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It wasn't a cause for concern, but Ender felt like meeting another dominus was cause for him to tell his domina.

Good evening, Ms. Stewart. I wanted to let you know that I ran into the Alder Height dominus Beauregard tonight in Starling Hills. It was very cordial. Thought you'd like to know.
Learning that a vampire of hers had been within the vicinity of Beauregard wasn’t a nice feeling. Knowing it was Ender simply made it sour more so.

Good to see he had manners. What happened during this meeting?
He thought I was stealing Easter eggs. I was actually setting some ceramic eggs out that I had painted. Once I told him what I was doing, he was very kind. He asked if I was with you or another vampire group, and then told me a little bit about the other group- Dark Moon? I gave him one of the eggs I painted and he was very gracious about it.
Oh? What did he have to say about Dark Moon?
Not a lot. He said they were nomadic because they have problems with weres. He said that his and yours are the only steady clutches in the area.
Ah, so nothing entirely new it seems.
I am glad to hear the meeting was cordial, thank you for letting me know. Please, continue to be careful around him and his vampires. Try to keep from extended conversations with him in particular as I’m sure you know. I don’t want you to get hurt.
The information had been a bit new to him, but he supposed it made sense that Catrina would know more about the comings and goings and problems of clutches. Ender also didn't think Beauregard exhibited anything to be particularly cautious of, but he would heed Catrina's words anyway.

Of course. Thank you.
Have a good evening, Ender.
Though one last thing while I have you, perhaps sometime in the near future you could show me the ropes on healing. Your abilities with the vampire recently was stunning to watch and I could use a mentor in this skill, its new to me.
Ender had assumed the conversation was over, but then he was hit with what felt like the ultimate compliment. He stared at the message in disbelief, but then smiled.

I would be honored
Wonderful, thank you. Let me know some times and I look forward to it.
Of course! Thank you!
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