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  1. Oh the Humanity (Your character joined as a human) [COMPLETE]
  2. I Found This (Your character came from an adoptable) [COMPLETE]
  3. Personality Is My Greatest Weapon (Your character stayed human for one year)
  4. I'm the Map, I'm the Map (Your character has completed a thread in each city)
  5. Dora the Explorer (Your character has completed a thread in each sub-location [excluding group hubs])

Zoologist (Your character has completed threads with 10 different weres):

  1. Thread Title — Thread Description
  2. etc...

Professor X (Your character has completed threads with 10 different psychics):

  1. Thread Title — Thread Description
  2. etc...

Got the Bite Marks to Prove It (Your character has completed threads with 10 different vampires):

  1. Not my scene — w/ Beauregard Bertrand
  2. etc...

Didn't Know We Had 10 Humans (Your character has completed threads with 10 different humans):

  1. Thread Title — Thread Description
  2. etc...
IC Post Count:

  1. A Real Boy! (Your character has reached 100 posts)
  2. Two and a Half Real Boys! (Your character has reached 250 posts)
  3. Five Real Boys!! (Your character has reached 500 posts)
  4. Ten Real Boys!!! (Your character has reached 1,000 posts)
  5. Whole Real Boys!!!! (Your character has reached 2,500 posts)
  6. FIFTY REAL BOYS!!!! (Your character has reached 5,000 posts)

Thread Count:

  1. Training Wheels (Your character has completed 10 threads)
  2. Dirty Thirties (Your character has completed 30 threads)
  3. High Dive Seventy-Five (Your character has completed 75 threads)
  4. Kanto Region Completionist (Your character has completed 150 threads)
  5. This is SPARTA (Your character has completed 300 threads)

Head Count:

  1. Beauregard Bertrand
  2. Link
  3. Link
  4. Link
  5. Link
  6. Link
  7. Link
  8. Link
  9. Link
  10. Link — Social Caterpillar (Your character has threaded with 10 different characters)
  11. Social Butterfly (Your character has threaded with 30 different characters)
  12. Social Mothra (Your character has threaded with 50 different characters)


Graupel Canyon

Big Bear Diner
Cobalt Ridge
Lake Osprey
Pikeminnow Marina
River Rock Hotspot
The Tea House

Rice Bluff

Bluff Stern
Compass Logistics
Greystone River
Reuben's Billiards


Alameda Rail Yard
Cormyr Garage
Our Lady of Redemption
Paradise Creamery
Shear Bliss
The Kiln
The Picnic


Hawknell Humane Society
Hawknell Inn
Just in Thyme
Moody's Meat Shop
Sk8 City
The Terrace
Waffle Palace

Alder Heights

Alder Heights College
Disc Go Round
Griffin Stadium
Joe's Hole
Ridgefield Planetarium

Cheyenne Point

Davis Zoo
The Drunk Poet
Modoc Gym
Papa's Pops
Summit Theater

Starling Hills

Outlaw Moon
Starling Hills Library
Starling Pond
Tash Studio Gallery


The Cove
High Point Mall
Legacy Skyline
Museum of Sciences
Paseo del Artista
The Seanchai Collection
Studio C


Dainty Bird Diner
Harvest Village Church
Hollow Point Range
Ike Quarry
West Valley Safari Park

Camp Baron

Baron Mines
Dog Run
The Empire
Gold Rush
High Road
Pine Peak Sanctuary
Valley Mercado


Cougartooth Swamp
Launderhill Botanical Garden
Nichol's Drugstore
Round Two
Tattoo Therapy


Brickley Street
Fernsby Place
Galloway's Park
Reignhart Cemetery

Las Almas

Bosque de Las Almas
Burning Rubber
Copper Ridge
Hester's Hedge Maze
Sandstone Amphitheatre
Souls' Craters
Tiger Pawn
Twin Sisters' Drive-In


Belfry's Peak
Brothers' Caverns
Scott's Wonderland
Silver Falls
Washakie National Park
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