Las Almas Friskies


Las Almas was the kinda level of overgrown that post-apocalyptic movies aspired towards. If someone told her there were secret bunkers hidden in the hills, she would've been like, fucking yep. Absolutely. On her way driving in, she was semi-surprised to know they hadn't lifted up a painted welcome sign that called them the Switzerland of Ridgefield County. That sure as shit would've gotten them more tourists than they were currently getting.

The other option was to call themselves Chernobyl, but that was less attractive for obvious reasons.

She pulled up to the McDonald's, the parking lot constituting of gravel with spurts of grass breaking through. She stepped out, clicking to lock her silver car as she walked over, twisting back and then forth. "Yo yo yo," Katya greeted, feet dragging over rocks. "Look at this. Mreeeow," she added, fingers pinching the top of her sweatshirt up for emphasis.

New favourite sweatshirt.
Cam couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Although, real talk, they kinda felt that way every time they saw Katya. How did they get so lucky?

Really real talk was the fucking AUDACITY of that SWEATER.

"KATYAAAAA." Yowled because they didn’t give a shit. This was a McDonald’s. "Are you like…subtly bullying me?"

Granted they clearly weren’t upset about it as they moved in. Sought to wrap their arms around her for a moment.
Shit. "Me? Subtle?" Katya actually guffawed, dropping the sweatshirt abruptly so that she could snake her arms around their waist. Small person life.

"I got this for a whole ten bucks and you're gonna ask me if I did it to bully you?"

It was obviously a love letter.
This was that good shit. Cam had become a mushy disaster for Katya.

"You sayin' I'm not worth ten bucks?" Then sought to push their fingertips into her sides. Prod and tickle for a quick moment.
It was obvious she'd met her match, and that was as fucking annoying as it was great. Mrrrrm.

"I'm sayin'-" she exclaimed, or started to, before fingers prodded at her waist and she fled a step or so in defiance. "Doesn't matter anymore!"
"Will you tell me what you're sayin' if I get you a happy meal?" Big puppy dog eyes as they watched Katya. They had both come here for food, but obviously it wasn't really time together if they didn't goad each other.
The bribe made her scowl. The sheer fact that Cam thought she could be bought, because... m... mmmaybe she could be. And that they knew that was frustrating.

"Mebbi." Katya stepped in the direction of the entrance, wary of any hands that were going to aim for her waist. "Depends on the toy."

The scowl deepened into a very fake sulk.
"What kinda toy you want? Hmm?" They resisted jabbing at Katya's sides more. Instead they opted to be polite and get the door. Admittedly it was a knee jerk habit more than anything else.

But it sure looked nice!
Katya headed in, turning halfway on her heel, eyes creased problematically. "A friskies party mix."


That wasn't a toy, but it sure as shit made her come full circle.
"BUH," Cam might have retaliated further but they were both already pretty much inside. Which made it much harder to retaliate. >:[

A glance at the practically advertisement menu showed that currently Scooby-Doo toys were on the menu for happy meals. Which was kinda weird because holy shit were people still making Scooby-Doo shit? Also perfect though because it allowed for jokes!

"Maybe I need to start wearing Scooby shirts around you." Lips peeled back at reveal a crooked-tooth grin. All good natured.

toys decided by menu in october

The dopey face that greeted them on the advertisement inside had to be a joke. Scooby-fucking-doo.

Katya heard the joke before it was even spoken. She made a little face, wrapping her hand around Cam to squeeze-pinch their butt in public, because it was only fair. "Do it," she challenged, and then started fishing out her wallet. "How many you want? And what drink?"

It was Cam's favorite kind of bullying but they weren't here to take things too far so they just squirmed-wiggled for it some.

Cam always felt weird when Katya pulled out her wallet. Felt fucking rude to not pay but this relationship was a lot of exchanges for who did what. It was the only thing that soothed their wound up anxieties.

"Two and apple juice, obviously."
If they got two, and she got two, they were gonna have a whole Scooby-Doo family.

”Obvious to who?” she flashed back quickly but also… floated to order.

Katya demanded four Happy Meals, one apple juice, and one frozen coke. Thank you. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
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