Alder Heights College Did you know the holes in waffles are called Waffle Pockets?

In the end, Samuel had chosen the place for them to meet. It was no Waffle Palace as Xena had so passionately recommended, but the community college always boasted plenty of freshmen and fresh blood. The key was confidently strolling around the place to pick off a lone human for a quick feeding. Samuel was good at finding the target, not so good at bringing them in smoothly.

He hoped Xena could help with that.

In hindsight, he probably should have asked for a description. She sounded, young? At least through the texts. But, for vampires youth was a very wiggly topic. She could even be older than Samuel at this point and the very idea made him oddly upset.

Samuel twiddled his thumbs on the phone again, accidentally opening his calculator app to discover the embarrassing calculation he had to do earlier. For the record, 8 times 4 was difficult to remember for plenty of people.

Aggressively swiping out of the screen, he looked up to see the shape of someone approaching. Samuel kept his phone out in case another distraction was needed. If it turned out to be another innocent co-ed walking home, maybe he might get in an early snack.


Xena was actually kind of nervous! They hadn't met in person, they'd only chatted over text, and only knew each other thanks to the clutch. It was kind of like a tinder date with someone your friend said was cool, except the friend was a 2000 year old vampire and the date was the two of you searching for someone's blood to suck.

She kept checking her phone on the way there, the second she parked her little silver car and stepped out her door into the lamplit parking deck she was staring down at the screen. No new texts from him, just the address and time they'd set up a few days ago. Nothing changed apparently! So that's where she'd head, out of the deck and to the courtyard with the weird bronze statue of the school's founder, just like they'd decided.

Up ahead she saw a tall dude abusing his phone, and based on the familiar vampire energy in the air she knew it had to be him. She smiled and waved, hurrying up to jog the rest of the way over.

"You Samuel?"
The explosion of freckles on her face was a surprise. Xena, like her name, was memorable. However, Samuel wasn't sure if that was a good thing as a vampire. Then again, the clutch did boast a strange amount of modelesque members.

He slipped the phone away, moving more under the overhead light that had an intermittent flicker. "Hello, you must be Xena." He said in greeting and confirmation.

"Thanks for meeting me here. Have you ever hunted in the area?"
A somewhat formal greeting from the guy, which she had definitely expected from the way he texted. She hadn't expected, also maybe based off the way he texted, that he was gonna be so BUILT! Literally, chiseled as fuck.

"I must be!" she replied playfully, coming to a stop before him and sliding her own phone into her purse.

"I usually do clubs and stuff, but I've come here a couple times," she waved her hand in a quick circle, "what's your usual play?"
She seemed fun. Samuel was the opposite and that was going to make for an interesting excursion.

His eyes were drawn to her waving hand, he put his own phone away before answering. "Mostly hit up bars. Easy to pick off someone drunk and stumbling." Samuel shrugged.
"Bars yeah, drunk people are definitely easiest," she agreed with a nod and a smile, "I'm sure we'll run into somebody who fits that description."

Then she'd offer to start walking, taking a few steps and glancing his way, "Haveyou hunted in the area?"
"Twice." He followed at a slow pace, tucking his hands into pockets before bringing them back out. Samuel wanted to be less closed off with his new company. It was too easy to hide in his shell.

"Once with the Dominus and once on my own." The latter had been extremely awkward. So had the first. It appeared to be a pattern.

He let her set the pace, curious to where she'd figure the best place to start their hunt.
So they were both relatively new to college campus hunting, which meant this was more of an adventure! Fine by Xena, who turned to face him, walking backwards.

A smile tugged at her lips, "Success? No?" she asked playfully, switching between thumbs up and thumbs down.
Samuel found her easy to talk to. So was everyone in the clutch because they already knew all his big secrets.

He attempted to return the smile, no teeth. "With Beauregard? Success. Hard not to when you have his help. Most stressful hunt I've ever been on."

As her hand moved back to a thumbs down Samuel tilted his head. "The second was bad. Didn't feed. Almost got arrested." That was the gist.
The smile that Sam returned was a good start, hopefully she'd get to see him grinning by the end of the night! She chuckled at the comment, hunting with Beau was something she was yet to do, but she could imagine she'd be nervous. Not as scary as hunting with Razi maybe, Beau might at least give you a consolation prize if you fail. Razi would pick you to shreds, meticulous as a vulture. Xena was both dreading and excited for the learning curve that would come with training with the praetor.

Almost got arrested, definitely bad. "Yeeowch," she snickered, "well tonight is definitely not gonna be like that!"

She turned to face the path ahead, a comfortable soft smile on her lips as she searched for a target. Deceptively sweet, she was good at drawing people close and surprising them with a suggestion, she wasn't one to favor the shadows. A frustrated huff caught her attention, a 40 something with glasses and a blonde beard was leaving a building in a rush. A professor maybe? He was definitely dressed for the part.

Head tilted towards her shoulder to glance at Sam, "That guy?"
She didn't press for details on the bad hunt and Samuel was infinitely grateful. Not a night he wished to remember or repeat.

Taken with her enthusiasm, he contently let her lead them both to a first potential target. Older than he'd assume she'd go for, but perhaps she had a particular preference. No judgment.

Samuel set his heels together and stopped to observe. "He is alone." A thoughtful noise came out. Nothing struck as an immediate concern.

"How would you approach?" She could easily pass as a student, him not so much. It gave Xena the advantage.
"I'd be student, looking to take his class next semester? Maybe I'll play drunk or something." A quiet aside, her main focus was the professor.

"I usually feel out their vibe, see what might get me that contact?" she turned, two fingers pointed from her eyes to Sam's.
Playing drunk was a smart move. A good excuse to get close and have them look at you with bewilderment as you stumble into their personal space. It was a recipe for perfect eye-contact.

Samuel opened his mouth to tell her so when a different thought crossed his mind.

"Their vibe?" He stared at her two outstreched fingers and then looked back to the scruffy professor. "Is your power empathy or something?"
What? Oh LOL! No, "Oh no I just mean like vibe. Like his uh," how do you explain what a vibe is? It’s just a vibe. "like his mood I guess?"
He knew what vibe meant, but trying to correct her would just look like denial. Samuel took the loss.

"Okay. What's his mood telling you right now?" He asked, curious. Their minds clearly did not work parallel to each other. However, that didn't mean Xena wasn't clever or knew how to read her prey.

Samuel might learn a trick or two from her. As long as her tactic didn't involve feminine wiles. Samuel had none of those.
Xena moved on, oblivious to any miscommunication with a smile on her face.

"He looks like he's had a long day, probably wouldn't want to stop to talk to a student so I think pretending to be tipsy would give a good reason for insistency," she replied with a light shrug.
Education was a weary profession and Samuel almost sympathized with the slow-walking professor. Not a grand idea to feel sorry for your food, so Samuel merely noted Xena’s observation with a nod.

Acting drunk it was.

"If you’re ready I’ll stay behind and act as backup." He shooed her with a small flex of his fingers.

Samuel would act as the worried friend coming to the rescue if Xena faced difficulty.
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