Camp Baron Awoooo except neither of them are wolves
She followed over to the flat tree, watching Ginger climb it. Thinking back on that night with the pinecone and the male that had bullied her. She put on an aggrieved face and chattered up at the other in a beg for food.
Meike sat down a few feet behind Imogen as she watched Ginger climb up the structure and pull out something that smelled awfully like food. Not fresh food, but food nonetheless. It paled in comparison to the fresh rats and mice she normally sought after.

Meike still wanted it though. The cat pounced at the ropes around the base of the tree and began to claw her way up to the top. When she got there, she hit the can out of the doc's grasp, watching as it dropped to the floor, rolling towards the reddish-brown raccoon on the ground.

Hit >:]

Ginger was too busy stuffing her face to listen to the least she was until she felt her can of TREAT being smacked off of her face and down to the ground with a clatter!

A shocked look was on Gingers face as she looked at the Cat that knocked it from her and she bent down to try and smack her in the little nose but her belly kept her from reaching >:(

Miss xD

Her pleas fell on death ears :(

But then the cat was clawing up the tree and the can of treats fell from above. Raccoon Imogen didn't waste any time. Immediately picking the can up with both hands and running away on two legs. Going right back towards the cat bed she had abandoned.
The cat's ears flattened as the raccoon reached out to hit her then whirled around. With a huff, she watched the other raccoon scurry away with her meal.

Meike jumped down from the tree onto the ground to chase after Imogen. She leapt forward and bit the raccoon on the butt.

omg hit

Ravi caught herself and chattered unhappily at her food being taken away before she can eat enough of it, glaring at the cat before watching in a mix of shock and surprise as the little cat went after Imogen and chomped on her butt!

Ok that was rude!

Jumping down with a hard thud, Ginger went over and bit down on the scruff of the cat to try and make her let go.


The hideaway was in reach when there was a sudden clamping of teeth and pain on her behind. The raccoon let out a very animalistic shriek and whirled around to scratch at whatever had gotten her. Alas the can would end up once more on the ground during the struggle.


Meike howled as her scruff was bit and she was (rightly) scratched across the face by the raccoon she attacked. The cat let go immediately and scampered away, back arched and tail puffed out in a sign of distress.
One the cat let go and got a rightful swat to the face, Ginger first went over to Imogen and gave a vibrating chatter and pressed her face against her scruffy neck. Reaching out, she gathered some of the fallen jerky bits and held it to her. Peace offering to her favorite raccoon.

Then, on Ravi's urging to keep the raccoon from being too much of a twit, she gathered a few more bits and wobble walked on her hind legs over to the now upset cat and held it out to her.

If only the ginger raccoon's face could be more expressive :/
She was more then ready to square up with the cat, some of the human showing through. But it turned out there was no need, the one good slap had sent the other fleeing. Still the redish raccoon felt miffed until ginger consoled her with a face to the neck. With resent full chatters in the cats direction she would take the offered jerky and plop down to begin feasting.
The cat moved back as Ginger approached but saw the bits of food and began to sniff the air between them. Black eyes travelled from the food to Ginger's face, studying each of them in equal measure before accepting the food.
Ravi was able to consol her friend, chattering and nuzzling while offering food that she so badly wanted to hoard away for herself but she was trying to be the adult were here. Trying to not be a total bitch like Ginger liked to be. Back at the cat, she was glad that she took the food. The paw hand reaching out with little grabby like fingers to try and scratch behind her ear if she let her.
She nibbled away at the jerky, sharp teeth making quick work of the touch meat. What was given was not enough to calm her appetite and so she would lumber back up and begin the process of looking for food again. Ignoring other two in the process.
Meike was too busy eating to really pay attention to the ear scratch that happened. She scarfed down the food as quickly as possible and looked back at the raccoon, expecting more.
It was good to see that Imogen wasn't too ruffled over the incident, good on her for being the bigger raccoon in the room. Now, as the ginger raccoon scriffed the feline while she ate, she'd move to her side and give a light nudge to follow her to another corner that held another container of jerky.

The room was a jerky gold mine, just had to find it.

With nimble little paws, she opened the lid and sat on her butt with it and stuck her paw into it and shoved some into her mouth before reluctantly holding some out.
She meandered her way into one of the various water bowls and all food thought was promptly lost. This brain was easily distracted. Her creepy hand paws grabbed for the nearest thing to begin the process of washing vigioursly, which did lead to drops being splashed around.
The cat followed warily, though she was curious. She watched as Ginger pulled out another can and looked expectantly at her with big black eyes before leaning forward to lick the jerky off her raccoon fingers.

She grabbed a piece of jerky between her teeth and dropped it on the ground in front of her before digging in.
Ginger chattered in success over the cat trusting her a bit as she offered her some food, her gaze looking around until she saw her other scrap mate and chattered over to her to let her know about the jerky that she had and was willing to share this time; the thievery had knocked a smidge of sense into the critter.
She had a toy in hand and was dipping it in and out of the water, it being the kind of toy that made noise rang with each movement. Entirely engrossed she did not register the chattering of Ginger and continued in her play.
The cat fed, sniffed the air and got the sense that more food was lurking. She just had to find it.

Off she went in her search, climbing up one of the trees like she'd seen the raccoon do and finding another can. It was closed. She knocked it onto the floor with a disgruntled meow and chased after it.
Ginger sat then, like a mother raccoon-hen as she looked over at Imogen just playing and then over at the cat who found another treat stash and was trying to get inside the can but completely failing at opening the container.

Well, time to fend for yourself little cat.

Ginger went and picked up the shiny can, looking around like a gremlin trying to avoid being spotted, and ran off to a corner of the room and squeezed herself inside until just her butt stuck out while she added the can to her personal stash that was perfectly hidden under a blanket.
Meike meowed loudly as she pawed at the sealed can in frustration. The cat bit down on one corner of the can, puncturing it but cutting her mouth in the process. The cat whipped her head back and rubbed her paw against her mouth and whiskers, smearing blood on her fur.
The smell of blood managed to bring the raccoon out of her washing play. She waddled her way over to the cat, following the scent. Chattering in concern. Although how long that would last once her eyes spotted the food would remain to be seen.
Ginger was far too engrossed in hiding stuff, her tail flicking around as she shoved things into her cache spot. Well, she was until she heard the chattering and so she turned around a bit and poked her head out to observe what was going on.

If no one was actively trying to kill or harm each other, she was pretty chill.
Hey, Meike was freaked out. The cat leapt away from Imogen as she approached, too frightened and sore to be calmed down and hid behind a tower of a cat tree. Or, uh, raccoon tree. She pawed some more at her face from her hiding spot and meowed.
The raccoon chattered in concern as the cat leapt away. But then the smell of food overode everything and concern was abandoned for a feast on the treats. Her grubby paw easily reaching into the can to snatch at the food inside.
The meowing had her attention finally and so with a few kicks of her back feet, the raccoon lumbered her way over to where the feline was hiding and went to check her out while Imogene got the goods. A hungry chatter left her before stopping at the tree and peaking around at it as she let out another little chatter towards the feline to try and get her to come here so she could see and lick it better.
Meike heard the chattering of both the first and second raccoon. One went off in search of something, the other poked her head around the cat tree. The cat stared up at Ginger with big, round eyes for a second before continuing to paw at her face wound, occasionally stopping to lick her paw in the process. It hurt >:[
Ginger lumbering over brought her attention back around to the mews and she pattered after the red raccoon one paw curled to her belly full of jerky.

With the usual chatter, which seemed about the only sound a raccoon made she'd offer out some of the pieces of food.
The grumpy cat was met with a slight huff as she stepped closer to sniff at her, a little blood but she would be fine in a few hours.

When she saw Imogen, she moved close and took the food. A happy chatter left Ginger as she then just went over to give affectionate head touches and ear tugs before stuffing her face. was life :/
Meike slumped to the ground, head dropping on her front paws as she just sort of pouted, watching the raccoons chitter away and eat. She was certainly grumpy. Hungry too. But was content, for now, to just lay there. Maybe have a cat nap to calm herself down.
On her part Imogen raccoon was content with ear tugs and pats so long as she could doll food between Ginger and the cat.
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