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Maeve was still getting used to the new place and had mostly just ran into this place because of the sudden rain she'd been caught in. Now, she looked soaked and was shivering like crazy because her heat packs had gotten soaked as well.

Inside, she looked around the club but went straight to the bar, "Hot coffee please, thank you, " she asked the person who nodded while she picked up a napkin to dry her hair. Without thinking though, she shook her head and sprayed water near her onto someone.

"O-oh shoot! I'm sorry, " she apologized while napkin drying her hair.

This coat and jeans

El had stopped for a quick warm coffee and the chance to watch the rain for fifteen minutes before he continued on his way toward Graupel Canyon and his new home and job. The rain was beautiful and the coffee was spot on, he didn't get a good look at the name of the place when he came in but he'd have to remember to commit it to memory when he left.

El looked up and grinned politely as a soaking wet woman entered and asked for a coffee as well, turning back to his own coffee El turned in his chair to continue to watch the rain and was rewarded with the most surprising thing. Rain indoors.

"No big deal," El, smiling genuinely, reached for a handful of napkins as well, "gonna have to go back out in that soon anyway, won't make much difference if I dry off I guess."

The woman was shivering quite strongly now that El's focus had been drawn to her for more than the common courtesy shared between strangers, "Are you gonna be ok ma'am? Have you been out in this long?"
Her face was now a bit pink, she hadn't meant to get this guy wet from the rain but she just wanted the cold water off. She wasn't that warm and everything was already feeling sluggish and slow from the sudden onset of rain.

Trying to dry off more, "I'm hopin' to avoid the rain...didn't know it was supposed to and I didn' bring a...a hmm...the thing to stop the rain from hittin' yah, " her brain was cold, so she couldn't remember the word for an umbrella.

Napkins continued to pile next to her as she dried off a bit more, her head nodding a little as the coffee was passed and she grabbed it almost too quickly, "Aye...I got stuck in it for about twenty minutes and I uhm...I don't do cold well...I planned bad, " she said, kicking herself but also trying to make a little joke out of the situation.
"A rain slicker? An umbrella? A better coat?" El laughed slightly, hopefully not enough to offend the rain-soaked woman as that wasn't his intention, but it was a little humorous that she couldn't remember. Though, as she continued to shiver and with her slight build, El began to worry maybe that the woman was heading toward the beginnings of hypothermia and the situation became less funny. Granted she was in a building now and was getting something warm in her so immediate danger was low but El would stick around for a bit and be sure.

Mistaking her cold-induced attempt at a joke as her explaining herself to him El throws up his hands, "No need to explain yourself to me, that's the way it is sometimes just storms out of nowhere and no way to plan you know? Here pull up a chair, I'll buy you all the coffee you want and you can repay me with gossip. You from around here?"
The word umbrella made her bounce a little, pointing a little as she laughed, "That word! Gosh, I couldn' think of the word umbrella at all...i think the rain froze my brain or somethin' in the bloody hey do you forget that word; also a better coat might be due, yea, " she said in agreement. It was leather but a worn leather coat that was only as good as the heat pouch pockets that were sewn into it and those were not working much. She needed to change them out in the bathroom so that she didn't look totally weird in front of the cute guy in front of her.

Holding the coffee in her hand for a moment, she had a little hesitation but he smelt human and Rainie believed him to be ok, so she slipped into a chair next to him, "You're too kind...thank yah, " she told him with a little smile. Slowly her head shook, "I'm new too...just a couple of weeks. I live out in Valencia and was exploring. What about you? Where did you plant your roots? " she asked him, her voice still chattery from the cold but it was silenced from the coffee that she started to sip.

Bad move on her part because she forgot to add sugar to it and instantly made a face, "Shite...sugar...forgot sugar... " she said, mentally scolding herself as she fixed that. Tack that to the list of many blunders she could do in thirty seconds of meeting someone.
Laughing deeply and more comfortably now, El slides the sugar packets her way, "I'm actually on my way back, so I grew up in Alameda but left for college in Alaska and worked up there for a few years before realizing that that severe of cold was not to my liking and decided to come back home. I'll be living in the Graupel Canyon area in just a small ranger cabin."

El takes a sip from his own coffee then jerks slightly before trying to swallow and speak at the same time, "I'm so sorry, I invite you to sit with me and don't even introduce myself. Name's Ellis." El rolls his coffee around his cup wondering just how much a doofus he looks, must be the cold getting to his head too. Then again, glancing toward his apparent new friend, could be the attractive company too.

Rousing himself from his thoughts he asks, "What's your name and where're you from originally? That accent, you must have as exotic-sounding a name to go with it."
Maeve added in a couple; more like three and a half sugars to her coffee. Since she just didn't like the taste of milk really, she went a little nuts on the sugar to help with the slight bitterness of coffee. A little thanks left her from the help of giving the needed sweetener though as she listened. He'd traveled! Mostly the states but like her, he'd been around a bit and oh? "A-are you a park ranger up there? " she asked with a small shiver as she took another sip. Better! Much better now.

Oh boy! They both had forgotten to share names now that they were talking and warming up, "Maeve, it's a great to meet you Ellis, " she told him rather happily. He was sweet and had this energy about him that was a bit contagious. Even if she had been nervous and hesitant at first, she was slowly relaxing a bit in his company.

"Dublin...lived there for my entire childhood to early adult years...once I was more adult, I got what I needed to and moved to Canada to save up a lil more before finally coming to America...too a long time and I am still trying to find a nice place to settle down in. " she told him with a little sigh. Dancing didn't bring in the big bucks but it covered living in an alright motel for the time being with a nice warming spot for herself.
El grunted affirmation to being a park ranger through his coffee cup as he took another drink, his conversational manners having leaked out of his head someplace. At the mention of her name and place of origin though his eyes lit up and a smile broke his face, "Dublin?! I've never been to Ireland but it looks like beautiful country over there! Nice to meet you Maeve, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl from a beautiful place." El thought that was pushing common courtesy a little bit, as he'd only just met this woman, but it was true she was pretty better to err on the side of honesty in this case, maybe? He didn't know. His cheeks still felt warm though and he took a break from his coffee for a while.

"That's an awful long way to come, how'd a girl from Dublin wind up in Valencia, Colorado?" Like most people with a hometown, his familiarity bred a mundane and pedestrian view of said hometown and El wondered what it was the brought Maeve halfway across the globe from home.
Maeve thought it was pretty cool that he was a ranger, helped to probably keep people safe from random animals and all of that but before she could say anything he was making her face turn a rosy shade of pink. Hiding behind her cup a little bit, she smiled a little, "Thank you...It really is a beautiful place, I lived there up until about two years ago, " she told him honestly. She did miss the ocean and the landscape there, it was mesmerizing and beautiful.

His compliment of her though had her turning colors still, a little embarrassed but in a good way over that. A handsome man that she met at a club thinking her attractive? What woman didn't like that attention.

"Well...I was in with the wrong sort of''s not a good story but I got away and I've hopefully found a place that's better than I had known before, " though how many people were going to hire a person with only one thing on her resume. She shook it off, not something to think about, she wanted to talk to this charming man right now!
At Maeve's mention of being involved with the wrong sort of people El's own memories flash unbidden across his mind, leaving only a thunderhead of tension across his forehead in their wake. Getting the attention of the guy working the bar he asks for a pen and grabs a napkin and starts writing, "I don't know if you're the type of person who'll appreciate this and I know you may be thousands of miles away from those people but," El finishes writing and hands the napkin to Maeve, "I had somebody there for me once who helped pull me off a bad path, which I know you're not heading down. I don't have him around to thank so I try to pay it forward. This is my number, you need anything, any time, feel free to text or call. Or, you know, you can toss it in the trash too if you prefer."

El laughed as he turned back toward his coffee, he was serious about his offer but understood that there were some who like to handle their own issues. It was Maeve's business to share if she wished and he was certainly not going to ask after more information, you don't go digging through the laundry of someone you just met. El wished every day that he could thank his uncle for being there when he needed him, even if it wasn't always appreciated, and this was El's only real way of honoring his memory. Honestly, Maeve could take it or leave it and El would be fine, he was actually starting to regret making the gesture as he was sure it was coming off WAY too personal.

Feeling awkward again El changed the topic, "So, Maeve, you know I'll be a ranger, what do you do to pay the bills?"
Him suddenly getting some paper and a pen, writing down his number for her as he explained what he was doing made her stay rosey in color. There was a surprised look that just stuck on her face for a moment as it all processed in her head. He cared? He didn't know her really, just met her and she was just stunned. Would he care still if he learned what she generally had to do for work? No, most likely not but that didn't mean she had to tell him. As he passed the paper to her, she took it, holding it between her fingers for a moment before she folded it and tucked it safely into her bra. "Thank you...I...well I didn't expect someone to be so kind right out the gate...I'm at a loss for words really. You're willing to be there even though you don't really know me? " she asked him, wanting to just be sure.

She was slowly stopping the shivering, drinking more coffee and feeling her body relax and not want to lull off to sleep.

Oh dear, the work question, "Right now I'm trying to find something...I moved here basically with just a few bags of clothes and some money so...I'm still trying to find something that I can do, " she told him a bit sheepishly, her hand moving to tuck her hair behind her ear. Maybe she should try to be a waitress, that might work.
"I know that you've been with a bad group, I don't know if my group was as bad as yours and I'm not trying to draw comparisons. All I know is that I'm in a position to help and if it means that I'm there to save you, however that looks, then that's good right? Best possible outcome, it won't come to that." El winked.

El looked pensive as Maeve mentioned needing to figure out what she was going to do, "Well I wish I could be of more practical help here. What were some of your ideas, or skills? I can keep an eye out for open positions."
Maeve didn't know what to say, surprise was written all over her face from it as she hadn't heard that that human were this nice. She remembered her father saying they generally weren't so nice but she was starting to think that was wrong. "Alright...thank you...The people I was with, not all were bad but...the ones I was stuck around weren't the greatest so it's nice to just meet someone who is just genuinely nice, " she told him with a small smile.

She then just, reached out and placed a cool hand on his arm and gave a squeeze before resting her hand back on her lap.

Now she was red again, her eyes looking down, "Uhm...I don't know; what can someone do who wasn't able to graduate high school that isn't being a waitress, " she asked him, unable to help but tease herself on that one. It was the only way to keep it from sounding as bad as it probably was.
El nodded appreciatively at her touch and compliment, each time he got to help someone else as his uncle had for him it eased the pain of some of the things he remembered doing as a young, dumb teenager. Plus, as anyone will tell you, being touched by someone you find attractive is electrifying but he'd learned to handle that like an adult and not react like a teenager to that either.

El's brow furrowed in thought and he comically stuck his tongue out to the side to make it look like he was thinking really, really hard. "Well, right off the top of my head, there's not a whole lot I can come up with right away. You mentioned waitress, but a manager is an option as well, though you'd like have to start as a waitress and work your way up from there." El thought a bit more, "There's also like, what's the word, c-something," El waves his hand absentmindedly, trying to conjure the word out of his deepest thoughts, "well, like a hairstylist or something like that. Possibly a personal aid to somebody in big business maybe?" El laughs, "Some help I am, not sure about any of my suggestions and they either require starting low or knowing somebody already. I'll still keep an eye out though, never know what might turn up."
Maeve sipped her coffee listening to him as he gave off various ideas that made her smile a little bit. He was sweet, helpful- or trying to be helpful at least. Maybe...maybe she should see his thoughts on just dancers in general, that would give her a good idea of how he thought about things.

"I guess that means I should give you my number, huh? " she told him, a little playful smile on her face at that, "Know any clubs that are hiring? Those places are always looking for works I think...well so long as it isn't a bouncer or something, I'm not the strongest, " big lie there, she was strong thanks to being a were. Were humans strong? or did they lack that strength as well? Really, she had no idea since she'd never tested it.

Pulling his number out and then her beaten up cell phone, she would send his phone a text with her name so that he knew that it was her. There, now he had her number.
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