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So Lyn knew for a fact that he did not have the strength for pole dancing in any kind of capacity but he also knew he needed to get out of his own head for a while. Not that it was the only reason for his melancholy but Hiro was just the latest in a string of people who just mysteriously left him and he was beginning to wonder if he was the common denominator in that little fact. Probably not. People had problems and dreams that were bigger than him. But it still felt such a lonely existence. What use was a detective whose connections kept disappearing?

Instead of wallowing as usual, though, he decided he ought to keep up with the connections who were still around. Get silly. Do fun things that might make him laugh or smile or huff air through his nose. So here he was having rung the doorbell, backpack full of clothes and body full of anticipation of pain.


Tatiana had gotten the flat space ready. It was similar to a studio apartment but one level on the ground. She had two poles set up and the floor was clean and neat. The wall was covered in mirrors and off to a corner there was a stereo system that she had at the ready for some good mood music to get in the groove. The kitchen had been restocked with some energy food and plenty of drinks for the psychic that was paying her a visit.

She bit her lower lip a little as she worked her comb through her silky hair when the sound of the doorbell filled her ears. Flinching from the sound, she went over, a sway to her hips as she opened it up and smiled brightly.

Currently, she was not wearing high heels but instead was barefoot since she didn't want to kill her feet waiting on Lyn, "Lyn! Velcome! Come on in, " she invited him as she stepped aside for him as she continued to drag the comb through her long hair.
There was something amusingly fucky about a vampire inviting a human into their home. He guessed something could be said about spiders inviting flies into their webs but he didn't really feel threatened by Tati. Or maybe he didn't care about the potential danger. Even he wasn't sure. He'd already fed her once and nothing terrible had happened. So. Maybe she could be trusted. Maybe it would take a few feedings. But the fact that he could feel any level of distrust towards her felt like a good thing, a sign that she hadn't tried to plant a suggestion in his brain.

He'd keep monitoring that.

"Good to see you," he murmured, and he was being honest. It was nice to see someone familiar and steady for once. "How's things?" He kept his backpack glued to him, mainly uncertain where he ought to put it or get changed.
Tati smiled and let him inside her space, "Not too bad...feeling less like I don't have clue about life vhile still feeling veird about it as vell, " she said with a slight chuckle as she then walked over to a table and picked up talcum powder and towels and placed them by each pole for them both.

"How are you? Zhings going vell? " she asked him curiously while he got either comfortable or ready to start warming up; both worked fine for her as she got what they would need for this. Though this time she was praying no one would dislocate a hip like Axel did.
He eyed the talcum powder and then the poles. He was kind of impressed that she had two in here. Talcum powder or no, though, he had the distinct sense he was leaving here with friction burns.

The table seemed a good a place as any to take his backpack off, so he leaned it on the edge as he took out his plain, boring workout gear. Where did he get threads like Tati's?

"Sure," was his response to her question. Things were kind of awful lately but she made the suggestion that they could be okay, so they were. "You mind if I change here or do you want me to go somewhere else?"
The look he gave the powder had a brow raising and her almost laughing; he was not going to enjoy waking up tomorrow the poor guy, that much was for sure. "Promise, I vill go easy on you, " she told him with a little smile as she put some powder on her inner thighs to protect them from the inevitable burns and bruises.

Waving a hand, "Change vherever you are comfortable; in here or ze toilet down ze hall. Does not bother either vay, " she told him as she did just want him to be comfortable since that could make a world of difference in practicing and pole dancing.
Lyn was rarely ever worried about his own comfort over anyone else's but... she practiced pole dancing; she'd almost certainly seen worse than his pasty ass, so he shed his jeans and blue shirt, swapping then out for grey shorts and a grey shirt. Plain shit.

Then he copied Tati's powder application ritual, standing by one of the poles. Leaning on it, actually.

"So like... on a scale from one to my ass falling off, how sore am I gonna be tomorrow?" Yeah she said she would take it easy on him but that never meant anything in exercise.
Tati watched slightly but kept her gaze on herself as she applied the powder and made sure to work it into her skin nicely as he got changed. When he finished, she took note on the simple attire but honestly, it was perfect. Whatever he had or was his comfort level was fine with her and there was zero judgment from it.

A little laugh left her as she set the powder aside and went to a laptop and opened up Spotify to pull up some good dance music for them.

" vill be pretty up zhere depending on how vell your body does vith ve von't go crazy pole climb and spinning upsidedown today but...I can promise you vill get on ze pole- sound good? "
Ass falling off. Understood.

Even with no climbing or spinning or cool sexy shit he could tell something was going to drop the hell off. And honestly, that was okay. Dismantle the flesh prison. All that noise.

"Sounds great to me," he said, though his drone did not reflect it.
The look on his face and tone made her smile a bit as she went over to him with her hands resting on her hips.

"Ok, you ever dance before- like at all? It vill tell me what to start you vith so you don't lose ze cute backside. "
" Does clubbing count?" he asked, and though it was passed like a joke he was actually serious. That was probably the entirety of his dance experience really, unless you also counted elementary school dances and plays.
Bobbing her head from left to right a bit, "It means you have experience moving your body, so better zhen most- you know how to warm up? " she asked him curiously as she looked at the stereo and some rather upbeat dance-like music started to play.
Clubbing counted as dance experience. Put it on his resume, dude. Who knew?

Arms swinging in a getting-ready- for-pain kind of shaking motion, he thought about the question maybe a bit too hard.

"Uh... I never really thought about it. Is it like... stretching and moving around? Or is it more technical?"
"Vhatever to get your body moving and warm up for dancing so you don't cramp...I don't cramp anymore but habit is to varm up before doing anyzing, " she told him as she bent down and bounced from one leg to the other and stretched her back out.

Just for her own fun, she used the pole to then hold on to as she lowered and pushed her backside out before lifting up on her tiptoes and letting her head drop.

"Now...big zhing to remember about pole to have fun and feel sexy. "
Given that he'd never pole danced before he didn't really know what would make him cramp and what would prevent it, so he kind of just copied what she was doing, right down to using the pole to stretch. Only of course he slipped and fell flat on his face, because he didn't really know what she was doing either.

But it didn't dampen his spirits. He looked up from the floor, grinning.

"Feel sexy? Easy. I mean look at me." Spawled on the floor in a heap like he'd fallen down a flight of stairs. Hot.
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