Estrella Fun times ahead
Mmmm, he smelled, well, horrible. But Mahnaz grinned wryly as he leaned in close to her. She was used to it now. The corpse smell.

He was quite suggestive though which caused her to raise an eyebrow.

"First I'm trouble, then I'm off-limits?" She teased, definitely into it. Mahnaz took a step closer to wrap an around him, placing her empty glass on a tray that swept passed them.
Smooth. He loved that she wasn't afraid to get close to him, and of course, always loved attention from pretty women. "Are you off limits?" Because if she was, well.
"To some." Or most people. Really. Mahnaz wasn't looking to infect anyone.

"But not you." She smirked.
He grinned and moved a little closer to her. "Guess I'm lucky then."
Ohh, two could play at this little game. Mahnaz also moved closer, so she was a couple of inches from his face.

"Not yet you're not." Wink.
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