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Barley Fields Clowder

Black-Footed Cats • Barley Fields Farm • founded July 2021

A solitary farm set back from the main road by a long gravel driveway, the public business side of things is a produce stand—which clearly started life as a small tow trailer and has since been... creatively modified—set up right about where the asphalt ends. Here one can find a broad assortment of seasonal vegetables and a few (culinary) fruits, as well as select jars of homemade preserves and the occasional fresh baked pie. Sorry, eggs are no longer offered due to logistical problems.

And of course, if you're cool about it, you can get swingtop bottles in a few sizes of a dark lager brewed in the shed back there. Bring back the bottle next time for a discount.

The farmhouse itself feels more like a home than a community hangout, mostly because it is. There are a fair handful of guest rooms, freely available for rest and recovery to members. The same's been extended to non-BFCs in the past as well, and within reason it's a space wayward weres are welcome to find a shower, a bed, and a meal if they find themselves out this way in need. Not a lot of activities to be had unless you're a fan of picking stones or splitting wood, but there're some old free weights in the barn.

Shane doesn't fuckin' know what he's doing. Figuring it out. Feeling like he's only gotten faint glimpses of the brutality that can suddenly descend upon anyone who touches the supernatural community, Barley Fields Clowder exists to provide some sort of stability and security in case that shit starts breaking through. Maybe they'll never need it. That'd be nice. But he means to be ready if they do.

  • Keep each other safe.
  • You fuck up, don't hide it. We'll fix it best we can.
  • We don't own Hollowstone, but keep it and its folk safe way you would the group.


Prince: Shane Lether


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