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For @Ashley!

He had to take Tempest's car to return home. The ride was painful, but he needed to get his spare phone and get to investigating right away. She haven't returned and he was growing more and more worried... What if she was caught by the sun during her bloodlust? Somewhere outside.

That pit in his stomach was unbearable. He almost threw up thinking about this.

But first... a long overdue healing. He should have listened to Tempest and fixed that limp before all of this happened... Now he had to heal his broken bones. Couldn't do much in this state.

Luckily, a psychic healer was just a few clicks away. Samiel called the number, still trembling a little bit...

Incoming Call
Unknown Number
One big downside of being Ashley: she had to answer all calls. Even ones her phone said might be spam! Because what if a person was in need?!

So she grabbed this one on the third ring, voice professional and perky.

Hi, this is Ashley Miller.
She sounded nice... Samiel's voice was tired, but he tried to remain calm and professional.

Ah... hello ma'am. I've found your website and I'm afraid I'll need your skills.
Unknown Number
I'd be happy to help. Before we get started, is this a life or death emergency? If so, I'm going to ask you to call 911 instead.

Ashley was not a substitute for emergency care!!

I have a broken leg and arm that need to be healed quicker than... the usual period of time it takes...
Unknown Number
Ouch. Sounded like quite an accident. (She hoped it was an accident!)

I'm sorry to hear with that! I'd be happy to meet with you. Broken bones can range from one hundred to three hundred each depending on the complexity of the injury. Um. Does that feel feasible for you? If not, I'm happy to work something out.
Well, soon he won't have to worry too much about food and such...

It is feasible, don't worry...
Unknown Number
Okay. What part of town are you located in? I don't do home visits for first time clients, but I would be happy to find an appropriate meeting spot near you.
I live in Lauderhill... Wherever here would be comfortable for you, is fine for me.
Unknown Number
Okay. I can get us a study room at Lauderhill Public Library. I could do starting at... two this afternoon, or as early as eight tomorrow morning.
Samiel glanced at his watch. He needed to start as soon as possible... he could get himself there.

2 PM sounds good... I'll see you there.

He realized he haven't introduced himself.

My name is Samiel. I'm pretty sure I'll be recognizable by my limp and arm in a plaster...
Unknown Number
Arm in plaster. Hmmmm. Healing through casts was always a challenge, but she hoped she could do it. After all, she'd healed someone without touching them at the party.

Ash would likely need to start with his leg first, anyway. One thing at a time.

Oh, um. One last quick thing, Samiel. Could you let me know what part of your leg is broken? I work best if I can directly touch the wounded area, but I recognize it may be more challenging depending on where it is.
Pretty sure it's tibia... Ah...

Perhaps he should ask...

I have a very old, badly healed knee injury as well... I've been wondering if something could be done...
Unknown Number
At least it was pretty easy to wear shorts to expose that part of his leg.

A knee injury, too!

That's likely possible over several sessions. I have a limit to how much I can heal because healing causes me to experience nosebleeds. I have to be mindful of the blood loss I can safely experience. I think we could start with your new leg injury and see where we can go from there.
Understandable. I tend to be the same when I overexert myself...
Unknown Caller

He gave a subtle hint to the fact they were similar in a way. Different powers, but similar side effects...
Oh, another psychic!

Oh, gosh. Well. It's nice in a way, at least, that you can relate.

She laughed sheepishly.

You can imagine it freaks a lot of people out. I'll do everything I can to help today. See you at two?
Thank you so much... See you.
Unknown Number
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