Hollowstone c-dawg [tw, nsfw]
"Nice and clean," she swallowed, jammed a few more channels ahead, and reached finally some music thing. It was random pop stuff. Good enough, it provided noise to meld herself into.

Liv pushed herself up to stand.

This was happening. Like, really really happening, and she ... was along for the ride, as she moved to embrace him again. This was really the nicest part of it, the hugging. Her undergarments were still wet from her tenure in the shower, but so was he, so what did it matter.

What did it matter.

The beat from the song was nice. Maybe they could dance a little bit. She wanted to try to do that first, then, and her hips swayed a bit.
The close sway would not register as dancing for Caleb, irritation dying back down as it seemed that things were going back in the way that he’d intended.

Arms wrapping back around Liv, Caleb would take a swaying step forward, an attempt to lead her to the couch where things could get more intimate.

A place she’d be less likely to leave once taken.
It was true, she would be largely unable to slip free once she got to the couch. He walked her back and she wasn't able to recognize that it was something to be resisted just yet. It was just- first they were standing. Then they were on the couch.

Now he was laying her down, and now there was something physically tight in her stomach, both from the movement and the realization of what was about to happen. As if she hadn't realized it several times before, but.

Now it was real.

It didn't feel bad to be here, not physically, and maybe that was less him and more the surprise ecstasy in her system. He was very warm, and very certain about what he wanted, and she was very unexpectedly high, and maybe it was all just fine to tilt her head back and close her eyes and let herself just feel it out.

Or was it terrible, to be here, doing this? Actually — "doing"? Ha. Letting it happen to her, more like. No, but it was okay. It was more than okay, all good feelings and good music and she even clung to him as he pressed against her, pinned her between him and the couch cushions.

He smelled really nice.

"Do you have a condom?" she mumbled, a weak ray of self-protection piercing the clouds of muddled euphoria.
There was no resistance from Liv, no push back against his advances as he lay them both on the couch.

As she clung to him, Caleb would take it as an invitation to keep pushing things forward, his erection rubbing against the others body as his hips gave an unconscious sway. Very much like a dog in heat, Caleb had little intention to stop things now that they’d gotten this far.

Unless she began kicking and screaming there would be no leaving this couch… Only, shit, yeah a condom. He had one somewhere, but he wasn’t sure where and getting up and looking for it wasn’t exactly on the agenda. A girl couldn’t get pregnant just from one romp on the couch, right? He’d just pull out, that would work fine.

”Its fine.” He soothed, ”Im clean, remember.”
Oh. Right. Clean. His voice was so nice, a hum against her ear, echoing and tangling with the music from the TV.

He said it was fine. She- she guessed it was fine? There was always Plan B. Or. You know. Other stuff? It was fine, he'd said so, and he was being so sweet and everything felt so wildly good.

"Oh. Okay," she relented, swallowing what pitifully little hesitation there had even been. He was clean. It was fine. That was definitely how showers worked.

Just wanted to feel good. And liked. And everything would be fine. Her eyes rolled back, lids mostly closed, on the edge of another plane of existence entirely. Colors everywhere, music everywhere, warmth everywhere, pleasure everywhere. She felt more alive on this dirty couch than she had in years in her primly kept home.

Caleb. That was his name, she remembered suddenly. How could she have forgotten? Silly Liv, she laughed quietly to herself, irrespective of whatever he was doing at that moment.

Time skip for Sierra’s sanity <3

Deep in Calebs mind, he understood what he had done was wrong. He understood that Liv wasn’t fully there mentally in those moments, and that what he’d done could qualify as a crime. Would qualify even, but with promised pleasure the forefront of his mind quickly and easily drowned those thoughts out.

Justifications bubbled instead, he hadn’t forced the drugs into Liv. He hadn’t forced her into the shower, onto the couch or held her down during the act itself. If she had any problems with what had happened here today, then it was best she blame the person she saw in the mirror.

This had been her doing, not his.

Sated, he saw very little use of the woman now, and his attention turned to alcohol instead. Pushing away from the couch he’d head to the fridge to sate this new need.

Vodka tasted best after sex.

The worst part was that it had felt very good, less due to him and more because she was fucking high as fuck. Actually, if anything, she was an overactive participant somewhere halfway through, encouraging and clinging and insatiable and far wilder than Liv ever would have been under her own faculties. Ecstasy didn't immobilize; it did the fucking opposite.

The worser part was that she was still high as fuck after, because it took something like several hours to come down from e.

He pulled from her and she rolled over onto her side, still huffing, sweaty, smiling, gross from sex, and lost in her own augmented reality.

"It's soooo pretty," she pointed to the TV screen, which was just a blue background with text on it describing whatever song was playing. But the blue was cerulean to her, and the pixels on the screen a waving ocean.

She waved back.
Grasping the neck of the bottle, Caleb would stagger back towards the couch. A deep chug of the clear liquid as he collapsed onto the floor, back resting against the foot of the couch.

”Real pretty.” Caleb answered sarcastically, reaching for the remote. ”But a bit on the boring side.”
Whaaaaat. Liv didn't think so at all.

"I don't think it's boring at all. Am I boring??" she whined. Nonsense. Liv was so fun. And Calebbbb was soooo fun.

She scrunched herself up and reached for the remote too.
”No not boring.” Though pretty things did have their limits, ”But you’re lots more fun when you take those pills.”

Uncoordinated fingers reached for the remote, but were just a bit too slow since he hadn’t been expecting her to be snatchy. >:(
"I think so tooooo," she grinned, gripping the prize of the remote too tightly. Good thing she wasn't any kind of strong.

Instead of changing the channel, she hugged it to herself. It was the nicest remote.

Then she made a grabby hand for the vodka.
She could have the remote, but she could NOT have his alcohol.

”Hey! Don you know pills and alcohol don’ mix.” Not proclaimed because he particularly cared for her health, but maybe it would get her to lay off his precious booze.
Whaaaaat. She pulled back, giving the saddest face at being rebuked by someone who'd just splooged inside her. Or. Maybe on her. She didn't even know.

"I didn't knowww," she whined, completely unrelated to her thoughts. "I can't have a little bit?"
A very firm shake if his head as he mercilessly took another large swig from the bottle.

”No can do,” he’d answer, bending some as he grabbed for one of his special baggies. ”I can let you take another one of these freedom pills home with you though.”
And here was another possible route that E took.

She was denied again, and her mood — still heightened — swing in a total opposite direction.

"Gimme it! It's mine!"
This. Freaking. Woman!!

It was clear that she wouldn’t be willing to give up his alcohol anytime soon, and so Caleb was left to do the one thing he did every time trouble occurred.

A blink of the eye and Caleb poofed out of sight, dodging the incoming hands as he made his way far from the couch.
Suddenly he was gone. Like.

Gone gone.

Liv looked around, alarmed. And the alarm was not a good thing to feel in her state, shifting from positivity to aggression to paranoia.

"Wha..." she said stupidly, vision feeling challenged.

And then she stumbled up, thinking: maybe it was time to leave if she was alone?

She reached for her purse that she'd left by the door, though.

She wasn't wearing clothes.
It was a sacrifice that he was willing to make to keep his alcohol safe.

Watching from his world of invisibility, Caleb made no attempt to stop the woman from making her exit. Let her figure out what to do for herself from there.

He was done baby sitting.
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