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Amira was waiting for Indra to stop by, she had something for him and was mostly just waiting now. She had finished cleaning in the kitchen and helping prep things and now she was folding napkins while humming.

Since it was autumn, she was dressing a little closer in style to her father's side of the family. It felt a little weird but not in a bad way, mostly different for her as he had sent her this outfit but he wasn't here to see her in it.

Getting up, she would carry the bucket of clean napkins with wrapped utensils back to the kitchen to be used by guests, her head swaying from side to side from the song in her head.
Indra arrived close to when he was expected, hurrying inside and greeting Amira with a large smile. He noted her outfit and thought it was cute. His own outfit consisted of worn blue jeans and a worn blue flannel shirt. Nothing particularly fashionable there. But he wasn't sure how hybrid mode worked, so if he might tear clothes, he wanted to tear clothes that were on their way out anyway.

"Hey!" he called out to the girl, making his way up to her for a hug.
The sight of her brother made her beam, it had been FAR too long and she was quick to put stuff away to head over and give him a strong hug. "Ah I've missed you! How are you? " she asked happily. It always made her happy to be around friends and family; though she did deeply miss her blood family but the new one that she was making on her own was spectacular.
Even if she was young, her hugs did not indicate as such. He gasped a little at how tight the hug was, though it was partly for comedic effect. Still, his own arms wrapped around her and he smiled. "Good, good. Just been busy with my music again." He pulled away from her and ruffled her hair. "What about you?"
The strong hug made her gasp a smidge and when he let go, she did too. A little laugh and playful bat at his hands for mussing up her hair of all things! "Oh, anything new? " she asked curiously before shaking her head and then stopping, "Oh fathers back in Alaska so I get to try living alone right now so that's kinda fun! " she said a little sheepishly. No idea how he'd take hearing about that but maybe good? She was stronger now so that shouldn't be a worry.
"Nah, not really," he said with a shrug. There were things he'd need to talk to Cliff about coming up, but otherwise, everything was fine. Nothing to concern Amira with. And then she dropped a bomb on him- she was apparently by herself. Yeah, she looked like a girl in her 20s, but wasn't she like 14? Indra knew that if her own father was fine with her living on her own, then he should be too. But he really wasn't.

"So you're by yourself?" he asked, concern obviously spread out across his face.
Oh well that was a bummer, she'd wondered if it was something new and interesting to hear but she wouldn't push too much because of what he said next. She had kind of hoped he wouldn't think too much on it but still, he noticed these things and she didn't want to lie to him.

Nodding a bit, "Yea...just a lil before the fight night. He had to go back to Alaska for something. I think the loss is really getting to him when the holidays are coming closer, " she knew that he loved her but that bond he had with his past mate still tugged at him, so she didn't blame him. Yes, she wasn't fond of staying in that big house alone but she understood as best she could that this was how it was.
Indra frowned. "And you're okay, right? You have everything you need and you're safe in there?" He couldn't imagine living by himself as a teenager.
Nodding a little, "It's just quiet...I mean I've got food and I'm making some money so that helps but it feels weird, I've never actually lived alone before. I'm not upset at him, it's just odd so I've been spending a lot of time here, " she admitted to him. The sanctuary was a great place and the bears were here and she wasn't far from things but she still went home to do random things and the like but she didn't stay there a lot if she wasn't planning on others visiting her.
Indra met her nod with one of his own. That all made sense, and he could definitely understand why she wanted to hang out at the sanctuary since it afforded safety and probably companionship. It was really too bad that there weren’t other tigers around for her though.

"Maybe you could consider a roommate?"
That was a thought.

"A roommate? But...what if it's someone who isn't a were? Wouldn't that be dangerous? " even though she had the thought of turning someone on the advice of Zelda. Though in her own home, that seemed to be a bit wrong.
He chuckled at her reservations. "So meet them before you have them live with you. I can come with you to meetings to help be a judge of character. And I’m sure your other friends can too. "
This is why she liked having a brother, he thought of things she didn't since her brain jumped all around.

"Alright, that sounds good then. I'll put an ad out and if anyone wants to meet I'll have you come and maybe Zelda...I'll have to see if she's busy or something, " she said wit a little shrug but OH! Other things, "Oh! Before I forgot I do have something for you, its over here, come on! " she told him with an excited grin as she took his hand if he let her and lead him over to a table that had a long deep white box on it.

Inside the box would be an Outfit and Indevidually wrapped honey cakes. There were also some mooncakes in there from her new batches that she had made all wrapped up nicely for him.

"I know it's late but the embroidering took a bit to do but happy birthday! " the design on the outfit was easily seen that it was done by hand. It wasn't perfect and could use tighter stitches but towards the top, it looked a lot better.
It made Indra feel better that she might get a roommate. Even if they now matches metaphysical strength, she was still so, so young in his mind.

Before he could even breathe a sigh of relief though, she was already bouncing off to get him a gift. "Aw, thanks. You didn't need to get me anything!" Still, he gave her a hug for the trouble and unwrapped the gifts. The honeycakes made Beardra perk up. Food was good. And goodness, the bear was basically Winnie the Pooh at the thought of honey. The outfit was also really nice. Something he'd certainly save for special occasions. His mom would've loved it.

The thought of her made his eyes a little misty, but he quickly wiped them away and gave Amira another hug. "Thank you so much. You're a wonderful little sister."
"I know I didn't but I wanted to; I'm just sorry it took so long, " she told him apologetically as she bounced a little next to him as he opened the gift up.

There was a big grin on her face, hopeful that he liked it all and that he wouldn't think too hard on the stitches; she was still learning how to get better at those. Whoever made that look easy was a butthead because it wasn't!

Wrapping her arms around him as he did to her, she smiled, holding him tightly, "And you're the best big brother any sister could ask for, I'm so happy you like them! " she told him happily, holding him as Butterscotch gave off her own chuff of happiness. Both of them were happy now, so that was always great.
Indra smiled happily; glad to be hugged and told that he was good as a big brother. Because sometimes he didn’t fee that- didn’t feel like he was a good friend or a good brother or a good son or a good sleuth member.

He knew he had changed. Knew he had stuff going on that he’d do better to talk about, but just didn’t because he didn’t want to burden others. But again, that wasn’t something he was going to bring up with Amira.

Pulling away, he grinned at her. "Well, should we get on with this hybrid shift?"
Amira just held him, happy to have him in her life. She knew she didn't do the greatest at always checking in with him and seeing how he was doing but she was trying! So many things going on made it hard to just focus on one thing at a time.

Once he let go, she did the same and nodded!

"Yea, let me go slip into my sweats real quick and then lets go for it! " she wasn't going to shred these clothes but had been wearing them for work because they made her feel really pretty and who didn't like to feel pretty?

Amira slipped off for all of two minutes, coming back in just a sports bra and sweat pants, rearing to go to try and get into hybrid again.

"Let's do this, " she said with a big grin. They would make the sanctuary shake once they got it!
While she was out, Indra quickly pulled his hair back into a little man bun. Again, he didn't know what he'd look like in this type of shift, and he was worried that his hair might stay the same but his hands become bear claws and the last thing he wanted to do was scratch his face off with a claw while trying to get his long ass hair out of his face.

Amira came back quick enough and Indra nodded. "So what does your form look like?" he asked, as they headed out.
Walking with him, she thought back to that night. It was crazy but awesome all at once.

"It was like my tiger but...taller, just really tall and I could walk on my legs instead of all fours...I was very tiger like but had sort of human ish face? I could talk a WHOLE lot easier but still some teeth issue, " she told him with a bit of a laugh at that.

"Also my clothes were shredded, like I had gone full hulk, " she tacked on with a little laugh at that.
The clothes being ripped wasn't what Indra wanted to hear, but honestly, it was just part of were life.

"Interesting" he said, as they continued to walk. "I bet you look terrifying. I bet I will too."
"I think I scared a human person...I was in an ally and they were just there. They didn't look exactly happy to see me but it wasn't like I chose to shift in an ally, " she told him with a bit of a humph.

Grinning more, " are going to look even scarier or just as scary as myself! "
Indra sighed. Shifting in alleys was not good, but he wasn't going to scold her about that. He knew that, oftentimes, it was too difficult to control. He'd shifted right on a sidewalk and strolled down a busy sidewalk as Beardra once.

He shook the thoughts from his head. They were in a safe area now. "Yeah, we'll have to see," he said, turning to look at her with a grin.
The sigh was enough for her to know that wasn't a good thing but she'd done really good! Rarely ever having an issue with shifting in public places. That was just a rare one off; at least she hoped it was.

That made her bounce and nod, "Hey we manage to get it, let's see who can roar the loudest; since bears can roar too, " she said with a grin, wanting to edge on some sort of fun challenge between them. She still had total confidence that they'd get it though she had no idea HOW without falling over something again. Maybe will power? Or just...big cat stretches?
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