Snow Leopard Adoptables!
[Image: 1fvtqK5.jpg]

Now that the fun stuff is out of the way! Time to show what we have on hand for some amazing long tail floofs for you!

First Floofy baby!
[Image: BljAoTb.jpg]
Personality Traits;Loving, happy-go-lucky, expresses emotions inappropriately, competitive, confident, artistic, a grammar nazi
Likes;Playing chess, Going for long drives, Chocolate
Dislikes;Being emotionally hurt, People who speak loudly in public, Failure, and Imperfection
Motivation;The desire to be successful
Background Info; 43-46 years old woman, a realist. She is very goal-oriented and likes to wear clean fabulous clothing. Single but had a bad break up somewhere in her past and a random one-night stand led to her current were status.
Random Tid Bits;Likes magenta, hates lime, likes Classical music but hates J-pop.
Were Stats; New or Common

Second Floofy baby!
[Image: jNA4mrD.jpg]
Personality Traits;Welcoming, carefree, easily bored, secure, Frequently cracks their knuckles and other joints, Swears a lot, Always wakes late
Likes;Exploring, Playing board games, Cycling, Bumble Bees
Dislikes;Unsociable people, People who spit, Hospitals
Background Info; 26-32 years old, a teacher in math or physics. He enjoys wearing earthy-toned clothes and is very much in love with his Fiance. He is very well off; from both job and personal background. Due to some biased, he doesn't take young people seriously and before he became a were, he was severely allergic to shellfish. He was infected from a trip by a strange long-tailed cat that got angry at him for stepping on its tail.
Random Tid Bits;Likes Rock 'n' Roll, Vegetarian food, loves Math
Were Stats;Common

Third Floofy baby!
[Image: sAXoJqo.jpg]
Personality Traits;Affable, big-headed, innocent, non-traditional, Optimist, Good at detecting deception. Very good at athletics
Likes;Painting, Dancing, Playing online poker
Dislikes;Loud chewing, Touching sticky/oily things, Being in a rush in a crowded area, Lists that aren’t rounded numbers, deep water
Motivation;Her need for attention
Background Info; 29-34 year-old woman who likes to keep her hair short or none at all due to easy maintenance. Style wise she likes to wear traditional clothes that are mostly pastel-colored and slightly too big, as well as wear multiple gold rings on both hands. Working as a receptionist, she is moderately content with things and get's at least some of the attention she craves from it. How she got infected was being out on a night of a full moon and bumping into a cranky were and getting the bonk.
Random Tid Bits;Addicted to sugar, Pronounces words very precisely, Looks for the easy way out
Were Stats;New-Common

Fourth Floofy baby!
[Image: myWdlcM.jpg]
Personality Traits;Smart ass, sassy, adventurous, Unlucky, Smart, Comical
Likes; Meditating, telling jokes, skilled at cricket, the funnies in a newspaper
Dislikes; Misspelled signs, Touching sticky/oily things, People who are always late, hates the color purple
Motivation; Desire for power
Background Info; 45-55 Male or They/Them etc. He has always enjoyed things a particular way, wanting them done just so. He does enjoy making people laugh but has always had a bit of an unlucky streek with it came to those he liked. One person that he did like was the cause of him being turned into a snow leopard in the first. He still kept his job as a chiropractor but had to adjust once/after he learned his strength could be a problem.
Random Tid Bits;Chews with his mouth open, likes the colors peach and blue, Chiropractor,
Were Stats; New- Common

Special Were Offers! These are two special Snow Leopards courtesy both of Leaf and Kat! They have connections or to be connections to be built!

Special Floof Baby of Leaf!
[Image: 0a4Jvi8.jpg]
Personality Traits: happy-go-lucky but knows when to be serious and even heart felt, studious, clever and has a natural ability to swing in with a line perfect for jokes, loves talking to people and naturally makes connections look easy
Likes: games, physical activities, goofing around, people!
Dislikes: being lied to, feeling stifled, nonstop grind culture even though that's what he does all the time!
Motivation: his friends and to prove to himself and his family that he is capable despite their concerns
Background Info: Turned in his teens by a close family friend on accident, he was quickly pulled into the local group and taken care of. Since then, were life isn't "that bad" and he's grown up to feel like its just another day while enjoying the company and security groups can bring. Turning his college friend Erik Sato had been an oops, but with the group on edge due to local sightings of hunters, it was his job to turn away threats while he was on watch. Since the Drift's unfortunate dismantling once they'd been for sure found, he's been traveling place to place, taking any odd jobs to be found before eventually finding its time to pop on in to where his friend has made himself a nice set up.
Random Tid Bits: The yo-yo champ of his high school, nerds out a lot when it comes to computer science, last job was working as a valet parker for a hotel
Were Stats: Common or Intermediate

Special Floofy Baby of Kat!
[Image: H6Vs0Q8.jpg]
Personality Traits;Reassuring, vain, supportive, well-mannered, truthful, Very good at haggling, and Skilled at animal training.
Likes;Listening to music, Likes magenta, Rock, Organic food, fables
Dislikes;Drunkards, People who keep sucking on empty juice cartons, Thunder, and Blood
Motivation;The loss of a loved one
Background Info;28-35 fella who is from the Himalayan area. Has lived there for a short while but moved around a bit. When he isn't a cat, he likes to dress well and even has his own personalized cloak. On a visit to the Himalayan mountains, he would encounter a group of hikers while he was in feline form. Normally, he wouldn't have attacked but he was going for more playful than anything and ended up attacking a young woman and infecting her. After the whole event he would go back to the are to find her gone and so would spend some time trying to learn and find out about the woman he bit. Using his wealth and connections, he would travel around still, not looking hard and still enjoying life.
Random Tid Bits;Frequently paces, Always complains about things being unfair
Were Stats;Common-Intermediate

Please contact either Kat713#5770 or leaf#0527 on Discord if you are interested in ANY of these fluffy babies! Also if you want to make some of your own tweaks let us know as well :D
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