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Alright. She seemed to have it for now, but it seemed he had caught on. Mainumbí sought his eyes.

"Allow us to feed," she said simply. It landed, and she grew bolder.

"You'll forget this entire incident after we leave."

Two simple successes.

rolled suggestion against NPC
first one, second one

Ryn was impressed with how easily Hummingbird calmed the human down, she would relax and feed for a few more minutes on the man that had calmed down for them.

When she had her fill, she pulled away and stepped to the side for Hummingbird.

"You're incredible to be able to do that, " she told her as she would clean her mouth with her thumb and sucking the blood off of it.
She only hummed in response first. Feeding was a delicate thing. The man permitted it, his expression fearful. If only he knew it was not necessary to fear them after the moon was out again! Risks existed, but they were less of one.

Done, she reached for Ryn's hand as she spoke to him.

"Thank you," she said to him, bowing her head some in genuine gratitude. Now she was satisfied.

Her aim was to get them out of earshot of him, fast, before she could explain.
Ryn enjoyed the full feeling, the hum of blood in her system and just feeling strong right now. Maybe this wasn't going to be as hard as she thought.

When Hummingbird finished with him, her eyes lingered on the man, with plenty of blood left in him but she would let her fingers wrap around her hand to be lead away.

So many temptations but she had questions for Hummingbird and more to learn.

"I feel like I could run all over the city right now...but what was that? " she asked curiously.
"It is similar to my strength with animals. But it is something we can all do. You seek their eyes, speak your will. Sometimes it fails, but tonight was ideal."

She waved around.

"You can try to practice on someone if we find them. Things that they will not be offended by, so you can wave it away if it doesn't hold."
She could do that too? Woah, so even as a new vampire, she had an extra ability. That was a little rad.

"How often does it work? " she asked curiously. Since she said there was a chance it wouldn't. Now she was glancing around again, trying to see if she could someone who she might be able to test it on.
"It depends on the night, on those who guide our wishes, and on the strength of your will."

She moved patiently with Ryn, not wishing to rush this. It was important to learn.
Ryn chewed her lip as she listened, looking through the random people as she tried to even process what she might do. "So it's a gamble, alright. "

In the end, she did find someone and managed to get them to look her in the eye.

"Hello... You are going to give me a hug, " she told the strange woman. They looked at her for a moment, confused but then she gave her a hug before letting go and walking away rather confused.

Ryn waited until she was gone, covering her mouth and all but bouncing right back to Hummingbird and lightly grabbing her arm, "I did it! Holy hell i managed to get it, " she said excitedly. She felt the same excitement like when she had gotten her first gaming system, this was incredible!

Suggestion pass in dice rolls pc is being a butt with the screen shot but got a 10 :)

Oh! She had it fast, and Mainumbí clapped excitedly for her.

"You did!" she praised. "These work for things you want done in the moment. Or if you want them to forget something. If you want them to be affected for the rest of their lives, you put more power into it. But it drains the ability faster, so be careful what you use it for. You can't do it an unlimited number of times a night."
Ryn was bouncy still, hyped up that she managed her first suggestion and fed. Being a psychic had never jazzed her up this much but this had because she had someone to share it with.

"I'll remember that... I don't think I've felt more alive now than when I was just a psychic, " she told her happily, letting her in on that feeling of hers. So if she wanted things to stick forever, it needed more umph but drained it faster. Then for ones that probably faded sooner, what she had done just now.
"I think you are already going to be wonderful at this," she agreed, moving to embrace her with sisterly love.
Ryn wrapped her arms around her, hugging her back, "Thank you for this, Hummingbird, " she told her. She meant it; sure she had some thoughts still on it and a few insecurities but she felt better after tonight and everything going so smoothly.
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