Opal Wash Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice

OutfitDuring the rain thunderstorm

Ariadne was trying to get stronger with her lightning. It was easier than mindreading at this point and when she saw on the weather channel that it would be storming out, she got on her raincoat and rubber insulated shoes and went out to find the best spot.

She had two goals.

First to practice and second, was to use the mineral-rich sand here to try and make a fulgurite with the lightning hitting the sandy ground. It was a long shot but she wanted to try since it could be used to make some very rare jewelry.

So, she waited until she felt the air already charged with lightning and she would start to tap into her own power and the power of nature to make it start to strike at one spoke.

One flash of lightning; one hit to the ground.

Another flash and the psychic pulled it down from the clouds and into the ground at the same spot. Perfect and so far no nosebleeds.

She waited until the sound of a rumble was heard but this time before lightning sparked in the sky, the psychic would make her own and hit the same spot but that sent little electric currents out and around the area. Feeling the buzz from it, she just stood there and let out an excited HOOT at what she'd managed to do as it was now just downpouring for the moment. Looking around and not being able to see easily, she used the raining bit of her pep to build a small stone shelter to cover her as she wrung out her hair.
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