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Hey lady! How have you been lately
Vanessa was metaphorically knee-deep in some paperwork, so when her phone went off, she was at first annoyed until she saw the name. Rika!! She always loved getting texts from Grace or Rika, though felt bad because she hadn't really been keeping up with them. That should change.

Hey! Mostly good. Just really busy. How are you doing?
Doing okay! Was wondering if maybe you wanted to get together and do some dumb fun psychic practice stuff?
That sounded like a good time, actually.

Yeah, I'd definitely be down!
okay when works for you?! I'm good any day or time pretty much this week
Oh, oh gosh. When was she free? Vanessa flipped through her calendar quickly.

Looks like I took the weekend off, so maybe Saturday or Sunday?
Yay perfect!! Here's my address, we can practice there heart

Great! See you then!
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