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Waiting an entire day for the rogue to wake was simply torture. The things she sacrificed for her clutch, including her peace of mind. Other than Enders impressive display of power, last night was entirely something that had left her off kilter. Catrina had hardly expected a rogue, one that was father to two of her clutch, to suddenly need help and to create quite a scene. Though, considering his history in Elena’s own introduction with the man, it seemed he was simply one for theatrics. Another reason a fledgling should be watched, tutored, and not left to drift without guidance as he was.

So, there Catrina sat on an empty chair across from the man in a room kept well away from the rest of the clutch’s area deep below the Collection. She wasn’t here to harm him, hardly, simply to get a better idea as to where his mind was and what he intended, why he’d name drop so carelessly. It could be something as simple as a desperate clamor for something and this Catrina could understand, but one had to be especially careful. There was also the matter of who had left him in such a state and of course, his memory. All of it would need to be tended to.

A look to her the time at the top of her screen to take a break from the book currently being scrolled through. Surely, he’d wake soon.
And soon enough his eyes fluttered open. Wouldn't focus for a bit, so he rubbed them with a tiny groan.

Samiel hoped to wake up in his apartment, hoped he'd be picked by either Theo or maybe even Monty who probably was losing his mind over his absence for the whole night and day.

What a mess... if only they'd let him call. That's all he wanted. A phonecall. Nothing more, nothing less. He had a healer he knew, she'd patch him up for a price...

It felt like his whole life became an unfortunate series of 'if only's.

If only he didn't decide to explore this decaying mansion. If only he didn't fell into that hole. If only Tempest was alive. If only he wasn't so weak. If only he got that phonecall...

No time to ruminate on paths not taken. He had to get out of there, so he lifted himself up to a sitting position.
There was movement, subtle as it may be and there they go. He was awake and beginning to sit up.

”Ah, there he is. Looking as fresh as a daisy,” she grinned, slipping her phone into a pocket to give full attention to him.

”How do you feel?”
Was she serious...?

"Had better evenings..." Samiel said and dropped his feet to the ground. "I need to go home..."
Better, yet there he sat with no other complaints. Satisfied that they’d provided what was needed, it would seem more important matters could be focused on.

”And you are more than free to after you enlighten me as to how you found yourself in such a predicament and provide insight into questions I may have.”
So now he had to tell her the story of his humiliation. Lovely. But Samiel honestly just wanted to get this over with and go home. Just fucking go home...

"I had a friendly sparring with a were. Then I bloodlusted out of nowhere. Anothere were intervened and unfortunately shifted and crushed me." He said, avoiding eye contact. Knew better already. "I ran away and encountered this vampire that tried to convince me to ash myself, then suggested me to be afraid of your healer. That's all."

Kept it all as matter of fact as he did. No names, no identifying details, not wanting to cause trouble to the weres that weren't really at fault. Would gladly provide all he could remember about that bitch of a vampire, though. But only if he was asked.
A sparring with a were? My, my, Samiel had had quite an evening that entirely spiraled out of control out of the claws of a were, into the arms of a vampire that then ended in her clutches.

”It sounds like an entirely unlucky night,” she mused, heaviness to her brows.

”The vampire you mentioned is indeed worrisome… Do you know why they tried such suggestions on you?” Either they were daft and indeed wishing harm or simply willing to spook the dear. She was leaning to the former considering the alternative suggestion.
Samiel had some choice words about that vampire, but he decided to keep it short and precise. Perhaps it would be rude to curse in front of a lady, but he couldn't care much now.

"To fuck with the less fortunate." he said.
Catrina frowned, lips thinning. A vampire that liked to toy was one thing, but this was seemingly cruel.

”I don’t agree with such practices. If you were to give me a description, I will keep an eye out for them.”
Samiel felt conflicted. He had his own appearance-changing ability, it likely wasn't unique just to him... what if...

Too many what-ifs! With a sigh, the newbie vampire just gave the description.

"Girl, ginger, about this tall. The other guy, uh... Ender, I belive, he saw her too."
Catrina nodded along, taking note of the description that was quiet vague, but Ender may have something more to go off of.

”Any name they used? An accent even?”
Accent, accent...

"I think German." he managed to offer another piece of information. "No name given."
German! ”I can work with that,” she smiled. It was something and narrowed down particulars more so. The rest could be asked of Ender.

”While we’re on the subject of other vampires, is there a mentor you are under the care of that I should contact?” Theo had mentioned Samiel was being taught elsewhere.
Samiel didn't wanted to give either Kesi's or Monty's identity to her. Didn't felt comfortable doing that, no... Especially since he still didn't trust Catrina and the fact she'd rather contact someone on his behalf instead of just letting him do that...


He wanted to say that while he's a shit vampire, he's still competent enough to handle his phonecalls, but instead he just shook his head.

"No, ma'am... Can I go home?"
”Ah.” Her lips pulled tight. No mentor to call, no clutch to reach out to, a rogue fledgling who drew too much attention to himself, something about that certainly didn’t sit right with her.

”In a moment, Dearie, you see, I have a concern I’d like us both to reflect on before I do. It may simply be my age and being too cautious and even your lack of experience, but getting through everything only to ask for Theodore at the last moment is something I don’t quite understand.” Concern and questioning would meet him in her face as she prodded him with the question.
"I've lost my phone at the place I've bloodlusted in." Samiel started explaining more what happened this night. "It got likely demolished by the raging lion. The vampire that decided to bully me... I asked them if I could call my boy, so he'd come and pick me up, but then they just started their little game."

All he wanted was a phonecall, all this time. It wasn't last moment, it was all he wanted. Literally.
More truth came out and with it the dangerous glint of an unknown foe, dulled. It hadn’t been a last ditch effort, simply another of the same request to the night that continued to rotate out Samiel’s visiting guests.

”I believe you,” she said with a light tilting of her head. ”Should you find yourself in a similar situation again, hold those names close until your own identity and a better understanding of what’s going on is clear. Lesser vampires would have ashed you in my place since, you see, you came across as a threat regardless of your intent.”
Samiel had no idea why he'd come across as a threat. He was low level, he was wounded, he had a number of permanent suggestions placed on him and one that wasn't long-time but still troublesome to him.

He sighed.

"I understand, I'll remember that for the future."
Good, a simple agreement to become better. A foot in the right direction of how to hold himself while in the company of unfamiliar vampires and those with power.

”Alright then,” she spoke, closing the cover to the conversation that had been needed. ”That’s all I have for you.”

Moving to tap her temple, Catrina delicately approached the next question, imploring understanding in tone. ”Would you do me the favor of letting me put a simple memory suggestion on you so that this area may continue to be a secret once you walk out of here? You have my word it will be nothing more.”
Well, at least she asked, Samiel thought. And he honestly... appreciated that.

"Very well, seems fair..." He nodded and just hoped he won't regret that brief moment of trust.
A true smile shone at his agreement, glad to not have to fight for this.

Stepping close, Catrina would grab hold of eye contact and speak words of power to keep her clutch safe.

”You will forget everything about this building as soon as you step out of the main doors.”

Successful memory wipe

Well... That was oddly refreshing. A simple suggestion with no malicious intent. Samiel finally relaxed, visibly even.

"Thank you." He said quietly.
The suggestion held firm and true, secrets bound to be kept despite his rooming arrangements at the moment. Samiel finally, truly relaxed and she held herself back from a comment that danced upon her tongue.

Instead, she nodded, making her way to the door to begin opening it up with the intention to show him the way out of the cellar. ”And thank you. I appreciate the honesty.” Catrina would hold it open for him before beginning to lead the way. ”Should you find yourself in need of a clutch, do let me know. Our doors are open to you.”
Samiel went with the diplomatic answer.

"I'll keep that in mind."

And with that, he left. Finally able to go home and hopefully relax...
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