Belfry’s Peak Hermitage

absolutely not at the peak or even like very high up ok she's like somewhere at the base also it's daytime and she's bundled up

The short story was that she had found a woman's shelter in Valencia that allowed her to keep her cat. By some manner of miracle, of course, through all this fluctuation in her life, she still had her vehicle.

The cat stayed in the back seat today, with food and a bowl of water. She did not want to leave him alone at the shelter. Nothing against anyone else there, but she preferred him to be close to her now.

Agostina chose this place because if she was to be bound to this wretched magic and have no one help her with it, then she would throw herself into it fully. A broken heart helped. Let it never be repaired this time.

She requested the infernal anklet be turned off, giving herself a half hour of trudging away from the cat and her truck. The first thing to respond was her tether to the metals embedded in the earth and rocks around her. But beneath it, a hum of another bond, surrounded by so much more. It felt like chains sprawling from her fingertips, small individually, but together, unignorable.

She flicked one finger, focusing on a knee-high boulder before her. It did nothing — but something did respond beneath her own feet, earth coalescing into a platform and jutting upwards. She lost her balance, stumbling forward with a scream, catching herself on her hands and knees.

Unintentionally, Agostina had created a little plateau, eight feet high. Which felt much higher, being trapped atop it.


It was something like well over an hour that she finally managed to get it to lower. Hellish. Hellish. Hellish.

In the end she managed some practice, and that would have to be enough for today.
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