A Reptilian Ex
I want ya'll to meet Yara's dashing ex-boyfriend and sire! A decently important person in her life who had rocked it and tried to fix it but learned that was easier said than done. Be it for reasons where he wanted to meet with her again/ rub it in her face that he moved on/ OR showing up on her doorstep with a love child from another relationship that he has no idea what to do with, the possibilities are endless! So here are his deets!
[Image: ESQUIRE-MEXICO-Miguel-Angel-Silvestre-by...C883&ssl=1]
Name: You Pick :D
FC: Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Age: 30
Species: Komodo Dragon
Species Lvl: Common--->Intermediate
Traits: Confident, Cocky, a bit self-centered, Slight Jock, soft side towards animals, Speaks before thinking(same goes for actions)
Brief Bio: Hailing from Latin America, he moved around often in his youth; getting into some trouble and even possibly almost gang trouble but was pulled out thanks to his mother. She would be the one to help him get on the straight and narrow to work his way through high school before transferring over to Florida for either (Business/Law/something along those lines) to get his degree and make it so that he could help his mother. Unknown to his mother, he had been bitten three years prior but had managed to hide his were status from her and got to college and worked towards a degree.

In college, he would meet Yara. They spent a year together before he screwed up and didn't manage his stress and the timing of the moon right and shifted. Accidentally he bit his girlfriend and changed her life and her feelings towards him but he did try to do what was right and help her through it. For the next four years, he did so and managed to be friendly with one another again before she graduated and left with just a small thanks and goodbye.

He didn't keep tabs, focusing on his career and where it would take him. He was even more careful now though and held fewer relationships with others. Eventually, his career and how he's lived his life landed him in Colorado where his and a certain Ex of his lives now...

If interested or curious, please message Kat713 on discord! I am more than willing to talk and work things out to make him fit you as well as the idea I have for him :D
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