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Outfitworking on this Sketch

It was getting close to Halloween and that was a popular time for gothic art; this one was no exception but she needed some good tree inspiration so she was back at the park for the third day in a row. This time, she was staying later, wanting the shadows to be cast over her work so that she could add it better to the skull.

It was a little spooky but tasteful spooky in her book.

Leaning her head back for a moment with her eyes closed, she just let the wind play with her loose hair; today it was only pinned and then had a single braid down the rest of her hair. It was all hanging over the back of the bench she was sitting at so it was constantly moving from the breeze.

Lifting her sketch again and holding it up for a moment, her brows furrowing some as she looked over a woman who was near, "Miss...could I get your opinion please? "Blair was oblivious with the wind to notice any scent in the air coming from her.


This particular park was one that she frequented during the week, even more so now that she’d encountered a “secret” vampire meeting happening within it. She had still not gotten completely over being made a fool of that night, and while she wasn’t looking to create any trouble here, she was definitely on the look out to make sure such an act never happened again.

The park was also one of the easier places to find a meal discretely, and so if she found no vampires, then she would at least get that instead.

Only, tonight seemed to have different plans for her. Positioned on the bench next to her was a Were who’s scent seemed to invade every part of her senses. She was inclined to ignore the beast, not wishing to engage in anything that could prove trouble when hunting, but the same could not be said for the other.

She supposed she could entertain it for now.

”I’d be more than happy to give it, though I don’t know how much use it will be.”
Blair offered a little smile at that, slightly hesitant since there was a power sense about this woman that she could feel. Once the breeze turned on her a bit though, she was able to pick up that sickly rotten sweet scent of death that made the jaguar's fur bristle and her body crouch. The cat didn't like it but Blair was still indifferent. It had been over a year since a vampire hurt her and if she could tell what she was, then she was certain that she could of herself.

Holding out the sketchbook to the blonde woman.

"Any opinion is welcome. The person who commissioned this only gave me a couple of starting points so I am trying to get it right; a potted tree with a skull, " she said with a slight sigh. Very original for sure but it paid her few little bills so the pale woman didn't overly protest the work.
Sigfrid’s hand would take the book into delicate hands as she glanced over the page.

It was certainly…. Something.

Definitely not the sort of art that she would hang on her walls, or ever think of spending a cent on, but the youth these days were so obsessed with this sort of thing.

Skulls, death, devils and demons, stuff that would have been avoided in the past were now relished as fashion statements. Ridiculous.

”Well, it definitely meets the standards that you were given.” She’d offer unhelpfully as she handed the book back to the beast. ”Very well done too.” Despite being an animal, she certainly had some talents there.
Blair entrusted the sketchbook to the vampire, her heart a little faster than normal but that was soly due to her jaguar disliking this. As a were, she'd not run into another vampire and so she was a little anxious but she seemed alright for the moment. Not trying to do anything to set her off. It was fine.

The unhelpful answer would earn a slight sighing smile before it became a real one, "Thank you; would have gathered drawn a full on tree, like one of those old oaks or willows but, " she shrugged. Customers wanted what they wanted.

She would take it back from her, blowing on some of the charcoal to get it off of the page before smudging it more with her fingers.

"You often here at night? " Some curiosity, she couldn't help it as she picked up a pencil made entirely out of paper to help smudge some of the interior of the skull.
The little beast was anxious, but no surprise there, the species could hardly control themselves in a normal setting, let alone when they were sitting next to a creature of greater strength.

If Sigfrid were more childish she might have teased the beast for its anxiety, but as it was, she didn’t really need a Were rampaging in the park tonight.

”I stay close by, so I come here often to clear my head. You?”
Blair gave a little nod to the question.

"Same actually...though I also use it for inspiration. The park or cemetery...anything that is visually interesting to draw, " she told her with a slight smile.

Feeling like she needed to show what she meant, Blair flicked through her sketchbook and then showed her another sketch, "Saw this bird around the pond a few weeks ago, " she told her with a bit more pride in her voice over this piece of work than the other. It was good but it was meh since the person didn't give her a lot to go off with.
A cemetery was definitely a very interesting place to draw inspiration from, but if the sketch she’d just been shown was anything to go off, then perhaps it was the best place for this beast to be.

Plenty of inspiration there when death sat just ten feet below.

It seemed death wasn’t the only thing she knew how to draw though, the second sketch being produced reminding her a bit of Yuna and her second form. There was a chance that the two had encountered then and hadn’t even known it… How willing would Yuna be to interact with a Were like this after what she’d already experienced.

”You know, I believe I’ve seen that same bird.” She hummed, finger wagging at the sketch in question. ”This must be a popular hang out for it.”
A pale brow raised at that, really? That was some luck!

"Really? I hope to see it again, I'd love to get a closer view to get a better sketch than this one...I want to get the feather details but to not scare it away I kept my distance, " she said with a slight sad smile at that one. She loved animals; even if she was never going to own a pet that wasn't a rock.

Biting her lip for a moment as she thought about a question that was on her mind, she was wondering if this vampire could change into an animal; and if so, what kind? Taking a moment to toss that around in her head she would work to find the most polite way to ask.

"Miss, from an artist's curiosity, do you happen to change into an animal? " she asked curiously, doing her best to remain polite in asking the question but also remembering to not look her in the eye; not hard since she was still decently timid.
Doubtful that she would ever get close to that particular bird if it was indeed the person she assumed it was. Yuna wasn’t the type to go around making friends with beasts whilst in a weaker form.

”Then I hope you encounter the bird a second time.” She’d hum in response, a bit surprised with what came next.

This beast certainly didn’t know how to beat around the bush when it came to things supernatural. Sigfrid couldn’t help but wonder just how new she was to the life if she couldn’t even practice being discreet.

Experienced enough to know about their second form and their power of suggestion.

”What a question.” Sigfrid chuckled lightly, head shaking. ”What inspired it?”
"Thank you, that's very kind of you to say, " it was really. What would the chances be though that she'd run into another lovely crane? Well, she had hope that she might, to be able to see it and draw in and maybe even add a little color. She had started to warm up to adding some reds to her art as it added an incredible eye-catching pop.

Blair tried to not get flustered from her own question but, she would be honest.

"Well...I recently learned that it's possible for your people to change into different sorts of animals as well. That's why I asked, just out of curiosity mostly, miss to get that mental image, " she liked having different inspirations. One that was cropping into her mind was a woman falling and changing from the top of a cliff into an animal.

Hmm, could she draw that? Yep, her artist brain was gone now and working.
Who had told her about this power? Had it been another Were? A vampire? She’d hope that it was the first, not wanting to think of what sort of foolish vampire might be running around spilling such secrets out to the world. One set of loose lips could sink a great many ships, and Sigfrid would be very cross if hers got struck.

”I figured you’d have a fairly good mental image of such things.” Sigfrid answered, hands coming together in her laps.

”At least once a month if I’m not mistaken.”
The answer was not what she expected, kind of strange mostly but she adjusted herself a little bit as she held the sketchbook against her lap.

"Well...Each animal is different. Just like each were is. So my guess is that your's wouldn't be like mine, " the jaguar would sniff at her, just smelling rotting death that put her fur on edge. Nope, not a were was the animals conclusion and she didn't like it that much.

"Well...more than that; depends on things, " like stress. Stress was evil and she hated it with a passion.
She could hear the answer in the girls mind, but that wouldn’t stop Sigfrid from prying for the answer aloud. Face pulling into a look of both surprise and intrigue, the blonde would find herself leaning forward a degree.

”What do you mean other things?” She’d ask, ”is it not just the moon that decides when it is time to change?”
Blair had to be careful to not look up into her eyes directly, not exactly wanting to tempt fate too much with her.

How much was safe to share? How much wasn't? She didn't know her and instead had danced around her question with ease. Blair would air a little cautious but this question seemed the least harmful.

"It is a choice, without the influence of the can choose to change if you want or not but even I'm still learning what all can make it happen. Maybe this might help, you have to mentally wrestle an animal; sometimes you win, sometimes you just depends " Blair was proud of herself. She'd managed to beat down her own jaguar and not shift when she was having a hell of a day after a run in with her sire.
This was news to Sigfrid.

She had always assumed that the human and the beast were one and the same. She had not imagined that there could figuratively be two entities in battling each other in one body and brain. It explained why she could not sense an animal in the thoughts of the beasts she had come across in life.

She could not read the mind of animals after all.

”I did not know that,” she admitted, a knuckle coming to her chin. ”I struggle to understand what it would be like to battle with yourself mentally. It must be hard.”
Blair's head would dip a little, a small nod leaving her at that sentiment.

"Yes...honestly, nothing could really ever prepare anyone for this. You're not wholly you, you share the space, " she didn't get a private feeling to herself anymore. It was sort of annoying, missing that silence but yet she didn't miss accidentally blowing things up when she could. That was not enjoyable.

"Do vampires have more control over their own animal form? it all you or you and the mind of that animal as well with it? "
Interesting, it did explain why Weres were so unpredictable. It was easy to understand the mind of a human, or even a half human, but a beast was another matter entirely.

”Its similar,” Sigfrid lied easily, ”but I don’t suppose I really wrestle with the animal.” A soft pause of debate before continuing.

”More so the animal can influence things. You see I can shift into a sparrow, and sometimes I get the undying need to spread my wings and fly even when not in its form.”
Blair listened, having no reason to believe she was lying in the slightest. What she was learning was rather incredible, who knew vampires had this urge as well.

"A sparrow...beautiful bird. So I assume then you like to fly when you get that urge? " yes, hook line and sinker, Blair believed her. The type of bird was rather common but even common they were still a lovely bird.
Sigfrid offered a chuckle, the act genuine as her head gave a soft nod of confirmation. ”Oh yes, I would love to fly whenever the urge strikes.” A glance to the beast as she offered a wink.

”But unfortunately, we aren’t always given the opportunity. Secrecy is very important for our kind, and yours.”
Blair could only smile and then give a nod at that.

"I understand that. I've had some good teachers teaching me that important lesson, " because last thing she needed was everyone knowing. It was hard enough working around regular people and get stressed because they were boneheads.

"Thank you, for not minding my questions, miss, " she would politely tell her. She didn't want to tick off a vampire and then have to tell her leader and yea... but it also never hurt to be polite either.
It was good to hear that whoever this beast had attached herself to was at least attempting to instill some secrecy into her. It would be a shame if word got around that a Were frequented Reignhart, it would bring only trouble for her and the clutch that had been recently created.

”Of course, you answered mine after all.” She hummed, hands dropping back down into her lap. ”And questions are the easiest ways for us to learn.”
"Makes me wish I had help when I was just a psychic...would have made things a lot easier, " instead she had to figure it all out on her own but look where that landed her. Violently turned and now trying to learn a new way of life without her abilities.

That thought though made her miss them again, even for just a moment it made it sting.

"Is there anything I should be mindful of while here? Just like I know about the place in Ridgefield but I don't know if there is one here, " she would ask her. Since she did still some here a fair bit, she wanted to be mindful if there was a group here to not get on their bad side of things. If not and this was random, then it still didn't hurt to ask.
A past psychic? Immediately Sigfrid was curious for the powers that she had possessed, but asking about them could lead to her own being questioned, and powers were a lot harder to lie on than brains. She would drop the subject in favor of focusing on the second question instead.

How open did Yuna want to be about the group? She hadn’t really specified, but given the issues she’d had with Weres before, Sigfrid doubted it would be wise to start spilling their location just yet.

Not until Yuna had reached her full power at least.

”I would just be mindful of how you act here.” Sigfrid answered, ”this is my home, and the less I have to worry about supernatural incidents the better.”
"I can promise that. This used to be where I lived until I moved to a safer area for myself...I didn't want an accident here, " she explained. Also she had a friend to protect and she would for as long as she was around.

"Maybe if our paths cross again, would you consider letting me draw your bird form for you? " she enjoyed drawing her prowl mates, so a vampires animal form would be just as fun and an experience.
The answer was ‘never’ but Sigfrid wasn’t about to let the beast know that, her smile remaining pleasant as she gave a nod of approval.

”I suppose we can work something out the next time we meet.” She promised, ”just as long as you keep that promise of yours.” Sigfrid felt less inclined to hate a beast that worked hard to cause as little trouble as possible.
Wow, she was a rather friendly woman. A lot kinder than the one she'd met who'd tried to rip out her neck. Shaking that mental image away though as she smiled.

"Thank you and I will. Last thing I'd want is problems for either of us, " Blair promised. The idea of angering someone else really just made her stomach knot into a tight ball so, not worth it in the slightest.

"I should probably head in for the night, it's a bit of a walk home for me, it was nice meeting you, miss, " she told her, holding out a hand for her. She knew she probably should give her name but that probably would only come from if she gave hers.
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