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just out in a random fieldish area of camp baron, i'm good with any time

After his last effort to practice this new... ability? he'd found he had, he'd decided if he was going to do it again, he needed to do it far away from where anyone was likely to be. Breaking that young lady's phone hadn't been the worst outcome, but he really didn't want to repeat that incident or make a worse one. So if he was going to run, he was going to do it out here.

There was a field of sheep off to his left. He was mindful of them. He was also mindful that he was probably on someone's ranch property. But he didn't see any trucks or anyone on a horse coming his way. And even if he did, he was just a lone fellow out here for a little bit of a run.

A little run, yes, Oscar, absolutely nothing spectacular about that.

So he stood here, pretty sure he was alone, and took a breath to steady himself. Watered up and even in brand new running shoes, he eyed his path and then, silver-eyed, he bolted with as much power as he could muster.

It was enthralling and strange. He could keep up with where he was placing his feet. It was unreal. The world went past so fast, but it almost didn't feel like it, floating around him in a blur that made sense.

But even a man walking at normal speed trips sometimes, and that's what happened to him about a mile into it, and suddenly the blur of the world was a lot more disorienting. The tumble was rough and he went several more meters in a horrifying roll before he came to an abrupt stop, dazed and filthy with grass and dust. He hadn't realized he'd shouted until he heard it fade from his ears as he stalled out, flat on his back, brain spinning in his skull.

He was too old for those kinds of acrobatics. Or landings. He groaned, unable to get up.


Yue had felt stifled, closed in, the moment she had gotten the car. It wasn't much of a car either, two of the doors had been replaced at some point and non of them match colors. Honestly she couldn't tell if there was rust on the curves and edges or if it was just some paint job gone bad. But it had been cheap.

She had been positive it would give out when she crossed the border into Colorado, it had smoked a bit and sputtered. Still it had carried her all the way to Camp Baron before giving out. The last hiss of the engine a sigh in the clear air. In the end the car had done what she'd wanted, brought her back even if she still had to trek all the way to downtown Ridgefield. She gave it a solid pat before shouldering her only bag of belongs and stepping off the road into the slopping hills.

The sun was reaching a peek in the sky as she trudge through another pastor of sheep that crowded around. At first she mistook the blur at the corner of her sight as some waving tree or fence post, until it moved fully into her sight. And she watched as the blur turned into a person tumbling head over heels. There was a solid thud as back met ground.

Had ... had that really just happened? She blinked a couple times but the person on the ground remained there.

A bit hesitantly she inched forward, clearing her throat which was a bit dry from disuse.

"You alright?"
A voice.

Oscar couldn't orient well enough just yet to put his eyes on her, staring up at the sky with his world still spinning.

But was he alright? Everything ached, but nothing screamed at him. Maybe he wasn't broken. Or maybe he was dying and it numbed him.

Either way, could he talk? He opened his mouth, found he was definitely breathing, and coughed once before he replied, "Think so." He'd never been less convinced by his own answer in his life. Why was he cursed with abilities that only wanted to hurt him?
She took another step flaring her nostrils a little to take in his scent. No dead corpse here, and he didn't feel like a were either. Sure wasn't a regular human from what she had seen either. Which meant psychic. Yue had been a psychic before Ben and the rat. It felt like a lifetime ago. A different her, a different Ridgefield.

A psychic meant she had an advantage. He might be just as fast but she could bite harder if it came to that. Nothing was safe, and no one was safe. Vampire, psychic, human, or shifter. They were all threats.

She took a step forward and then another until she came to a stop a foot away from him.

"Nothing looks broken."

She knew what broken bones looked like, felt like.
She cast a shadow over him. He managed to look at her, but she didn't look especially real. Eyes too big, maybe, or... maybe he just wasn't focusing right.

He still didn't get up. Wondered what he looked like, other than... not broken.

"Doesn't feel broken," he admitted. "Just... maybe I'll get up in a moment."

Oscar would have liked to have been more present, more polite about it all. But he'd not been prepared for an audience, and he was not really in a position where he could think about someone else.

Slowly he drew his knees up, and though his thigh was surely bruised, he could move it.
Powers had side effects, she still remembered that. Remembered a pretty girl with long blond hair and pink eyes. A path not taken, cut off. The bitterness she'd felt a year ago was gone. She didn't hate Rika just as she didn't hate the girl from costco, not anymore. It was more effort then she was willing to waste on them now.

"How bad are your side effects?"

No beating around the bush. He was a psychic and she knew it. What she didn't know was if he was going to have a freak out, vomit, or anything of the like.

"If you need medical attention I can take you to the nearest house"

She didn't have a phone anymore. It was on the list of things to buy, but she needed money for that.
Side effects?

He didn't immediately jump to the idea that she knew he had powers. Really, he barely thought about side effects because he'd never regularly used his powers enough to actually experience them. His powers themselves were the truly hard part, backfiring as they tend to. So he assumed she thought he had some sort of medical condition. Like maybe his age was catching up with him after all.

To prove otherwise, he got his palm under himself and slowly started to rise to sitting, finding his back ached worse than his head, but he was in no way paralyzed.

"Nothing serious, I'll be okay. Just... tripped."

Normal people tripped doing normal running. Easy enough to blame a gopher hole.
He sat up which didn't really tell anything to Yue, who have expected him to kneel over any moment. His mention of nothing serious could have been about the tripping or the side effects she couldn't tell.

"Not the tripping, you power side effects. Are they gonna make you faint on me or something?"

Might as well clarify. She wasn't going to help him up until she knew there was no danger of him throwing up on her or something similar. Walking to Ridgefield in ruined cloths wasn't something she wanted to do.
He got a little tense, the mention of powers. Suddenly it was obvious she knew. But how? Unless... well, she probably was like him too, then.

So instead of denying, he carefully responded, "None that I know of. I never get that far." Especially not with this brand new running thing. The electricity was currently irrelevant.

Sitting up now, he rubbed at a twisted wrist, grimacing to himself.
Since he didn't freak out she assumed that he either recognized her, from the viral video of her shift in Cosco, or wasn't overly concerned about people knowing. It was easier this way. The rubbing of a wrist caught her attention and she had to consider if she would offer more then curtesy help. He was a stranger and she would get nothing out of helping him. Unless he had a car. If he had a car and she helped now perhaps he'd give her a ride.

"I can wrap your wrist for you"

She asked, mind mostly made up. If he said yes she wouldn't mind sacrificing one of her shirts to do the deed.
She was a very persistent observer of his current fall from grace. As if he'd had grace to fall from. He didn't understand why she was here, of all places, or... much of anything about her, really. He still wasn't wholly convinced she wasn't a brain-rattled hallucination.

He flexed his fingers and found they moved, and gave her a pained smile. "Thank you, but I think I'll be alright. Just need a minute to not feel so rattled."

If nothing was broken he'd make it home eventually. Ibprofen and maybe a quick check in with a doctor if that wasn't enough. But how would he ever explain it? A man in his shape, even at his age, did not simply fall down the stairs. Though he supposed that was as good an explanation as any. Tripping over one of his dogs.
His refusal was a bit of a disappointment. It would be faster to get to downtown in a car. Since a few minutes had passed and the man hadn't died she figured that was the extent her attention was needed. Once more she'd shoulder her bag, and move to try and go around the psychic.

"Good luck with your power."

Was her off hand attempt at a goodbye. Felt to awkward not to say anything.
Apparently offering to help his wrist was the end of her desire to be helpful when he declined. He looked at her dubiously as she moved off... "Thanks," offered in hesitance.

But he'd let her go. He was too shaken to get up or protest. Oscar was pretty sure he could get up and get moving in a bit on his own. And then... home. He was through with this for now. He really needed a better solution if he was ever going to get a handle on this.
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