Outside Ridgefield Dark Moon Society Clutch Information
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Dark Moon Society Clutch

Vampires • Nomadic Group • founded June 2021

The main basement of the Starling Hills Library is set aside as a safe place for Dark Moon Society clutch members. It is accessible through a swing-out bookcase in a closed off part of the library or through a passcode protected entryway outside. The basement is set up to include a lounge for clutch members to hang out, a bed for members needing a place to stay, and a medical area kept stocked with basic medical supplies and bagged blood.

The Dark Moon Society Clutch was born out of a need for familiarity and secrecy. The strength of this clutch is forged by the strength of the bonds shared between members. It is headed by Sayed Moussa, a vampire with a troubled past, who believes that a vampire's clutch should be their family. The group is secretive in nature, declining to seek out their own territory.

  • Do not out yourself or the clutch
  • Treat other supernaturals with respect
  • Don’t kill unless absolutely necessary
  • Stay out of territories not welcomed to the clutch
  • Use suggestion for feeding to keep memories at bay
  • If you're in trouble, contact the clutch


Dominus: Sayed Moussa
Regent: Zaharia Cel-Tradat

Ranks & Roles

Praetor: Jaime Solaire


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