Fernsby Place Peach patterned
Onni wasn't entirely sure this was the best use of his time. He was actually worried that he was trespassing and was going to be arrested. The gate had been wide open though and he was interested in maybe renting/buying the place if it worked for his needs. Although it would be a lot of effort to buy the mansion just for a party.

He had wanted to rent a castle as it would fit well into the theme. America was a bit sparse on those so he had to settle for something else. Through some blogs and just listening to customers he had found out about Fernsby Place. It did look the part of a haunted house. If it was too run down then it wouldn't work out. So a little glance to check wouldn't hurt right?

With halting hesitant steps he crunched over the dead grass up to the wrap around porch. He nearly jumped out of his peach patterned shirt when a noise came from inside.
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