanting to explain so he wouldn't come across as rude. He still wasn't sure that the egg matched the skill of the blanket- it felt like splitting a cake where he got three-quarters and the other person got a fourth and called it even.
That made a brow raise, "You paint eggs? For hobby or just holiday? " Tati was ever so curious about this because that truly seemed like an interesting trade between items; an artistic egg and then getting a blanket but she wasn't one to judge.
"Well, for the Easter holiday," he said quietly. But he was interested in painting more than just eggs. "But I like to paint in general." Luka had inspired him to get back into his artistic side, and that included doing small designs on various objects. He'd started with rocks, moved on to eggs, and was looking to branch out.
Oh! Two painters in the group then! "You know Luka? He paints as vell, " she suggested to him with a smile. He could know him for all she knew but he might not know know him yet either so it never hurt to suggest!
Ender smiled wide at the mention of Luka. "I know him well. He is my roommate. He inspired me to start painting."
So this was Luca's roommate! "Vell zhen I guess I don't need to say much on him zhen do I? " she said with a light laugh, "I am not much of painter but him, he's good. You have great inspiration in him I believe, " she told him with a small smile.

"Perhaps, if not overstep, ze tree of us meet and paint? Just for fun? " be a fun thing to do with the pair of them as both were very easy to get along with and chat with.
Ender was shy, but he did want to actually know more of the people in the clutch. So he smiled at the suggestion. "Yeah, that would be nice."
"Fantastic! Vhy don't you talk to Luca, I can pick some zhings up if he doesn't have it and ve all just have fun, " she said with a bright smile at that. This was sounding great, getting to know Ender and spending more time with Luca, win win in her book.
Ender smiled. "Yeah, I can do that." He wasn't sure when she was wanting to do this, but they could figure that out.

But since he had his gift from Beauregard now and things squared away with Tatiana, he figured things were good enough for him to leave. "Anyway, thanks for letting me know."
"Vonderful! Text me zhen, " she told him before nodding at that.

"Da, of course. I should put zhese back before I forget to. Have a good evening, great to meet you, " she told him as she got up and the books lifted up with her. The Russian gave a warm smile and a wave of her hand to him as she went off with her books to take care of them.
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