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She knew right away this this kid was a Soft Boy, because only someone clueless would write "animal affinity" on name tag and not think he'd just outed himself as a Fao furry.

Good news was that Grace knew how to adjust to Soft Boys. And this one seemed familiar. She didn't know him, but she knew of him.

"Finn Finn Finny Finn," she greeted as she swaggered up, talking with all the comfort of if they were well acquainted. "Tell me. What. Your favorite animal is."

Grace did not have a favorite animal, but she'd worry about that if the question got returned to her.

OUFFIT and stickers

His name suddenly called multiple times in multiple variations had him turning to the source as a girl walked up with the kind of confidence that had him unsure immediately. How did she know his name? It wasn’t like he… yes he did. ”Hi?”

Looking from her face, (was that a jellyfish nose ring?) to her name tag and the variety of information that provided, his eyes flicked right back up as she asked about his favorite animal. That was easy. ”Oh, um, it’s um.” Why was his brain literally blanking right now? What was the word? ”An… an eastern quoll. They’re a marsupial from Australia.”
Question mark hi! C'mon, Finny, this was a party. People were going to greet you. Especially Grace.

But he answered it on the spot, which she gave him props for. Grace knew her ability to make minds go blank through sheer unexpected enthusiasm.

His answer, though, was brand new to her. Figured the animal affinity guy would be the zoologist.

"Shit. I've never even heard of it," she said. "You oughta pull up a picture."

Grace, of course, crowded him readily. She might have Googled it herself, but fuck if she knew how to spell it.
He grinned for the response, slipping out his phone. ”Sure,” Finn spoke easily, any nerves forgotten as the topic of animals smoothed it down.

But, he hadn’t expected her to get so close and looked from the loading bar to her and then back again as the results popped up. Uh, fill the pause. ”People used to call them eastern native cats and they have these cute spots.” Tapping on one in particular to enlarge it, he pointed to what he meant. ”See, right there?”
He dove right into facts and Grace decided he'd be good at trivia. At least an animal category.

Eastern native cat, huh. When the picture rolled up she broke into laughter because what the fuck was that thing!

"Yo, you just introduced me to a whole new animal," she said. "You ever see one in person?"

Grace back stepped to give him some space because she was the queen of manners.
The laughter was unexpected, but it pulled a huge smile out of him nonetheless, the sound smoothing whatever rough edges still hung around with anxiety in meeting someone entirely new.

Room to breathe, he nodded. ”Yeah! The zoo in Cheyenne has a few.” Finn only wished he could actually pet them. So close, yet so far. ”Next time you go you should check ‘em out.”
Look at this smiling kid. It was cute. She wanted to mess his hair up, but was kind enough to keep her hands to herself.

"I'll have to," she said.

Eastern quolls. What a fucking answer.

"You ever control one with your power?" she asked. If Grace had that, she'd be making every animal she ever saw do fucking backflips.
Right! Because, he could do that and that’s probably why the animal question had been asked in the first place. ”Uh, not one of them, but I did make the komodos dance when I went with my friend, Somchai,” Finn said with a small bit of pride in his chest. It’d been more taxing than he was used to, but the effort had paid off.
Wasn't that the cutest fucking shit. This guy was made of pet safe cotton candy. (Was regular cotton candy safe? Fuck if Grace knew.)

"Dancing lizards!" she cheered. Did they twirl? Shuffle side to side? Hip shimmy?

"I know Somchai," she said. "He's mentioned you. You guys been friends a long time?"
Leon had kept his eyes on the familiar face. It was partially her fault he was here after all. So when he noticed her engaging in a conversation with a another high school looking boy, why were there so many psychic children?, he jumped for the opportunity. He'd found a sticker that said sidekick on his shirt just a bit ago and it had given him the idea. Slipping through the crowd he found a moment to approach and lightly stick a name tag on Grace. Though this one only read 'HON HON' with a drawing of baguette.

"merci pour l'invitation mon cher ami"

He said with a tilt of his wine glass in their directions as he walked by, goal accomplished.
His smile grew wider at the cheer, a push of air exhaling with it.

But then, Grace – he double checked her name tag – knew Somchai who had apparently mentioned him even. ”Uh, yeah for a while. He’s even letting me stay with him for a while.” Because of a vampire, but he didn’t want to bring down the mood. ”How do you know him?”

And then a man came by and put a… sticker? Of a… uhhh, hmm… before leaving with a bunch of French rattled off? ”What did he say?”
Grace had already been hit by one dick on a nametag tonight. Two in a row felt pointed. Frenchy flowed by, put another one on her, then rattled off a language she did not understand. What was with people speaking something other than English to her and expecting that she'd know how to respond?

She pulled it off her shirt to examine it better, realizing now that it was a motherfuckin' baguette. Frenchies.

"Lucky I didn't pull you back by the hair, le nap!" she called after him, then looked to poor Finny. "No idea. I'm too popular I guess."

This as she slapped the name tag on to her right shoulder blade.

"Where was I. Uhhh." Uhhhhh. Oh! "Somchai. I met him on the internet. He was wondering about pacts and shit."
He gave a heartily laugh to her reaction, already expecting some show given her personality. Although he was entirely, utterly, confused by why she called him 'the nap'. He could only ponder if it was some weird new slang he didn't know or if she had just gone for some french and gotten it very wrong. Not having been called a nap as an insult before he only quirked a brow at her.

"You should work on your french mon ami. It is la sieste not le sieste."

Tip given and actually meaning completely over his head he would slip back into the crowd.
The firing back to the man had him watching with a certain level of confusion that mixed with interest of an outside party. Clearly, they knew each other to an extent that teasing back and forth was a thing, but no use in delving down right that way yet. He got it.

Where had they been? Right, yeah. He smiled halfway to a laugh at realizing they’d both met Somchai through online means. ”Yeah? I met him the same way. We were wanting to figure the stuff out together.”
Grace waved off his additional commentary. She wasn't here to learn French, much less mid-conversation with someone else. Turning her attention back to Somchai's buddy, she grinned. Same meeting process, huh?

It was cute. Big cute.

"Fuckin' love it," she said, utterly sincere. "What's your side effect for Doolittling too much?"
He smiled for the reply. So far today, it was really cool to be surrounded by others that all seemed to be interested in at least the mechanics of pact stuff. Realizing meet up stories were similar made it even easier to feel like he belonged.

A hand came up to pull at the hem of his shirt at the inquiry. ”I get super dizzy and sometimes pass out. It’s really not great. What about you?”
"Woof, good ol' KOs," she sympathized. "My best girl Rika gets those too. Gotta set pillows down when we practice so she don't clonk the floor."

Grace made a show of lolling her head to her side, tongue pillowing out of her mouth. As if that's what it looked like when people passed out.

"I get a lil of that. But it's slow. Like my body gets all weird and shuts down bit by bit when I teleport somewhere. And when I wake up, I'm back to wherever I teleported from."

Fucking weeeeiiird. Grace's own rules for it, not that she had any part in making them.
Mouth moving to the side some with a nod, he then realized Rika sounded familiar. That was the girl who’d had that part some months ago right? Small world! And she had the same effect as him which meant that that practice tip could be perfect. A puff of a laugh escaped at her depiction of the effect, hand pushing into hair. ”I gotta try that.” The pillow thing!

Apparently, Grace had something similar except in a small wave sort of way ending innnn power usage? Finn’s eyes widened with a slight tilt of his head. ”Whoah, weird. How long are you out for?”
Get them pillows, boy. Couldn't have Finn knocking himself out and making Somchai sad.

"It's instant. Out, teleport, then awake again. Weirdest shit."

Made up teleportation rules she was still trying to figure out.

"How you gonna make sure you don't faint when you pact?" she asked, the question half a challenge, shimmying her shoulders.
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