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Frankie was curious, she had only been here once and now wanted to again but this time with an offering of pizza. Why? Maybe to use the smell to attract other hyenas out so that she could say hello to them. Even though she loved being around Lora; she was honestly the best and really, Frankie loved having her in her life. She just needed to meet more like her.

So, she would have a fresh half meat and half veggie lover pizze that she would set down in the table. Pulling out her own slide, she would just start to look around the space.


Ever since her chat with Pete, Summer was genuinely trying to come out here way more often.

And what her lucky day, as she made her way into the cramped little back room they called hyena home, there was the scent of food on the air. Pizza. Worth the drive on every way, and enough to paint a predator's grin right onto her as she arrived.

"Darling, look at you," she said to the hyena she was still working on familiarizing herself with. "You look perfect at home."
Frankie, admittedly, didn't know everyone. She knew two people and that was Pete and Lora, Lora more so. So when the other pretty hyena popped in she was bouncing up a little and then giving a smile.

"Feels like home...sorta. Honestly, this place looks like my bedroom- a bit chaotic, " she said with a laugh. The aardwolf was already curious, was this another like her? The small bottom of the hyena totem pole or at the top?

"Oh uhm, pizza? Fresh made, " Frankie would offer to the large box.
"Can't say no to pizza," Summer agreed, gliding over to put herself at the table, all smiles and curiosity of her own. The creature here was no spotted menace or striped beast. No... this one was little. Little little like Logan.

She offered her hand out, though, before she took any food. "M Summer, by the by."

Funny that they really only seemed to be picking up chicks. Logan the soft not-male exception. Maybe they'd learned a lesson about all that after Echo... heh.
Pizza, bringing everyone together! She would take a bite from the slice in her hand before covering her mouth to finish chewing and then offering her free one to shake.

"Frankie, it's good to meet yah, Summer, " she told her happily. The moment the little hyena was allowed, she was bounding over the metaphysical and bouncing around the pretty brown hyena. Yep bigger than her and not the same size. Didn't matter, it made the aardwolf happy to meet another.
"Frankiiiie. Cute name for a cute girl." How old was she? Maybe early 20's. Short little thing, though. Made it harder to gauge accurately. "You not been with us too long, yeah?"
Oh that made her blush, a little wiggle and a smile, "Oh you're so sweet!Thank you," she said with a bubbly little smile as she would give a nod, "Mmhmm! Not that long...maybe a month or two? Second time actually being in here though, " she told her as she would take another bite, "How long have you been here? "curious bean was curious!
Phew! Newbie big time!

"I been in the area, known Pete ages now. Three years, maybe? Dunno. Been with the cackle since we got our shit together, though. So... maybe a year since then." Maybe a little longer? Summer wasn't so sure. She hadn't marked the date on her calendar or nothin'.

"Where you at before here?"

Now she took a bite of pizza. Happy. Greasy. The sort of thing that held life together.
Oh wow! Pete and her were probably BFF's basically then with how long they'd known each other. She didn't really have anyone that she knew for that long outside of family and they were spaced from the present picture. "Wow and heh...I still love the name, cackle, it makes me want to laugh every time I say it, " she said with a little giggle at the name as she would take another bite. It wasn't the bad giggle, just the word sounds funny giggle.

Shrugging some at the question, "Oh uhm work? I work a mom n pop pizza place about ten minutes or so from here...or unless you meant something else and my over excited brain doesn't understand? " best to put that in there that her brain works just too fast sometimes. Did being a were making your hyperactive focus worse?

It wasn't what she'd meant, but you know what! Summer liked this answer better anyway!

"Nah, dude, that's perfect. I love it. Sounds way better than my work--I run a branch of a bank. Snooze town. I don't get pizza there unless it's team appreciation time."

More and more her mind drifted from the job she was good at.
Oh no :( that sounded utterly boring and something she'd probably get fired from for playing with a hole puncher or something, "Well...if you'd like I can always run you over some pizza- at least making working at a bank a little less dull with something hot and cheesy to look forward to, " Frankie would offer. Something about pizza just felt like the ultimate comfort thing for her but no idea if it was the same for Summer.
Frankie was very sweet. Maybe too sweet for this place, but hey! They'd take her, clearly. Summer laughed. "I'll have to get ya number, then maybe." She took another bite, chewing something other than thoroughly for a moment before swallowing it down to add. "Unfortunately all the way out in Alameda. Been thinkin' 'bout movin' out here though."
Sweet, she would nod as she took another bite of her pizza in hand, filling her mouth a bit as she chewed it. Her eyes went a bit wide at where, she knew that was on the other side of things...had she woken up there a time or two? Honestly, she couldn't recall right now, "Same! Th-the moving part...not living in Alameda part, " she tacked on for clarification. "I'm place hunting and failing at finding something here that is within budget though, " she told her with a frown as she took a gruff bite of pizza now. Take the upsetness out on pizza, it was safer.
Goodness, imagine not being able to afford a place in Las Almas...

But Frankie was probably young, like Summer sort of assumed. Not so many 20-somethings could afford a place.

"Housing is one of the hardest things in the world," she agreed. Essential! But expensive! "If I find anything crazy affordable I'll scoot it your way, yeah?"
"Yea...I am hoping to find a place that has a yard and space that isn't an apartment...it's a pain, " she said with a little groan. She just wanted a nice place to settle in and maybe a dirt basement to let the aarwolf out in to play in, was that too much to ask for?

"really?! I would appreciate that a lot, thank you! " Frankie told her rather happily, bouncing up a bit. Summer was super nice and helpful. Like Lora was!
"Yeah, girlie, it's no problem. You got a budget in mind?"

Sorry, money was the way her brain worked... because that was her job. Not a real estate agent, but had worked over plenty of mortgages, right!
Frankie did have a budget in mind! She was decent at saving and well not spending a lot, so with mouth full, she pulled out her cellphone and went to the place that kept track of all her spendings. If anyone saw how often she just plugged in 'pizza' for meals though they might worry.

"Ok...with my savings and salary and such...I can go for 250k for a house, " she hoped that was a decent number but she'd never house hunted before so she could be wrong.
Pretty dang good for a kid!

"I betcha can find something real cute for that. Nothing fancy, but when you're just one lady, huh?" Smile, smile, eat more pizza. "Pays that Las Almas isn't anything fancy, you know? Wouldn't fly as easy out in Alameda. S'one reason I'm kinda lookin' to move this way. Sell my place out there, get somethin' a little more hyena style out here."
Frankie smiled at that, "Just me and this uhm...new friend? Figure having a safe space to go to at home might help and my current place does not have that...and I've already shifted at home and the lil turd broke a window escaping, " she told her with a groan at that.

Hearing how expensive her own place was though made her grimace, "is Alameda fancy or somethin'? " she asked curiously. Did she have to dress up more there? Silly thoughs from a hyperactive mind.
Summer was shaking her head, chewing on pepperoni, understanding all too well those early days could be problematic. Good news was, around here if she did break out there was a lot less trouble to get into than most places. Certainly better than being downtown, right?

"Not fancy so much as just... dunno, bigger family home stuff. Nicer than livin' here, but not like... Reignhart or whatever." Just not too many places you could find a good house for less than 300k, you know? At least not once where you weren't sharing a bunch of walls with others. And when your concern was shifting at home, that was best to avoid.

"This place got little town vibes, bit more removed."
She would finish her slice and like the cultured person she was, stuck her cheesy finger into her mouth to clean it really quickly.

Listening though, her face winced at the idea of living in Reignhart, that sounded...like stiff anf stuffy. No, this place was going to be a lot better and she was looking forward to a change.

"Little town with space...that's what I want. Someplace that I can grow into and not have to move again for what...twenty years or so?" she said with a chuckle. Maybe MAYBE open her own pizza shop, who knows! Endless possibilities really, she just needed to figure out what the heck she was going to do.
Summer slapped her hand down on the tabletop.

"Fuckin' goals, girl!" she agreed, approving of that plan. Maybe that was kind of her own plan. The concept that maybe this cackle life was permanent and she could settle into it like it was. What an idea. Summer was super here for it, more than ever before.
There was a happy bounce to that, a grin on her face now, "Hell yes! OH! Let me give you my number, for houses and pizza stuff, " she said with a little grin at that as she pulled out her phone to hand to her. It wasn't the newest thing in the world but it worked; though there was a bite mark on the case to show it was chew proofed at least.
"Hell yeah, good deal. We gotta be friends, Frankie."

Glad, glad to have come in here. All the more reason to keep hanging out around the pawn shop more and more.
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