Cassidy’s Searching for a place to call home
Cat had spent the better part of her day off wandering around Cheyenne Point on her bike, stopping every now and then whenever she saw a 'for rent' sign and jotting down the information. The entire neighbourhood was probably way out of her price range but she had to try, right? As much as she loved living in Hawknell with her folks, it was high time she found a place of her own to move into. She had saved up enough money from working at Sk8 City over the years, and with everything that was going on, Cat knew she needed to move out. The last thing she wanted was to put her folks in danger with this new power.

Eventually, Cat grew a bit tired and hungry. Maybe a little hangry. She leapt gracefully off her bike and tied it up out front of a place called Cassidy's. Pub food was exactly what she needed.

She was met with the smell of french fries when she crossed the threshold and felt her stomach rumble. Cat made her way over to the bar and picked up a menu. A few moments passed before she placed her order then removed her notebook filled with addresses and numbers. Catriona saw someone sitting nearby and worked up the courage to speak to them once she got their attention. "What do you think of Cheyenne Point?"

Dax trying to look inauspicious

This was the second time at Cassidys after sitting at home lonely, angry and somewhat depressed for quite a while now.
It wasn't who Dax was, though, so he made another attempt to get out of that funk despite his life being in shambles right now.
Still having scrapes and bruises on his face made the visit of the restaurant harder so he had his hat and sunglasses on and head quite low.
The woman next to him suddenly seemed to be talking to him.
"It's nice. Not as pretty as where I live but better than downtown. "
He turned his head to see who had spoken to him and instantly recognized her.
"Oh, hi."
It took Catriona a moment to recognize the person she was sitting near was Detective Bailey. When she did, her features twisted in shock and realization, her mouth slightly ajar. She tried to speak and instead glanced down temporarily to hide the shame she still felt from that night. Being assaulted in the park and nearly stabbed was not something she wanted to remember any time soon, let alone the fact that someone on the police force now knew she had powers. The same someone she just happened to sit next to at the bar.

Only a few seconds ticked by between when the cop said hello and Cat began a journey of inner turmoil over what to say next. Eventually, she looked back up and carefully met his gaze, giving a small nod. "Hi." She was in a much different state of mind than she was the night of the near stabbing, no longer plagued by the side effects of an unknown power. Catriona was lucid. She knew she didn't trust cops, knew her opinion of them had certainly soured over the years. Also recognized her privilege as a white woman when dealing with law enforcement. When it came to a single police officer — this man in particular — Catriona didn't know much about Detective Bailey other than he, along with Asha, helped restrain the man in the park. He'd said that he wouldn't include her abilities in his report and no one had come knocking at her door to ask more questions in the weeks after the attack. Didn't make her any less anxious about it, though.

"G-good to know about, uh, Cheyenne Point," The psychic stuttered nervously. "How's, um, your hand?" Hadn't he hurt it in the struggle? The bartender returned to place a lemonade on the coaster in front of her and she threw them a small smile of thanks, grateful to have something else to focus on.
She didn't seem to instantly recognize him, perhaps because of the hat and sunglasses but then she seemed to know who he was. Was she startled? Another woman who was scared of him like Etta? Or worried because he was police?
She asked about his hand, so she definetly knew who he was. Dax showed her the line and shrugged. "Almost gone. It wasn't deep." It was almost funny that she asked about the cut he had almost forgotten when his face was so bashed up but again, maybe she just didn't look that closely or was too polite.
"Is everything okay with you? Did you recover from that scare? He's locked up by the way. It wasn't his first offense."

For a moment Dax studied the menu that was written on a chalk board behind the bar. Todays special: Salmon on pasta with cherry tomatoes sounded good.
"Are you looking for a rental? I only know an open apartment in Graupel.It's right on the bus line and has a garden and awesome views."
As Bailey turned to look at her, Cat got a better look at his face and bit down on her lip to keep from gasping. Damn, he looked awful. Catriona nodded as he mentioned his hand had almost healed and found herself wondering what the hell had happened to his face. Did she even want to know?

Cat glanced down at the lemonade in front of her and cradled it in both hands. She took a small sip as the detective asked how she was doing and reassured her that the man who tried to stab her was locked away. Catriona felt hot and her throat felt itchy. "I'm fine," She lied, uninterested in talking about that night. It was too confusing. Too frightening. It filled her with a strange sense of misplaced guilt that she didn't want to unpack in a pub with someone she didn't know.

His other question was much easier to respond to, and Cat glanced up at him and nodded. A rental in Graupel wasn't exactly what she was looking for, even if it had a garden and an awesome view. It was a bit too far from home for her liking. "Might be a bit too far for me, but thanks." Cat didn't have a car and while she was glad there was a bus line, she doubted the buses came as frequently or as reliably as they did in the city. "A garden does sound nice though," She added, as the bartender slid a veggie burger and fries in front of her. Cat thanked them, her hunger returning at the sight and smell of the food.

After a moment, she glanced warily back at the cop and decided to ask after his injuries. "Are you, um, okay?"
Dax was glad she was okay and that the conversation became more casual.
"I love living in Graupel. The nature is phantastic, houses have more space, less noise, less polution...but yeah...longer commute. "
She took her food and it looked very delicious but had no meat.
Then she looked at him with that worried glance some girls had on all the time.
At first he wanted to simply say 'sure' but it was too obvious that he wasn't because he was not in an upbeat mood.
"I've hit a rough patch."
He confessed but then motioned for his face...
"Not that, though. That was a very proficient young woman in a 'fun match'. "
Ah, so he lived in Graupel. It was definitely a far commute to get to Cheyenne Point from there unless he was in town for work purposes already. Catriona had never minded the noise of the city. In fact, it soothed her and made her feel less alone. Maybe she'd try and find somewhere in Hawknell if Cheyenne Point and Alder Heights were out of her price range. After all, she couldn't afford to be that far away from Sk8 City.

Cat nodded at his question regarding her food, then listened as he told her he hit a rough patch. She couldn't help but wonder what happened, though she wasn't really sure he would want to talk about it with her. Catriona didn't really know what a 'fun match' entailed but guessed it had something to do with fighting by the state of his face.

"Sorry you've hit a rough patch," The psychic finally replied.
His expression had become serious and his mind was not on the menu anymore but mostly his involuntary leave. Had he not done a good job with her or most others? The girls had been rougher than him. Were the few transgressions really worth getting sacked? Would he permanently loose his job
"Me, too." He stated in a low tone.
"Can I ask you something? Did you feel I was not doing my job well the night we met?"
While Catriona was nervous to be around a police officer, especially the one who knew of her abilities, she couldn't help but feel a little bad for him. And his face. Rough patches were, well, rough to say the least.

His question caused her mind to speculate and she took a moment to collect her thoughts. Catriona didn't want to think about that night. She shifted a little uncomfortably on the barstool and thought of how best to reply to him. He had helped her, along with Asha, although his initial approach made her a little scared and confused at the time. She had spent the remainder of the evening in a daze before passing out in Indra's truck so she wasn't exactly the best person to ask this question. "I was, um, a little confused by you at first. I didn't realize you were a police officer until after it was all over. And the rest of the night is sort of, um, hazy for me." She glanced at her plate and debated whether or not to eat, eventually deciding against it until after her conversation with Bailey. Catriona stole a sip of her lemonade instead. "I'm, uh, grateful you didn't report me though." She didn't know what that said about him and his job, but she hoped it meant he had a kind heart.
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