Opal Wash Pumpkins and Potions
Set during BARN BASH
Elena's costume

Swaying to the music, Elena twisted her hands above her head in slow motion and let her jewelry jingle along with the beat. Her headscarf billowed behind her, creating a wave of fabric in its wake. She had carved out a small section for herself away from the large crowd near the ban with far fewer bright lights and bumping hips with strangers.

The bass of the music flowed through the floor and something about the steady thrumming made Elena smile. She spun again with her eyes pleasantly closed when her veil caught on something and pulled, making her slide backward. "Ohh!" Her eyes pulled open as the fabric was pulled from the pins in her hair.

Peter Pan

Halloween parties were always fun and tonight seemed to be no exception. Finn was trying to have a good time, keeping busy with activities and checking things out. The atmosphere was fun if anything!

Making his way through the crowd, and doing his best to try to dodge without getting in anyone’s way, it would seem his luck had run out. Narrowly avoiding a guy balancing several cups of punch, he swung around, unknowingly causing fabric to wrap around the small fake dagger at his hip.

A shuffle towards another direction and he felt a tug, though any words were muffled out with the music and general din of the crowd. ”Wha?” Turning, maybe even making the problem worse, Finlay started messing with what turned out to be fabric having gotten struck through, unaware it was attached to anyone.
Elena's hands flew to her hair in an attempt to save what little control she had. The jeweled band was salvageable with Elena's fingers hooking into the underwire and holding tight. However, the scarf was a lost cause as it was freed from the pins.

Stumbling forward with the weight suddenly gone, Elena had to ground her foot into the floor for purchase before pivoting to look behind. "Oh." She made a noise of surprise to see the fabric somehow attached to a young green fellow.

"Forgive me, but I believe that is mine." She lifted her hand away from the skewed headband and pointed delicately at the cloth.
Pulling on it wasn’t doing any good, but maybe if he could get it… there! Unwrapping it from a metal ring that wasn’t closed all the way, a voice had Finn looking up and to the side. A lady dressed up as… Jasmine? was claiming the fabric. Oh no. ”Oh, I’m sorry! Here.”

Fumbling with the last of it, he offered it out with a wibbly sort of concerned smile. ”It got stuck in my- I hope its not torn.” Finn’s mouth just wouldn’t stop.
She reached out to close fingertips into the purple cloth.

"It is of little worry." Elena assured. He looked so remoresful, the poor dear. "It was quite cheap." She whispered that part with the hint of a smile as if telling a secret.

Elena stepped back to scrutinize the young man. He was a psychic, an adorable one too. "I do adore your costume. Peter pan, yes?"
She was reassuring him that even if it was, it wasn’t a big deal. But, it felt like a big deal.

But, before he could give any more voice to the anxiousness rising in him, she was looking him over, complimenting his costume. ”Um, yes,” he grinned, hands moving to pose against his hips, chest out. ”Thank you.” Relaxing, Finn would follow up. ”And you’re… Princess Jasmine? You look really pretty.”
He continued to be adorable.

And the flattery! Elena smiled with her nose tilting up to laugh, crow lines appearing around her eyes. It couldn't hurt to play along. "My version of Jasmine, yes." Her costume was more in line with the Jewish pilgrims of biblical times or the Romani, but the people here loved their Disney.

Elena began to fold the fabric up into a neat rectangle, keeping the majority of her attention on the boy. "And so, Peter. Did you come with your lost boys?" She expected more behind him. Group costumes were popular with the youth.
She laughed and Finn wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing. Good, right? It turned out he’d hit it on the head though and he smiled freely for it.

Eyes following the way she folding the fabric that’d been caught prior, he glanced back up at the prompt. An unsure laugh escaped, almost turning to see said ‘lost boys’, but there weren’t any so maybe don’t do that. ”Nope, just me. Maybe, next year though.” How fun would that be to get some friends to do a group costume?
Alone on his own? Pobrecito.

Elena nodded sagely, a protective feeling growing for the boy. "Then I hope you are at least having fun." Her gaze roamed his face as a nudge of power settled over him. A small boost of joy for Peter Pan to enjoy his evening.
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