Strange Haikus
HELLO, write dumb haikus with me! Haikus (for this game) are three line poems where the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five.

When you write a haiku, you can then nominate a character (one of your own or someone else's) that you'd like to see the next haiku written about. Since I'm going first I'll just write a haiku about... GIDEON.

Down a finger, ouch
Do you think nine is enough
To Rice Bluff murder?

Please write a haiku about Ashley :3
Animal control?
Or just a friend of insects
Ashley wouldn't LIE

Make one for Nicole :3
I love these!

Dumpsters are not fun
At least she has Tamzin, yay!
More turtles please? Thanks!

Please write one about Catriona :3
when bears are involved
do not climb the trees around
or call in your friends


how about ezra
To build a snow man
One must be hit with some snow
Now for a sandwich

Do one for Kalypso please!! <3
Snowie got a snack
Fluffy delicacy, yum
Oh no, it's your tail

Write one for Beauregard >:3
beauregard bertrand
sweaters and chinchilla love
boss ass dominus

Sayed :3
Shifters fucking suck
But so do other vampires
Unless they're Dark Moon

Roll dice for fatigue
Move metal or move mountains
Or move nothing, rest

BRAM pls :3
most things really suck
i finally got married
is life better yet

Vanessa :3
the sweetest lawyer
wins her cases with her smarts
no magic spells here

Do one for Jason's character, Kaida :3
Kaida killed Yuna
Talk about mommy issues
Form clutch to move on?

Any of mine please <3

Skipping stones with cats
Skipping out of stupid crime
Skip introductions

Vampires are the worst
Mama mia, am I right?
Cheetah's do prosper

Tiffer please.
Officer Daddy
Sweet on a lovely lady
Oh the Supe drama

Yara wants a date
Who wants dinosaur kisses?
lizard tongue down throat

I'm so sorry.

Do any of mine!!
Jacky misses fangs
He shouldn't mess with cheetahs
But does anyway

Any of mine please >:]
Racoon be a dick
Peanut butter's ruined, but
I'm invincible

Gives a very fine
monologue, unless you ask
about those warheads

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