Reignhart Tanchōzuru Rising Clutch Information
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Tanchōzuru Rising Clutch

Vampires • Nightshade • founded June 2021

Located in a nucleus of nighttime entertainment on the eastern side of Reignhart, Nightshade is a club that sets itself apart. Proclaimed as a burlesque bar, there is an atmosphere within that maintains class while celebrating the beauty and artistic power of sexuality. The edgy, conceptual aesthetic bathed in red is unmistakable, a trademark of the elusive owner of the establishment. Nightly performances by skilled, diverse dancers entertain guests while they sip on drinks from the wide menu that specializes in international recipes. Upon request, and an extra fee, private Red Rooms can be rented for exclusive dances.

Tanchōzuru Rising is a clutch founded on the basis of order and control of one’s own life. Preferring to keep a lower profile, the clutch was headed by Yuna Tsumura, whose sights are set on maintaining the security of its members' futures. By whatever means necessary, the clutch’s interest is in making Reignhart a safe space to exist as a vampire. Neutrality is difficult, but the clutch’s focus is less on creating enemies, and more upon keeping a finger on the pulse of the state of supernatural affairs.

  • Rogue vampires and most weres are welcome to live and spend time in Reinhart, unless prohibited on the basis of displaying dangerous or disruptive behavior that would call attention to Reignhart
  • Do not seek conflict with any member of any group or species, unless ordered to
  • Avoid doing things that would make supernaturals existing in Reignhart apparent
  • Prioritize the importance of your strength and magic; do not use it frivolously, as you never know when you will need it most
  • The clutch is a safety net, but not unconditional, do not rely on the group to take credit for repeated mistakes


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