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Due to scheduling conflicts and such, they were going at this days later, but no less excited. It was one of the last weeks of summer before the nipping of Fall set in and made such activities harder to come by. Getting there plenty early, Frank had set up one of the few picnic tables near the falls with some varieties of snacks and the bases of everything needed for kebabs.

With a good while under their belt with swimming and relaxing it was time for what they came for. ”I’m going to get something to drink. Anyone want anything,” he asked while wading out. Moving as nonchalant as he could to the icechest, Frank’s mind was on one thing and one thing only, grabbing the full super soaker he’d managed to find earlier that week that was hidden under the ice.

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Vidya loved this. It was rare that it was just the four of them, but it was good when it came. Her cat was content to bask in the company while she basked in the sun. The smell of the moss and the fresh water was heady, helping along her intoxication from the drinks she partook in.

While Frank had his plans, she had her own. She'd crept casually toward her bag, and from it pulled two guns from beneath the towles packed in it. Water guns, that is. Grinning, she caught Blair's eye, and tossed one to her as she moved swiftly, a huntress approaching her prey. Slinking up behind Frank, she held her gun aloft, aiming for the back of his neck.

"Yes!" She answered his question. "For you to put your hands up, King."



Blair was excited, things seemed to be going better for her lately and she was truly just feeling good. Happy! With a big smile, she had her hair just pulled back into a ponytail and was basically geared for fun and water war!

As she swam; ok more like stayed in the shallows because haha still couldn't swim that well, she just enjoyed the water and sun. The sun though would be quietly turning her pale skin pink the longer she was out there because she hadn't put on sunscreen. Since being a were, she didn't think that sunburns was going to happen to her so she was a touch cocky in the sun right now.

When Frank stepped out and Vidya went to her bag, a little grin rose on her face as she got close enough as the water gun was tossed her. Hands wet, she managed to slip grab it and then take aim to their illustrious leader!

"You're surrounded! " Blair chimed in as well, grinning while pointing it at him. He was out-gunned! He had to know it was futile!

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It felt like ages since they’d all gotten together like this, and so Andy was more than just a little excited. Stopping at the store the night before, he’d spend a good part of his night chopping up watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas and pineapples before tossing them in with some strawberries, blueberries and grapes to make a very large fruit salad.

Why? Because fruit was easily the best thing to eat after a good swim, and this was the best time of year to gourde yourself on it.

Hands clutching at the large Tupperware that he’d shoveled the salad into, Andy would come in on a scene of violence! Poor Frank surrounded by women with guns and looking to have ill intentions, a very sad sight indeed.

”You better put the guns away or the salad gets it.” He threatened boldly, holding the Tupperware higher for emphasis.
Almost to the ice chest, he stopped, looking over his shoulder at the feeling of Vidya sure enough right there and with a water gun already his way. And then Blair, too. Wide eyes turned to one of mirth as he slowly lifted his hands up, looking up with a huff of a laugh. ”You got me.”

The sudden arrival of Andy had a sudden change of plans, though. ”Andy, the ice chest,” he yelled and made to turn around and try to grapple the water gun away from Vidya.

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Suddenly, this was a hostage situation! Vidya gasped at Andy's proclamation, momentarily distracted by the threat. Long enough that she was too slow to fully wrench away from Frank as he grabbed hold of her gun. Squealing with delight and surprise, she stepped closer into his space, not willing to let him wrest it away that easily. Her hands grappled firmly, and he managed to squeeze the trigger as she tried her best to angle it toward his face.

"STOP ANDY!" She commanded Blair.


Blair was ready to blast at Frank but he went straight for Vidya who was able to wrangle frank.

Now though, she had to grab the fruit salad from Andy, so she was quickly going over to try and grab it from his hands. Instead though, she had the grace of a newbord gazell and slid from the slippery grass right back into the edge of the river.

"Sugar! Andy don't you dare or I'll use this water gun on you! " she threatened, her tone playful as she tried to get back up.

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Sorry Blair, Andy had been given a mission from the king himself, and so there was nothing to be done. Container lowering, Andy would take it up as a shield as he dashed towards the ice chest, the Jaguar scratching at his mind in his excitement of not only being around other Jaguars, but playing with them as well.

Luckily for Frank, Andy had been heading towards the cooler when he’d arrived, ready to drop off his fruit and so the run wasn’t a long one. Sliding onto his knees like some sort of athlete, Andy managed to drop is container of salad onto the ground and rip open the top of the box.

”Ohoho, better watch out.” He’d grin with complete evil as he reached in for the gun.
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