Hollowstone Checking In
Elizabeth had just arrived in town, and set up a place to live. Now, for her first night in the city, she was going to do exactly what she came here to do, check in on Alexandra's descendants. She didn't have good info on a lot of them, but she had some on one, a Miss Olivia Desjardins, who has a residence in Hollowstone from what she understood. Arriving at where her sources had told her that Olivia would be, Elizabeth took a second to adjust her designer dress so that it fit perfectly on her body, before grabbing a photo album out of the passenger seat of her car.

Walking up to the door, Elizabeth knocked, hoping that she was not too late into the evening that this poor girl would be asleep. Elizabeth took a minute to adjust herself again while waiting to see if the girl would answer the door.

house ref, she lives in the left house specifically
dressed in a tank and booty shorts D:

Liv was not expecting visitors at this time, so she wasn't exactly dressed up for anyone. The knock of the door made her think it was Caleb, but. She wasn't sure. He wasn't so much a knocking type as a... drunken mess type.

"Who is it?" she called as she walked towards the door anyway.
Elizabeth heard shuffling from beyond the door, before the call out. She pondered for a second, figuring out the best way to go about answering that question. "Hello, I'm Elizabeth, a friend of your Grandmother's," She yelled through the door.
Grandmother's friend Elizabeth? She paused, confused, hand on the door but not opening it.

"Um. I've never heard of you before?"

Maybe it was, uh... a robbery??
Elizabeth let out a huff, she was trying to be helpful here. Why were people so distrusting these days. "I'm a friend of your grandmother Alexandra, she ended up following me to Paris many years ago," Elizabeth clarified, hoping that was enough details to get the girl at least interested enough to talk to her face to face. There was only so much checking in you could do when the other person was hiding out of sight.
...Oh, that grandmother. She blinked — and decided she might as well open the door a crack. Peeked past and saw, quite possibly, the prettiest woman she'd ever seen.

"Um. Hi?" she asked shyly.

Was she going to get murdered for her money here?
"Hello Darling," Elizabeth said, giving a slight curtsied to the girl. "As I mentioned, I knew your grandmother. And yes, I know I look far too young to know your grandmother, but eternal life does great for the completion. Either way, I sadly have to be the bearer of bad news, as not long ago Alexandra was killed."

"E... ternal?" she asked, opening the door slightly more now. Staring, processing. This grandmother, Alexandra, killed?

It dawned on her too late that while she knew the name, she never had actually met Gramma Alexandra.
Elizabeth had a coy smile, "Vampires Darling. I'm sure you've heard of them at the very least." Elizabeth makes sure to take a step back as the door opens, making it very clear that she has no intention of attacking the young girl. "Now deary, I've wanted to check in dear Alexandra's family, make sure everything was going okay."


This Elizabeth woman breezed through her words and Liv felt like she was trying to hit failing breaks to let herself catch up.


"I- you're a- vampire?!" she yelped suddenly.

The door was open, though she of course had not extended the invitation yet. Too busy having her brain get turned inside out.
Elizabeth gave the girl another smile, "I did just say that darling, your grandmother was one too. Part of the Reines du Triangle D'or Clutch for nearly 70 years." Elizabeth gave the girl a once over. She certainly could look pretty if she put the effort into it, but today did not seem like one of the days in which she put the effort in.


She felt like she might be in a nightmare or something, heart beginning to hammer out a mad beat. Head feeling woozy and light but in a very bad way. Like her entire body was trying to separate from itself.

It resulted in knees weak enough that she fell sort of straight downwards, hands catching her from toppling face first mostly by virtue of body structure rather than actual intent.

"Ahhh- I'm- a vampire?"

No, she was not, but Liv didn't understand mechanics like that.
Elizabeth let out a loud belly laugh at the girl's confusion. "No, no deary, not now, not unless you wish to. It would have been quite impossible for Alexandra to pro-create, I was her first time, and we don't quite have the right parts for that."
Ohhhh goddddddd.


Liv's eyes went so wide they might have popped out her skull as she processed these words no less than four times before understanding finally. OH GOD.

"I- uh- oh?"

Please help her up off the floor.

"Wh- uh. Come... in?"
Elizabeth stood there for a half second, surprised by the invitation. She was expecting to have to do a little bit more work before she got an invitation out of the girl. Elizabeth quickly snapped out of her funk through, and took a hesitant step across the threshold. Soon enough, Elizabeth was stood over the collapse girl. Reaching down, Elizabeth said, "Up you go deary."
Liv, of course, had no idea what she'd just fine. But. Here was a vampire with corpse-cold skin, picking her up off the floor, with the same hand with which she'd, likely-


Euggghhhhhhhhhhh. Hopefully she'd washed her hands.

"Sorry..." she murmured. "Ah- can I- get you. Um. A drink, or."
Elizabeth took a minute to smooth out the girl's clothing as she once again appraised her. The girl across from her hadn't put effort into her look today, but there was the bare essential needed to make a beauty out of her, if that's what the girl wanted. Hearing the offer, Elizabeth quickly rebuked it, "I'm fine darling. Now, how are you doing?"
Ah. No drink. Probably... smarter.

She rubbed at her arm, confused and looking around as if maybe there was some kind of camera crew to tell her this was all a big joke.

No luck.

"I- just. Confused. Um. I haven't heard much about her before, so."
Elizabeth gave a warm smile to Olivia, "Well, the world was a lot less accepting of lesbians back in the 50s when I met her. Whisked her away to Paris and immortality. She didn't stop in at all, so I wouldn't be surprised if your family mostly buried her."
Aaaaa.....hhhhhh this again Liv didn't wanna know about her dead (double dead?) grandmother's sexual exploits!! But.

"Oh. That's sad. Um. You came from Paris just to... check on me?"

That was flattering and also terrifying.
Elizabeth gave her best soothing smile, trying to put the girl at ease, "Well, I can to check on her whole family, but you are the only one that I could track down, so I figured you would be a good place to start."
Oh. Well.

"Okay," she nodded. "So does that.. also make you my grandmother, or."

Did vampires have their own marriage laws and licenses!
Elizabeth did her best not to giggle at the girl, seeing where her priorities lied was quite an experience. "Let's go with Aunt. While we had a defined and long lasting relationship, it was no where close enough to exclusive."
Oh great! Now she had to know her grandmother was polyamorous! Awesome!




She blinked.


"Okay. Aunt." what was her name again. "Eliza."
Elizabeth smiled at the clearly frazzled youth. This was a lot of information to put on a single person at once, but, she wasn't going to dance around subjects just cause they gave too much context. "That works well enough. Now, how is life?"
"Um. It's fine, I think," she said, unsure. "Ah. I... everyone left to go somewhere else so I stayed here. And. I have a... neighbor in the guest house."

She wasn't sure, in retrospect, if she should have gone into her studies or something?
Elizabeth nodded as she listened to the girl talk, hearing that it seemed that most of her needs were getting taken care of at the very least. "Do you have enough money to pay your bills?"
That question was — it was funny, okay. People lived in literal slums in some places, unable to wash for days or weeks, begging on the streets or harassing passersby. Others lived in rundown, boxlike apartments, overrun with pests despite their best efforts to keep clean. The fortunate lived in houses with space and good community sanitation, or luxury highrises. Liv knew people in all these classes.

And then there was Liv, who had an entire estate all to herself and the workers who lived on the grounds, well off enough to pluck an angry man off the street and house him in her guest house. Whose very existence dripped of elite old money despite her best efforts to not flaunt it much.

And this lady who called herself her aunt was so out of touch, perhaps even so old, that she could not see that.

"Yeah, I have enough," she huffed a little, insecure about it as always. She hated the wealth, honestly, always looking for some opportunity to give it away.
Elizabeth could tell by the terse response that she had hit on a rough point. That being said, she was glad that the girl was supporting herself. "I'm glad to hear you are able to support yourself. Sign of diligence," Elizabeth comments.
"Born lucky," she answered, just the slightest bit averse to saying it had anything to do with her. Liv didn't create her own wealth, she was created in wealth.

Even if she felt a bit rude after, saying that.
Elizabeth kept her mouth shut, seeing as she had walked right into another minefield with her attempt at a compliment. Taking a step back, Elizabeth reset herself, before saying, "Well, if you need anything, let me know."
Oh, man. Had she offended?

"I'm sorry- I don't mean to like. Run you out or anything..I just. This is a lot for me. To have some kind of... vampire? Caretaker... Sorta family."

Did. Did she even really know if this lady was who she said she was?
Elizabeth smiled, trying to calm down the girl in front of her, "You are doing nothing of the sort deary. Time to process new information is not a bad thing, and it would be best if I also introduced myself to the local vampire community. I would hate to cause issues right after I arrived."
That was thoughtful. Liv almost relaxed, except. DJ record screech, again.

"There's. A. Local vampire community?"
Elizabeth had to keep from giggling at the shocked expression on the girls face. "There are a number of Clutches in the county from my estimations. It would be good to make friends with at least one of them."

"I- wow. Just. That's."


"Um. Okay. Let me... know how it goes?"

Elizabeth curtsied, before stepping to the other end of the doorway. Pulling out a piece of paper, she quickly wrote down her phone number before passing it to the girl, "Let me know if you need anything, and I'll be in touch."
She had to reach outside the door to take the paper, but did.

"Al...right. Okay. Um. Thank you," she decided.

Little chills ran around her spine. She decided to keep the paper someplace safe.

Vampire... aunt!
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