Muse Nightly encounter
The club was still open but Nord was done for today. He didn't have to stay till closing time each day. His body simply could not handle two jobs.

So he walked out of the back door and towards the parking lot of a nearby supermarket which he often parked his truck at.
The alley was dimly lit and gave him the creeps each time he used it but he was too lazy to take the longer route through the front door.

A sound. Oh crap.
Nord froze.
It wasn’t often that Sigfrid made her way to this side of town, but there was only so much that could be done in Reignhart. There were times that she needed a little more space, some clear air, and she’d hardly heard of any issues arising from Lauderhill.

A neutral ground as far as she knew.

She’d heard of a new club opening here, but after a quick look inside it became quite apparent that it was not her sort of scene. The humans mulling about we’re drunk and easily influenced, yes, but Sigfrid doubted that she’d be able to stand the environment for more than fifteen minutes. If that.

No, she preferred her calmer bars, where discussions could be had without the need to yell. Where suggestions could be easier heard.

Taking a step back out into the night, she’d move to make her way back to her car, stopping as a sudden voice called out to her. Brow quirking, Sigfrid would look to the frozen man, head tilting curiously as she regarded him.


”Good evening.” She called back evenly, interest piqued.
Nord turned a little more and saw her standing there. Blonde woman stood out in the dark alley way. She offered a friendly greeting (not a knife between the ribs) and Nord blew out some air.
"Oh, thank goodness." Not that he couldn't defend himself but he'd just gotten his cast off. He wanted to stay whole for a while.
"You startled me..." With an embarassed smile and came a little closer and motioned to the parking lot.
"I thought the back alley is a faster way to get to the parking lot."
A jumpy little psychic this one was, wasn’t he? She couldn’t help but wonder how many true crime documentaries he’d watched to gain such a paranoia.

She suspected too many.

A good thing that her appearance wasn’t one to inspire fear, the man quickly overcoming his start and even making his way closer. ”I apologize, it certainly wasn’t my intention to frighten you.” She’d smile in response, body remaining in place as she allowed him to make his way towards her.

”Are you in a hurry to get home?”
Nord almost laughed at himself for being so jumpy. First of all he was trained, military trained- which might have actually caused some of that jumpiness. Second. This was a nice woman, not a burglar with a knife or gun.
"Oh, no. It's alright. I thought someone is hiding here...whatever. Dark alley got me spooked."
Oh, he sounded like such a Wiener right now.
"I'm not in a hurry, hip was injured, so I take the shorter way if I can after a long day on my feet."
Oh right, here he was telling her the story of his life between the dumpsters and parked cars.
"Hope I didn't scare you."
Military trained? Sigfrid certainly wouldn’t have made that guess on her own, but the expectations for battle ready had dropped exponentially over time. The “warriors” of this day and age could hardly hold a candle to what she’d experienced in the past.

They relied entirely too much on their weapons rather than their strength, and that showed in the way that this man spoke now.

If he were truly trained then there would be absolutely nothing to fear within this alley. Not if he was truly confident in himself that is.

”Oh no, I’m quite alright, thank you.” Sigfrid answered, brushing away the concern. ”Im sorry to hear about you hip though. I hope it’s not troubling you too much now.”
Nord was slowly walking towards his car now because he did not just want to dash past her while she was talking to him. That would be rude.
So he slowed down and said.
"No. It's fine. It's been a few weeks."
She was awefully nice for a stranger in an alley. Was she trying to pick him up?
For a second he turned his head a little more to have a look at her. Truly beautiful lady. Self assured. Not the picker upper type. And if she was she'd probably be inside the club, not here.
"Are you going to the parking lot, too?"
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