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Tempest drove above the speed limit, she didn't like the idea of making the goofy girl wait on help no matter how much she was mentally swearing at her. She needed some lessons in manners and how to not just be rude to random people who were doing nothing harmful.

Picking up a napkin from her consol, she wiped the gooey blood from her chest from where she had bitten and was trying to cover it up. Her bite wound was not something she cared too much about as she pulled into his driveway.

Parking, she'd get out and go around to carefully lift the redhead out of her car and cradle her gently as she walked to the door and would give a foot knock if he didn't beat her to the door.
He had heard the car he'd anticipated, and was at the door just about the time she knocked, and it swung inward almost immediately.

Smelled... blood. Not a lot, but enough to perk up the more animal part of him. Smelled vampire, of course, and... wolf. Unconscious, in arm. He looked at the young redhead cradled by the vampire and nodded brusquely. Not really the time for normal greetings.

"Bring her on inside," he said, stepping back to let her do that. "You can put her over on the couch." Vampires were strong and that seemed likely kinder on the body of the patient than transferring arms for a mere ten foot walk.
Tempest offered a little tired looking smile to the coyote. She wasn't physically tired but just mentally drained from having to deal with these antics right now and on her birthday.

"Thank you, " she told him as she would tap off her shoes out of habit before walking into the room and going over to the couch. She was careful as she knelt a bit and eased her onto the couch and would rest her burnt arm over her stomach before she stood up and took a step back from her.

"I am unsure of how long she'll be out for I'm afraid, " Tempest would explain as her hand went to rub against her neck a bit as it throbbed.
So polite. Tempest really was a marvel of a person.

He followed to the couch after closing the door, watching. Well, the burn he could do something about for sure...

"Yeah, afraid I can't say. I'm not an expert in lightning strikes, myself." Didn't really have a place in pediatric medicine. He already had his home kit out on the kitchen table, and after a moment he went over there to open it up, still in full view of the couch. "You don't need to stick around, I can definitely take care of her. Won't know more until she wakes, but..."

Burn ointment, gauze.

"You alright?" He glanced to her, trained not to miss the signs of injury.
"Sadly same...with how you guys heal, I assume, she won't have to worry too much about heart problems so long as she rests, " she would suggest. Tempest was no healer but she knew that rest was good for any body that just got traumatized.

"Alright, I'll let you to it. Give me a call if you need something- anything, I'll do what I can, " she told him before looking down and sighing. He probably smelt it and it was sore.

Slowly, she tugged her shirt down to show the teeth mark bite on her collar bone, "She bit me...the girl didn't like that I was standing up for myself as I was passing out cake pops at the park- said my smell contaminated them...she continued to goade on and then attacked and I reflexively protected myself, " she told him, her head shaking still. She normally didn't strike people but she didn't take being attacked without protecting herself.
No doubt Tempest would do anything he asked. Hopefully he wouldn't need her...

Especially since her story painted this young woman as an aggressive anti-vampire sort. Or maybe she just didn't know better and had a bad attitude toward everyone. Wouldn't that be fun to deal with when she woke...

If she woke. But there had to be that hope, else he was going to have to contact someone more capable than he was on this front. Wouldn't Frank just love that? Emergency, emergency, Dr. Beringer...

Anyway. He stepped closer to look at the bite as she showed it, frowning. Had she bit her... as a person? Reflexively protecting herself made it sound like she'd been the one to hurt the wolf girl. Vampires did have a lot of mystery to them, didn't they? "I can give you some ointment for that, if you think it would help. I'm a medical professional but I'm afraid I don't know much about vampire physiology."
Tempest felt some relief that he didn't just yell at her for self-defense, she figured he would probably react the same way if a were or vampire attacked him. She would glance a little at it and then give a small nod.

"Well, the annoying thing about us is we take a bit to heal but please if you don't mind, I don't carry first aid on me really, " she told him before letting out a slight dry laugh. "Maybe I should start after this...I don't think an actual person has bitten me since I was human, " and that was a long ass time ago. Tempest did feel better about dropping this wolf girl off here then, at least he had some medical training and could give her whatever boost she needed until she got claimed.
He dropped the burn supplies on the coffee table and went back to get some more--something that might help her heal up a bit faster. Neosporin was an effective and necessary tool in any emergency kit, far as he was concerned. It was this he came back with, and a large bandage.

"You are welcome to put them on yourself, unless you'd like me to. Either way, feel free to sit."

He wasn't rushing her out, and she could take a moment to collect herself after a rattling sort of evening. "Do you... have electric powers of some sort, then?"

Over the years he'd picked up tidbits about vampires, but he'd never really had anyone to talk with that could confirm from experience. This was absolutely the first time he'd ever had one in his home, which was notable.
Tempest would take them from him, "I can do it, no need to get it on you, " she told him as she would carefully start applying the medicine around the human teeth bite marks on her collarbone. It was already bruising her pale skin from how hard she'd bitten her.

The question made her bob her head side to side.

"Yes and no...I can control the weather...If you notice her hair is wet. I tried to just get her to leave first with rain but that didn't work, " she said with a slight frown, "Before I was turned, I was what is now known as a psychic. I had abilities crop up when I was young and so I've had some practice over the years in working the weather to what I least mostly. It's the weather, it does what it wants still, " she wasn't all powerful with it but she could make it strike out lightning if she really wanted it to.
While she took care of herself, he went over to try and treat what he could see on the wolf. Cracking open a sealed tub of ointment, he knelt next to the couch and got to work, listening all the while.

Controlling the weather did explain enough, but Tempest went further still. She'd had this power since before she'd been a vampire? He wondered how long that was, but opted not to ask. Vampires being dead-but-not made his brain uneasy, and the less he dug into that, the better. Still... it was clear she had done this on purpose.

But the confession was enough for him. An honesty that many wouldn't have provided. Himself included.

"Sounds like she's a stubborn one, if you had to resort to that sort of thing."

He wouldn't--couldn't judge, not really. He was capable of his own atrocities. And sometimes hard lessons were the only ones that stuck. Still... this had been no small thing, if the wolf was still unconscious.
Tempest had to laugh at that as she nodded, wincing and hissing through her teeth as she applied a bit overly generous amount onto the wound. She really had no idea how much to apply so more was better...right?

"I think so... she's confident though...I'll give her that but I hope she doesn't go picking any more fights. She mentioned that she was on a no random shift thing, " Tempest said with a little shrug of her shoulders at that. She had no idea what that was all about but maybe it had to do with her high and mighty attitude.

"Were you a psychic...before you became king of the pack? " she asked, a little bit of a playful smile on her face as she would clean her hand and try to line up the bandage over the bite mark but was failing a bit. "Could I bother for your assistance on putting the bandage on, please? "
No random shift... thing? He could only guess what that might mean. Perhaps the young lady was searching for control of herself and had pulled on too big of britches for it.

Oh well. He smiled as he wiped a bit of the ointment onto the burned arm, tickled by Tempest in a way he rarely was anymore. "King of the band," he corrected with an amused noise. Then he was getting up, coming over to her, happy to help, to take the bandage from her and align it so it would stick and not get rendered useless by the amount of ointment she'd put on.

"I'm afraid I was never so special, but one of my coyotes was a psychic once. And I've met a few... though I wouldn't say I know any of them half as well as I've come to know you."
"King of the band, right. Remind me to change that to your name on my phone now, " she told him with a bit of a grin at that. She didn't feel weird teasing him a little, it was a relaxed and easy going conversation between them.

If she could blush, she would. That was too sweet of a comment he gave her as she smiled some.

"I'm glad we've gotten to know each other, I've learned a lot since we've met because of you, " she told him warmly as he applied the bandage to her cool skin. "Thank you. So, if you ever need a rainstorm, or a mud pit to wrestle in, I'd happily make one for you, " she offered to him with a bit of a grin at that. It was a funny idea but mud wrestling had been an old hobby of hers.
Eli didn't attach to people often. At least not enough to have them saying things like that to him. But here he was, with a vampire sitting in his living room, offering him gestures of friendship.

Odd, but what part of his life wasn't?

"That's one of the most generous offers I think I've ever had," he said as he straightened up after making sure the bandage was on correctly, the amusement in his eyes rather than on his mouth now. "I don't know what to offer in turn, other than... well, apparently I'm your go-to stop for dropping off wayward pups."

And that, if he did say so himself, was pretty nice and helpful of him.
Meeting people and getting to know them was the best boon of her long life, she only hoped this King managed to keep himself alive until old age so she could bother him until he was all grey fur.

A little smile was tugging at her lips at what he said, "It will always be there- baring a wild young were doesn't do me in first," she said in a bit of a joking manner before her head dipped in a bow as he fixed the bandage on her. That was better, it was covered and would be kept clean.

"You are, what a better person to leave them with than a leader I trust will take care of matter the state I seem to get them in, " she said with a dry laugh, "Oh- do you like cake pops by chance? " best to ask now before she would head off to let him tend to the knocked out pup.
Nice to be trusted. It was what he wanted, even if he didn't always manage to make a good case for himself. Tempest was proof he wasn't completely screwing it up, though.

With her bandaged he needed to get back to finishing with the wolf, but maybe he ought to see her out of here first...

And she had his attention with the mention of food. "Never met one I didn't love," he said, immediately assuming he was about to come into possession of one--or several?--and feeling enthused by this. Hopefully he wasn't going to go to hell for momentarily fixating more on the idea of a treat than the fact that he had a critically injured young lady on his couch. It was worth repeating to himself that there wasn't a lot he could do for her right this minute!
Tempest would give a little smile at that and motioned with her head so that he could follow her then.

"I have about a hundred and twenty? Somewhere around there, in my cooler in the trunk. All yours, " she told him as she would head back outside and just breath in the fresh air. It was nice out still, even if the evening was ruined for her by the act of the foolish pup girl.

Getting to the trunk, she would open it and then the long cooler in there to show the boxes of gourmet cake pops, "They're all fresh, I was passing them out at the park right before this all happened, " she didn't want him to feel odd for her mentioning her older than dirt birthday. She was still shocked she made it that far in her life but rather proud that she managed to.
This was a lot more than the several he'd been imagining! A dozen or two, maximum, but over a hundred?

The feral part of his brain was very happy to take full advantage of a vampire's disinterest in solid foods. The less feral part was... also happy to, to be quite honest.

Following her out into the gorgeous night air, he could only hope that the timing wasn't so bad that he ended up being absent for the wolf's return to consciousness. And with a peer inside the cooler--worth it. He was going to have to pawn some of these off on Heidi and Brooke. (For some reason he had a hard time imagining Kai would want to be bothered with coming to get any.)

"Generous of you. Did you make them yourself...?"

Personally, he was a purchaser of goods, so no judgement there.

Either way, he'd be happy to take them all off her hands. "I can return the cooler to you later, unless you'd like to stick around while I transfer these into the fridge."
Tempest watched the look on his face as she showed off the haul she had in her trunk. She wanted to keep them fresh and this was the best bet from what she had been told about food safety and all of that craziness.

The question though had her chuckling, "Sadly no...mead is all I really know how to make. Actual food when I can't taste it, no. I went to some bakery actually, very friendly people who touted to make them all by hand so I hope they are actually good, " she said in a hopeful tone.

"Let me help, this was all I had planned for this evening was passing these out so I'm in no rush, " small lie, she didn't want to be around when sparky woke up but she'd cross that bridge if it happened. Hopefully, she'd be asleep a while longer while they loaded his fridge up. "Oh the insides also have fillings, just to forwarn you. Someone ate a vanilla one with caramel and got surprised by it on their face, " she told him with a bit of a chuckle as she'd lift one end, ready for him to take the other.
Okay, good, he was going to be pretty much far too impressed if a vampire was making cake pops. To be outdone by the undead! But his personal mode of cooking and such was sheer survival efforts. He made too much money to torture himself over a stove for fun.

"A kind warning, I'll be sure to be on my toes," he said, and took up the other end of the cooler with ease. This was a task that would barely make either of them think twice, like carrying a grocery bag inside. The joys of being entirely too strong, hm?
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