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Vanessa nodded at the large officer and looked back at the one that had been addressed. She stepped away from Arslan to get that number. She heard the other psychic decline medical treatment and as she got the picture sent off, she wondered just how hard these officers were actually going to look for a vampire.
Photo passed along, there was a brief exchange between the three officers, and the shorter two made their way back to the vehicle.

Thanks didn't go unappreciated, though, sincerely, he was only doing his job.

"The least we could do," he said. "I'm glad the three of you looked out for each other."

Not that they were kids, but eyeing them all in a trio, it all felt very youthful. Tugged at his heartstrings a little bit, everyone rushing in to help each other. Brave.

"I'm going to have you run through a description of the man you saw, and get everyone's names and contact information, if that's alright," he said. "Then I can get y'all on your way."
"Happy to do that," Joseph agreed, not really minding the idea of his name showing up in the system.

The man he'd not seen much of, but after briefly resting a near brotherly hand to the back of Arslan's shoulder, he'd go on to provide a description when it came to both attacker's heights in comparison to one another.
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