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She'd told Yuna she would, let's hope her dear friend had something good to offer.

Incoming Call
A rarity, but always a delight.

God kveld, Sigfrid.

He answered the call cheerily.
God kveld, I hope that you've been well since we last spoke?
Very! And yourself? How are things in Reignhart?

He'd heard many bits and bobs, but he much preferred hearing facts from the source.
Good, I am happy to say that the Clutch has officially gained it’s magic.
Edvin straightened some, alight with the news. A fully fledged Clutch.

And are you calling me to announce your Regency?

Teasing, but he would not be surprised.
Hardly, I’m afraid that sort of position is better suited for you than I.

There was no telling how long she’d stick around here, and placing herself as regent made it much harder to leave when necessary. It also put her in a position of spotlight that she wasn’t interested in keeping.

I was actually calling to pick your brain about something.
Interesting. He wondered, then, what position she preferred? She had been reluctant to join him because, allegedly, the idea of his having power over her was not to her tastes. Yet, she was perfectly happy letting this Yuna have power over her. Did she believe Yuna would steer her in a better direction than he or Beauregard could?

Apparently, she still sought his guidance.

By all means.

He invited. His brain was ripe for the picking.
I’ve recently encountered a new clutch, one that claims itself nomadic and is lead by some idiot named Sayed. Do you know anything about them?
Oho! Sayed had certainly done well to begin making a name for himself. Beauregard had brought the news of Catrina's run in with the nomadic clutch to him as soon as he had heard the details. The timing of Sigfrid's encounter and Catrina's was suspicious.

I heard a riveting tale about that very vampire last evening. It involved binoculars, and, excitingly, an owl.

He was making assumptions, but he hoped to ferret out the truth.
He knew.

He knew not only about the vampire, but about the embarrassing state that she’d been slammed into by said vampire. It only had her wanting this Sayed dead even more.

Then I imagine you know why I am very interesting in learning more about this Sayed.
He had hoped for more information.

Perhaps you can tell me what you gathered, and I can fill in the blanks with what I know.

A tentative press for her full story.
Sigfrid was not stupid, she knew Edvin well enough to know that he was searching for the gossip here.

Not the story.

But it wasn’t like she was in a place to deny him when she was looking to him for certain answers. She supposed she would have to suck up her embarrassment for now, and entertain her old friend.

I noticed that there was a group of vampires in the park not far from my home. I was curious so I went to check it out, since there is hardly any good that comes out of groups like that. You know how I get when trouble comes too close. Anyways, when I came closer I noticed one of the vampires was Catrina and the two others that were apparently apart of a different Cltuch. The nomadic one I mentioned, and they were seeing some sort of alliance. One of the vampires, the regent, was kind enough to offer not only the library that they had set up shop in, but also the names of every vampire that was currently with them. This is when Sayed, the supposed leader, jumped into the fray and Catrina was quick to make an exit. Before taking off after her Sayed took it upon himself to strike out at me with his power.
"Mhm!" "Ah." "Yes, of course."

All things Edvin murmured amidst the tantalizing tale. Truly, the choice to meet within a public park was dizzyingly stupid, but such was the way of this new clutch, it seemed. The library, the names, the apparently ambush upon Catrina.

His interest was largely in the strike. Edvin frowned, rummaging through his memory of what the exiled vampire could do. Plant manipulation, was it not?

And he struck you... how, exactly?
It seems he can manipulate plants. He had the limbs of a tree act as some sort of whip.

Regrettably, the word was laced with a chuckle. He recovered quickly.

I am glad you came out relatively unscathed. That is quite a reaction from him, but I cannot say that I am surprised. Sayed was once part of Eventide, you see, but he was turned away when he proved that he cannot insight anything but chaos.
Well that was most certainly news to her.

I can’t say that it is a loss for your clutch. I don’t foresee his newest acquisition going on very long, he’s already making quite a name for himself.

I’m surprised that Beauregard has even allowed him to get this far. I would imagine that having a Clutch led by a former member would be less than ideal.
Mm. Yes, well, he has yet to pose any true threat to Eventide thus far. I imagine it would be quite the statement to exterminate any other Clutch simply on the basis of personal disagreements. If that was within our interests, it would not stop at just Sayed's.

Not quite a threat, but certainly an acknowledgment that her own Clutch was not exempt from the hypothetical.

Sayed seems to be making great strides in collapsing his Clutch for us.
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