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Located southwest of the more populated areas of Ridgefield, Camp Baron is a revitalized old mining town with an extensive history. Originally founded during the gold rush, Camp Baron has since sprawled over several miles of rugged and untamed landscape. The climate here is notably dryer, as it is within a rain shadow of the nearby mountain range. Despite the tougher landscape, many still call Camp Baron home. Between ranches speckled throughout the landscape and small residential areas closer to High Road, Camp Baron is less desolate than it may seem. Though, it’s still probably not a great idea to venture out alone at night.

Baron Mines

This was the site of most of the mining that took place in Camp Baron during the gold rush. The hillside is dappled with multiple mine openings, but there is a main shaft draws particular tourist interested. Rumors of hauntings in and around the mine and its nearby dilapidated cabins have caught them interest of many "paranormal hunters." There was even an episode of Ghost Hunters filmed here in 2008!

Dog Run

Owner: Elijah Foster
A single story house in the middle of nowhere has been converted into a cozy, dog-friendly cafe. Outdoor seating on the tiled patio and side porch abound, overlooking a sprawling fenced dog park. Inside, the decor is modern and rustic all at once, lit with string lights and plank tables. They serve an assortment of dog-themed cafe drinks all day, along with a small selection of sandwiches and sweet treats. Don't forget to pick up a pug-kin spice latte for your pup or you'll regret it!

The Empire

The Empire is a high-class casino and resort near the heart of Camp Baron. The sprawling establishment offers everything from card tables and slot machines to luxury hotel suites. Much of the first floor is dedicated to customer entertainment and satisfaction, with high-end guest rooms in the first and second floors of the resort building.

Gold Rush

Despite the efforts to turn Camp Baron into a charming historic town, there are still a few scuffs and stains on that facade. Gold Rush is one such stain, a seedy strip club complete with anything that your Aunt Patrice might clutch her pearls at. Dim lighting, stained flooring, and suspiciously underpriced and under-poured drinks make for an authentic low class atmosphere.

High Road

High Road is Camp Baron’s historical main street. Once the heart of Camp Baron, historic buildings have since been turned into kitschy shops and hotels, and unique restaurants have found home in old saloons. The main street is still cobbled, and there seems to be a reminiscent smell of horse dung and leather, if you focus hard enough; though, that could just be the carriage rides. Many events are held on High Street, from stock shows to parades, and Christmas markets in the winter.

Pine Peak Sanctuary

(Map Reference) Owner: Cliff Douglas
Pine Peak Sanctuary encompasses acres of land across a rural stretch of Camp Baron. From forested swathes to rugged cliffs snaked with streams, this preserve has something for everyone - or every Were. At the end of the access road is a lodge that houses lockers for personal effects and showers to wash away the outdoors. There are also a collection of cabins that visitors can rent. For cold-blooded Weres, a temperature-controlled, greenhouse-like structure with a salt and fresh water pool is located behind the lodge. The entire sanctuary is only accessible by verified key code and closed to the general public.


Prospector’s is the place to be in Baron if you ask anyone who favors BBQ and beer. Many locals claim that there’s no place like Prospector’s, and many food critics agree. The beer here is brewed in-house and stronger than the competing bars throughout the city. The locals are a unique mix of bikers, families, and ranchers. Everyone’s a friend at Prospector’s.

Valley Mercado

One of Camp Baron’s shining jewels is the Valley Mercado, a farmer’s market that sources exclusively local vendors. Booths are set up along winding rows and offer a variety of fresh farm foods and handmade crafts. Occasionally, the place will host outdoor concerts for small local performers. In the winter, many booths are still open, most of which offer some sort of hot drink to keep their customers warm.
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