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Hollowstone • Unclaimed

Hollowstone is a rural town south of Camp Baron that, to most, is largely considered to be quiet. Most of the town is made up of a few quaint blocks of business, with one single intersection, and the rest is largely farm land. The soil here is more prosperous than in Camp Baron, and therefore lends itself to more crop based farming. Oh, and cows. So many cows. The rolling landscape between each family owned ranch is scarcely forested, providing rolling hills of prairie for wildlife to flourish in.

Dainty Bird Diner

Dainty Bird Diner is one of the few businesses that has managed to stay open in Hollowstone proper. The success is due to the fact that Dainty Bird is not only family owned, but sources directly from local vendors, and makes all of their food fresh daily. The menu, like the crops available to them, is seasonal. If you go there often enough, you may even get a Dish of The Month named after you!

Harvest Village Church

Harvest Village Church is a non-denominational church that sits near the center of Hollowstone. It features a classic white chapel, and additional portable trailers for Sunday School and after sermon activities. Outside is a small cemetery, a gazebo, a playground for children.

Hollow Point Range

An expansive shooting range located on what used to be one of the more prosperous ranches, Hollow Point is one of Hollowstone’s largest sources of revenue. An indoor building houses shooting ranges and a gun store, while outdoors offers skeet shooting fields and an expanse of uncut wilderness in which guests are welcome to bring their hounds and go out hunting for their very own dinner.

Ike Quarry

Ike Quarry has had its fair share of use throughout history during mining efforts. However, it has since transformed into a quarry lake, which locals have used as a swimming hole for decades. Recently, the city has put in some effort to actually keep it clean. There are also now signs that forbid cliff jumping, but who listens to those anyway?

West Valley Safari Park

West Valley Safari Park is the newest addition to Hollowstone. Located in the southern area of the city is acres of fenced off private land that is home to a number of different types of African and North American animals. From deer to zebra, bison to giraffes. Visitors are invited to drive through the park on designated roads, and feed the wildlife pellets that they can purchase from the main wildlife center. This is a popular attraction for schools and families, as the wildlife center offers classes and conservation clubs.
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