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Technically she lived in her dorm but maybe she could move off campus?? Might save Mom and Dad some money if they instead went for rent here. Maybe.

hey how much is the rent?
oh my name is Alexis also sorry I'm a student at the college
Oh! A text, and from someone who went to the college also! That was promising. She wondered if they’d ever crossed paths before?

Hi Alexis! It’s nice to meet you! Rent is [decent price for students but not a steal]. I’ve only just moved here but I can promise you it’s close to the college! It’s about a 10 minute bus ride or a 15-20 min bike ride.
Right, well. That did seem cheaper. It would be an adjustment, but maybe not the worst one.

Also this lady typed such complete sentences! Maybe she needed to like. Step it up.

Thanks! I think that should work maybe. Are you looking for someone month to month or is it a yearly lease?
It’s a year lease, but if youd rather something month to month I could see if something could be figured out.

Oh shoot, there was a typo in there. Missed punctuation, ugh.

Are you okay with cats?
Luckily, (heheh), Alexis was not allergic to cats.

Never had an issue with them!

Well, as long as they were well-behaved.

I think a year is fine too. Is it gonna be all under your name and I just pay you? Or do we each pay our share to the landlord. Are utilities included too?
Well, that was good to know about cats.

Utilities are included. We would each pay our share to the landlord.

Was there anything else she should mention? It had been a while since she had a (prospective) roommate.

If you want to come see the place, just let me know! smile
Yeah let's schedule a date! Any day after thanksgiving is good for me!
That works for me. Want to say Monday morning or evening? I just have a class in the afternoon.
Evening is good for me! I'll text you when I'm on my way

Uh, the address was on the listing, right?

Or maybe she'd just be told now.
Great! Here's the address:
See you then!

This would be good!!

Oh thank heck.

Yay thank you!

Phew. She saved her number as "Jordan (roommate??)".
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