Hollowstone Fields [nsfw]
Good sounds. Good reaction. It inspired her to escalate, but not yet. Wanted to hear her beg for it.

Kiyoshi pulled away very suddenly, lifting herself up. Reaching for the bottom hem of the hoodie to pull down and see Sabrina's face again.

She kinda missed it, ok.
Sabrina frowned when the fingers left her briefs and Kiyoshi's warm presence wasn't right on top of her. But it was all made better when those hands tugged the hoodie up, Sabrina gave a satisfied hum as she wriggled out and blinked back into the light. Her eyes landed on the woman before her, who looked JUST as hot, if not more so, than she'd imagined.

She grinned, heart thumping in her chest as she stared back at Kiyoshi, searching for eye contact so she could melt into it. Positively swooning.
Pretty pretty. She was so pretty and so... like, naked, kind of. On her bed. Kiyoshi, getting laid. Damn. Sabrina didn't have words, which wasn't the worst thing. It meant she was doing pretty good, giving and stopping. But what if she just gave.

She brought a hand down against her thigh, not a hard slap, just wanted to hear the sound of it and maybe a reaction. And then, there was not a word further as she went down, and like. Literally in fact went down, seeking to pull down Sabrina's briefs with renewed purpose and bury her face in between her legs.

Hot warm breath to greet first, and then the flat of her tongue, seeking general pressure first to see where favored points of contact were.
There was that tense pause before the slap that Sabrina thought she might be able to steal a kiss. And then there was a pop against her thigh, "OW," she hissed though it didn't hurt. More out of surprise, a wide eyed look that melted into a grin, "Hot."

The following movement had her drop her head against the pillow, pleased humming and shifting closer towards Kiyoshi. She was naked now, if you exclude the briefs caught on her ankles. And there was a woman between her thighs kissing and licking her, and she was in heaven. As the tongue passed over her entrance her breath would catch and a tingle would crawl down her spine. Another hum, eyes closed and face taught with a blissful smile.
So far so good. She increased the pressure in the smallest increments. There were places to be rough in sex, but unlike in porn, oral wasn't one of them. Kiyoshi knew better at least there.

But it didn't have to stay gentle, either. It was not excessively long before she snuck her arms beneath Sabrina's thighs, reaching around for a grip around her hips. Leverage, pulling herself closer so that she could press progressively harder while her tongue and lips picked up the pace.
Kiyoshi's mouth was incredible, Sabrina couldn't help but roll her hips every so often for just a little more pressure. She was being lifted at some point and her body followed that lead, shifting to allow Kiyoshi closer. Her mind didn't need to do much now, it was all feeling. Eyes fluttered, the occasional moan.

When the other woman lapped a particularly sensitive spot she reached out with her hands, searching for hair to run her fingers through.
Hands through her hair. Kiyoshi was going off what she figured herself to like, but she was't perfect. Far from it, honestly. Clumsiness in picking up what that meant exactly, she moved away from her current focus, a little further downward. It wasn't that she was trying to deny. Just a little self-absorbed.
"Hnng," Sabrina grunted when the soft head of hair moved away, and the really good spot was no longer receiving attention.

"No no back up back up," she ordered, breathy and needy.
Back up?! She took that to mean give space, so she pulled away. "What?" lunkhead asked, confused by what she'd done. Had something hurt?

She made eye contact with Sabrina vulva, like it was gonna tell her something.
Sabrina's eyes opened with the 'what', she craned her neck to peer down at the woman between her legs. She grinned, incredibly amused and enamored by Kiyoshi's confusion, "back UP like it felt good where you were," she snickered, "'ts why I grabbed your hair, felt good."

"You look really good right now," she added dopily.
Oh. Oops.

"Fuck you," Kiyoshi smirked lustily, which was maybe like more of a thank you? For the compliment. Yeah.

She dove right back in again, this time aiming to hit that spot and stay there with tongue-wagging enthusiasm. This was so fucking hot. She writhed a hand between her own legs, wanting to feel about the wetness that had gathered.
"I hope," a snarky tease from the shorter woman as she settled on her elbows, determined now to watch it all go down. Very much worth the slight crick in her neck, to see Kiyoshi’s tongue work around her clit.

A hand snuck away from Sabrina’s body and between the other’s legs, and the sight alone made Sabrina moan. She was getting closer to a warm and buzzing high that would definitely be her best climax of the year so far.
Kiyoshi lived her life like a trainwreck personified, so it was pretty fucking awesome that she could get a woman to come. Or like, at least try really fucking hard. It was a frenzy she was happy to put her neck and jaw muscles into. And like, the tongue, too.

Just couldn't change what she was doing though. Now was not the time to experiment.
Sabrina was grateful for the consistency at least until she finished. With each stroke over that sensitive spot she buzzed and jumped and squirmed, one hand eventually found it's way back to Kiyoshi's hair and the other clutched tightly at the bed sheets. DAMN! Electricity was shooting down her spine and her breathing got quicker and more hitching and then finally it crescendoed and for a good 6 seconds Sabrina Hardy felt like no less than a goddess of lust and pleasure.

And then she could breathe again, her body spasming in the sensitive afterglow. "FUCK!" she was loud, sweaty, and fucking enthusiastic, "Kiyoshi oh my god."
In. She kept up the pressure against Sabrina's orgasm, tongue traversing the silky wet as she convulsed and twitched and held her head there.

Fuck, that was the hottest. The way she could see her body jerking, the fact that she caused this. Kiyoshi grinned, allowed her to catch her breath, and then very rudely flicked the tip of her tongue against her probably oversensitive clit.
Sabrina managed to regain vision, zoning in for a moment on the other woman's grin right before she disappeared back between her legs. She spasmed with the pressure, and partially on purpose —just to be a jerk[/mdash] she squeezed her thighs together to smack Kiyoshi in the head. Who knows, maybe Kiyoshi liked getting head head crushed!
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