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fite night
top and shorts

It was pretty weird to remember that she'd decided to skip out on fight night last year on account of it not being her scene. That'd been true... then. But shit, if fight night was meant to be marker to judge how much had changed in a year, the answer was a lot.

This time, she was showing face as the local gym owner who assumed half her members would also be here. It seemed like a good chance to let loose and mingle, a good opportunity to network. And then with Natalie going, attending was a no-brainer.

She'd thrown her name into the fighting mix so she wouldn't look like a pussy in front of all their people, the one who just attended and didn't participate. What she didn't except was for it to be called so early on. Mumbling words of reassurance to hype herself up, Katya left her stuff somewhere safe and headed up to the ring to face off with someone she'd actually seen before.

Immediately, she laughed disbelief and relief at the same time. It was gonna be nicer to throw down with someone who wasn't totally random. Bonus points that they both had wagging tails--that just added more fuel to the fire. "One of us is gonna be hitting snooze in a minute, Kai-Kai," she taunted. "I bet you look pretty asleep."

Jackass Katya. (▰˘◡˘▰)
Had Kai rigged a fight last year to make Eli square up to her? Had she done the same thing this year with Katya? Honestly, it was information trapped under the fourth wall. It was the second fight night now, though, where she'd find the person swaggering up to her to be a sweetly familiar face. She grinned, wide and sharp, looking at the little wolf woman with a wild light in her gaze. Both woman and coyote were feeling rowdy, rambunctious, a little liquored up.

The greeting made her belt a laugh, big and wide and rough. She slapped her hands against her thighs, then drew them back up to twist her hair into a sloppy bun at the nape of her neck, tendrils straying out frantically. "If this fight doesn't end in a K.O. I'll kill you." Sometimes, when Kai said things like that, she wasn't super joking. But tonight she definitely was, because Katya was too fun to waste.

But also, tonight, she was here to fucking fight. The coyote in her head thrashed an invisible toy in her mouth, yipping and screaming. Kai bent to that whim and lunged at Katya with the same shit-eating grin on her face, having every intention of fucking body-slamming her straight to the mat.

oh no it's a hit



Cam, of course, howled like a goddamn wolf on the sidelines.

Entirely here in support of Katya no matter who won.

They did want Katya to win though.
Ooh, sick burn. For real. Katya wasn't afraid, she felt no fear with her own people. Her own crew. So she scoffed with thrill, just one ditzy blonde puppy who was ready to be unchained from her post and show off how big her baby teeth had gotten. May the better dog wi-

"Motherfu-," she said for the speed, snatched and headed towards the floor in the blink of an eye. Kai struck like a fucking tank. "Ck," Katya squeaked from the mat, facing upside down.

It crossed her dizzied mind, then, that people were watching. She thought she could hear Cam. But one second later, all that was gone. It was just her and Kai with two dogs out for blood.

Switching on the motor that controlled her growls, she wriggled and wrapped her arms around her opponent's legs, yanking sideways to bring her off balance. All the tendons and gnarly shit that were under a person's skin tensed up as she committed to whatever the fuck she was doing. Katya did not do tactic, only opportunity. Whether that involved teeth or fists was irrelevant to her.


Down they went, Kai feeling the air lurch from her lungs as they toppled, her tongue saved from a bite only for the sheer force with which she clenched her teeth in heated glee. Katya was on it like a fly on shit, grabbing her legs, fast and scrappy. The coyote squealed, and the woman laugh-grunted as her ass cheek popped onto the floor. It was a good start. She wanted to fucking fight. She wanted scrapes and bruises, to hit and be hit. She felt like an over-charged battery, if such a thing even existed, exuding electricity from her pores, driven to crunch herself into whatever awkward shape necessary to swing a ruthless hit at Katya's ribs.


Kai's first blow had given Katya a pretty good idea of how badly the following one would hurt. Knuckles crushed ribs on her right side. She howled and hooted. Cried somewhere in there, too? But even as she did that, she tried to maintain the upper hand and come down on Kai with a sucker punch straight to the fucking face. Both wolf and girl snarled.

- broken rib(s)

Kai was the hottest girl in all of Ridgefield. This is what Pete believed with all of her heart, although she expressed it by screaming the kind of foul, bloody obscenities you only felt free to belt when you were pretty drunk, and also a fucking hyena, and watching the hottest girl in Ridgefield fucking annihilate another person.

She screamed at Kai to rip her fucking face off.
Katya had come this time which had her excited. Natalie honestly should’ve expected that Katya might also want to fight and while that was also super great, she was super nervous for her. Watching Katya go into the ring and immediately have the back and forth be full of big hits from a very familiar coyote demanded her undivided attention, wolf whining and growling right along, wanting to help.

A miss to the face after a no doubt hurting hit to her side and Natalie found herself putting hands around her mouth, shouting. ”You’ve got this!”
When Eli had mentioned a fight night, she really hadn’t expected… a literal ILLEGAL FIGHT NIGHT. Okay! What! Who just did that? And Kai had put it on???? And now she was here, because of course she was, who stayed at home knowing their roommate/leader/were something akin to a dad or something was there with their entire group? Her parents would kill her.

There were weres everywhere, so much so she couldn’t really process it, only stay buddy buddy to Eli or Heidi like a five year old as the coyote anxiously showed teeth at everyone. It was fine. Embarrassing, but fine.

And now here she was watching Kai attack a wolf and Brooke felt rooted to the spot, holding her ginger ale, just kinda absorbing it all with a morbid, terrified fascination. Rule number one, don’t get on Kai’s or the wolf girl’s bad side ever. Noted.
The contact was satisfying in a way that couldn't be put into words, the crackle under her fist, the shock of energy returned blasting up her arm. Katya sang a chorus of pain and fury, but didn't miss a beat in trying to strike back, winding her fist towards Kai's face like a fracking drill. She shouted, every bit of her prepared to take the blow, but her body moved of its own accord in tandem, a hand swinging wildly to change the course of her fist away from delicate face bones.

Squirming and kicking with all the grace of a pinned dog, Kai used what she could of her flailing limbs to try to rock them over, so that Katya might be the one pinned to the floor.




Yara of course had to support her favorite wolf!

She would shout and cheer for Katya, hollering for her to kick the other woman's ass and show her who's top dog!!
The yells and energy beyond the ring were rivalled by all the shit going down within it. Kai's own shout. Katya's fierce hiss for air. It was a lot, and all of it was good.

Kai rocked her over. The coyote felt impossibly powerful as Katya grappled against her. A hatred for being pinned caused the wolf to scramble to Katya's aid, hips popping as her form began to rearrange from underneath. She could feel it, but she knew that shit took time, and these fights were only a minute long.

So for the moment, she shoved her hand directly at Kai's face, nubby little fingers squeezing against delicate features in a bid to help herself out of the situation.


Katya's hip went snap-crackle-pop, and still she wolf went for what she could get. Maybe fighting Kai a lot more than she was fighting herself. The coyote howled a laugh, scrunching her face up, at least protecting her eyeball and nostril from any snagging fingernails. Little scrapes sang open on her cheek. "Don't you fuckin' bitch out on me now!" she demanded, whipping her face around to try to close her teeth on Katya's hand like an actual three-year-old.

hit omg

Katya yowled with pain, blood drawn between her pinky and ring finger. "You BITCH-ASS BITCH," she yelled the retort.

Then she did what any genius with incredibly restricted movement would do. She dropped her head against the ground, only to come back at Kai with full speed and smash both their skulls together in a headbutt.

If it afforded her enough room to scramble she would do that, staggering after Kai and most definitely concussed.

- broken rib(s)
- unidentifiably injured hand
- self-concussed

Kai only just saw it coming. A maniac and a fool, she was all grins, all tense in the neck, prepared to bash heads like a fucking pair of mountain goats. But if that was the analogy that was happening here, Kai got launched straight off the mountain. Her sinuses filled with the scent of her own blood, pain ringing down to her tailbone, her vision blinking out like an old television. Tunneled, slow, and then black, even if it would only last for a few seconds. For those few seconds, though, Kai was out like a god damn light, wilting like a beefy flower against the mat and potentially any part of Katya that hadn't gotten all the way away.

goodnight sweet prince

Still, she scrambled. Even as Kai went in the opposite direction she was meant to. Pressure pushed against every corner of her mind as Katya groaned, rolling Kai off and onto her back.

Had she just fucking won? By accident?

She had no idea. But she dropped her mangled hand to the ground, ribs piercing organs in a way which probably wasn't okay. Body jolting as a shift coursed through her. Katya divided her attention between eyeing Kai and crumpling her smudged and teary eyes as she fought against herself to no avail.
Oh, my god. It was exactly the kind of bloody, stupid spectacle of her dreams, and Kai's dreams too, and maybe that's what Wily was dreaming of as she crumpled onto the mat like a bag of wet cement. Pete yowled, mortally wounded by the defeat, and since no one was beating her to it, she climbed into the ring to kneel over the sweaty 'yote and slap gently at her cheeks. "KAI! KAI, YOU WON!" Ha ha!
Kai was probably certifiably nuts. If Pete was scary, Kai was a nightmare. But Katya was pulling her own weight around, too, scrappy enough that Lora decided, hmm, never want to fight Katya for reals, thanks. Then came a smashing headbutt, and Lora could all but see the stars whirling around both of their heads as the club owner went down and Pete hauled her ass over her sleeping body.

"Killer Katyaaaa!" she howled from the sidelines, hands cupped around her mouth, somehow oblivious to her impending shift.

wow a cameo in my own thread!!!

The fight got more and more intense and Natalie ended up covering her mouth completely, finding herself standing, rapt in the play by play, cringing at every blow that looked especially bad.

And then? They smashed their heads together and she grimaced as Kai fell down and Katya was left alert. So then? She’d won? Right? Yes! The crowd was cheering as much.

Making her way closer, Natalie considered if she could go in, if that was even wanted, but someone else burst over to Kai and so, all bets were off at keeping back. Beaming at her friend, she hurried over, excited praise bubbling out on the eway before Natalie could exactly put a finger on what was happening. ”That was awesome. I didn’t know you were so good.”

Gingerly placing her hand to a shoulder so as not to touch anything hurt, and there was no doubt a lot of damage to be healed, the wolf burst towards the other and where it would’ve bounced over, concern twisted through like an acrid knife instead.

”Katya” she questioned, making to kneel in front of her.
Dakila genuinely hated watching all of this.

He was unnerved by Kai, at least lightly. She'd been polite to him when he'd been in charge of Rice Bluff, and he didn't think she meant harm, per se, but she was a firecracker in a toilet--everyone was laughing but it was bound to end badly.

Katya was one of his nearest and dearest, but potentially just as dangerous in the right situation. Case in point...

He was all winces when it came to a jarring end.

And too far to get there fast when his very apt and alert wolf realized there was something off with his sister. Natalie got there ahead of him, but it didn't stop him from putting foot in the ring, acknowledging to himself that this was the only sort of thing that would get him up here.

Still a few literal steps off, though, from where Natalie was realizing what he'd already zeroed in on.
It wasn't total darkness, mostly because her eyes didn't actually close when she passed out. Just sort of... rolled up in her battered skull, registering blurs of color to a brain that was reeling and scrambling with synapses. And then, bam, there was a big-mouthed angel filling her vision as it cleared up again, and Kai was left in a floundering moment of trying to decide whether or not she'd just been dreaming.

"I'm one?!" she asked, dumb and incredulous, grabbing stupidly at Pete's insane curls. Hey, there were - why were there so many people in the ring!
That made Pete cackle. She shook the little coyote's body, because she was an asshole. "No, you got KO'd, fucker." Kai the loser, loser Kai!
In the moment Katya did not feel like a victor, much less a killer.

People filtered into the ring faster than she could’ve ever imagined. Her view of Kai and whoever was beside her got blurrier and blurrier. Even the light irritated her eyes.

She didn’t realise Natalie was there until there was a hand to her shoulder saying her name. Dazed, incapacitated, and borderline deaf within an increasingly ringing room, she tried to reach Natalie’s eyes. Natalie, the light of her fucking life.

”Get me room,” Katya requested, face contorting into a squished grimace as more and more of her began to rip through the seams of her clothes.

Hand grabbing for her friend, she tried to not be useless and instead hoist herself up.
It seemed like a struggle to get any sort of eye contact from her and the wolf pressed against the other, trying to soothe with licks and snuffles. She was shifting. She was shifting and that wasn’t good! Dakila’s presence had her look towards where he was making his way over from the crowd for a split second before back to her friend. Maybe, he could help?

Get her a room. ”Okay,” Natalie agreed, taking the hand firmly in her grasp as the other reached for Katya’s free arm. Helping her stand, she’d make sure Katya wasn’t about to fall over on herself before rearranging her hold, arm wrapping around her back, the hand still held. ”Lean on me if you need to.” If good, Natalie would start to help lead Katya out of the ring.

skip, just a reaction :3

Cam wanted to be there.

They really, really did. They should have been.

Except Katya was already crowded by faces Cam didn't know, but Katya clearly did. Dogs.

The cat would be an outlier among them.
Natalie had Katya. Up and moving away from the remains of the fight. Dakila arrived, closer, trying to not crowd but... he was the most helpful person at the moment.

Yet he found he hesitated a little. Katya was not a member of his pack. She was a wolf who had purposefully stayed away from that umbrella of power. He respected her too much to shove her into the box like she was nothing more than a problem.

So while he sensed that he could, he didn't just then. Asked her directly.

"Do you want me to reverse the shift?"

He still might, if she couldn't answer him properly. The white wolf loomed, expectant.
KO'd, fucker. Awww, man. Kai barked a laugh, and found it hurt her entire head to make a noise that loud. Oh, that was going to be a problem. She had a lot of screaming to do tonight.

Her hands swatted wildly at Pete, face swollen and grinning. She could have kissed this giant asshole, or dragged her to the mop closet. For now, she flopped on the mat like a drunk, eyes swirling around in her head as she searched for Katya. There she was, with some other little wolf chick, and Dakila closing in on her, trying to turn into a dog.

"Hey! Don't you fuckin' dare!" She pointed a sloppy finger at Katya, her other hand tangled in Pete's shirt helpfully. "You purr-actically fuckin' won!"
Up up and away. She practically swung to her feet with Natalie’s help, blowing in the wind like a piece of barley in a field.

Fun fact: Katya was not a very nice person when she was struggling. Her only way through was to be a piece of shit until the hurt went away, so when Dakila appeared, she kinda pulled a “wtf” face at him. Revurse?

Kai’s shout had her asshole grin skyrocketing. But also Katya was about thirty seconds away from suddenly growing a foot taller, so. Everything hurt.

”Gottuwatch fights,” she told him, swaying.

Cameo >:3

Zelda was jealous, so insanely jealous, but also out of this world impressed because while Katya had certainly gotten hit, she looked totally epic handling them. Plus, she'd won in the end solidifying her place as alpha in Zelda's heart.

If Katya could win, then so could she! She just needed to both Dakila and gramps...

Someday, but for tonight she'd settle with a loud yellow-eyed "WHOOP'' for her friend.
Pete looked over at the contender as Kai yelled at her, and decided to bare her teeth in appreciation. "You fuckin' killed it, man, good job." What was her name, Kevin? Whatever.

While the wolves figured out their shit, she began the business of pulling Kai to her feet and pouring her back out of the ring.
It sounded like permission to him, frankly.

And either way, he could save her from a real problem--and a future nap--so...

Getting in close enough to let his wolf get into a demanding proximity, he commanded the timber wolf back into a space where she would be managed. Period. Katya didn't have to fight it anymore because his control superseded hers.
She thumbs'd up the only stranger in the ring with her mangled hand.

And then. Hahahhheeeeey, watch out, Katya was stopping her own shift. If she'd been in a properly cognitive position to recognise that no, her wolf was reacting to those around her, she would've known that wasn't the case. But as it stood...

"Look'a that," she slurred proudly, slumping against both Dakila and Natalie as the pressure began to withdraw. A couple seams of her shorts and top had tore but she wasn't no naked victor. "Wolves for the win."

Dakila really didn't need credit. He actually liked it a bit better this way.

He pat her on the back, fond and proud and weary all at once.

"Awoo," he agreed.
Dakila was soon right there offering to reverse the shift and while she had her own opinions on the answer, Natalie listened in. Being conscious won out in the end and she watched in fascination as the wolf was pushed back into its metaphorical box, her own offering soothing licks with a wagging tail.

Arms suddenly wrapping around her tighter at the slump so Katya wouldn’t hit the ground, Natalie smiled with a laugh at the comment. ”Awoo!”
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