Hester’s Hedge Maze Oceanic Flight 815


Mercy wasn't exactly a fan of hedge mazes, but she thought that it could at least be a good spot for easy prey. She wound her way through the maze, getting somewhere near the center, and looked around. There didn't appear to be anyone immediately in her vicinity, which was what she wanted. For now anyway.

She would play to her youth and her femininity: a young damsel in distress. She settled on the story she would tell her victim: a young lady who'd gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, who had stormed off and left her lost in the maze. She worked up some fake tears, letting her makeup run to complete the pitiful look. She sat down where she was, back against a hedge, and started sobbingly crying out for help in pathetic, soft calls.
Tonight, she was a bat by her own design. Raziyya soared over the maze, looking for someone to feed on herself.

When she heard the sound of weeping and settled on the hedge wall above, she instead found another vampire.

She was silent, head tilting to observe. Would she be noticed, she wondered?

cannot telepath in this thread, can bat and air

It was hard not to notice the ping of someone much stronger than you nearby. Mercy instantly stopped crying and got to her feet. Whoever had just came into her range wasn't someone she could drink from, so there was no use pretending. She looked around her, trying to figure out where the person was. Still not used to the concept of vampires having animal forms, she completely missed the bat. "Hello?" she finally called out.
What a damn shame she could not speak in minds tonight, fleeting ability that it was. But she was fine if she stayed in bat form, she supposed?

Her little bat mouth opened, testing for a word, before offering a delicate little:

"Hel-lo," in response.
The response had Mercy spinning around, facing the little bat on the hedge. She stared at it for a moment and chuckled. "Oh, right," she started. "Forgot we can do that." She stepped closer to get a better look at the bat. "Did you need anything?" It wasn't said in a mean sort of way, but Mercy was firm. She didn't think she was in anyone's territory, but she also hadn't known about Yuna taking control of Reignhart either.
Figured it out very quick, didn't she. This made it less than fun, but Raziyya decided she was losing nothing staying like this.

She spoke, slow and deliberate, trying to avoid too noticeable a stutter to an unknown vampire.

"No. Why wwwere you crying?"
Oh, had her crying attracted the attention of this other vampire? It was interesting. She'd learned this technique from someone older than her in another city, but maybe no one in this area was familiar with it. Mercy gave a slow grin. "Well, I was trying to lure in a human. Looks like I lured in you instead."
Ahh. Woman in distress. Raziyya didn't favor it, being out of touch with what it was to be weak, but she did understand it.

"Go on. Let me wwatch."

The next person was due to appear soon. Hopefully it was a man, and he thought with his lower head.
Mercy wasn't sure how she felt about that- having another vampire looming over her as she tried to lure in a human and then feed from them. It reminded her too much of jail. Just fucking guards everywhere, watching everything she did, scrutinizing every one of her choices. She narrowed her eyes on the bat. "Why would you wanna watch that?"
She wanted to have a conversation while someone was approaching? Raziyya did not answer, instead wriggled on the hedge and cocked her head. The other vampire was free to make a choice and not perform for her, but she did not convey that.
Someone was coming, and Mercy didn't really have enough time to work herself back up enough to get the tears going. But she'd always been a think-on-your-feet kind of girl. So, as a young man rounded the corner, Mercy let loose a shriek. "A BAT!" she yelled, ducking to the ground. The man did too, but was looking up towards the sky and yelling that he couldn't see it.
A BAT?! Where! Raziyya ducked in her humor, remaining hidden from their angle, but let out a helpful little SQUEAKING that the man would hear.

Wondered what her play was from there.
After the squeaking from the woman, Mercy let loose with another scream. "It's in my hair! It's in my hair!" she yelled, running in a human speed towards the man. "Get it out!" The man caught her, and as soon as his arms were on her, she in turn grabbed him and stared into eyes. "Don't move," she snarled out through yellow eyes. The suggestion landed and the man suddenly froze where he was.

She was always quick to feed, especially since they had been yelling. No doubt it would attract others. But they'd have to find their way through the maze to get to them. When she was done, Mercy looked back towards the bat on the hedge. "Did you want some?" she asked, not opposed to sharing so long as she'd got her fill before.
In truth, tempting. It was riveting to see him grab her, and she instead took efficent charge so quickly. Raziyya was impressed, and rogues rarely did impress her.

She tilted her head at the invitation, and then decided she was hungry after all.

"Yes," she answered, one word simple enough.

She descended on wing and transformed once she'd almost landed, catching herself on her outstretched feet.

She approached the frozen, conscious man. Worthless men. All the same.

Pressed his head to the side and drank in the ease of it.
The bat said she would and Mercy grinned, still holding onto the man. As the bat transformed back into a super hot lady, hot damn, Mercy gave a little bow and moved to the side. She looked away from the other vampire feeding, still not down with the whole watching thing. A bit too upsetting still, even if her own turning had happened a few years ago.

She waited patiently for several minutes until she was sure the other vampire was done. When it was obvious she was finished, Mercy looked back at the stronger woman. "Do you want to make him forget?" Since she had been the one to lure him in and keep him still.
She drank in her fill, and then looked to him, bringing his face to hers and wooing him into eye contact. "You wwill only remmmemmber k-killing the bat tonnnight."

Not the smoothest suggestion, but it landed, resolving the feeding from his memory. (Unfortunately, also all of the rest of his memories prior to this moment.

She stepped back, smiling in her pleasure.
Mercy watched the woman work, nodding to the suggestion. As it landed, she swayed over to the man again, letting her hand caress his cheek. "Thanks for getting that bat, tiger. But I have a boyfriend, so you should probably get out of here." The man frowned and huffed, but ultimately nodded and headed out, maybe just a little confused about what had happened. But the important thing was that her identity as a vampire was still hidden.

And the other woman's. Which, speaking of- Mercy turned to look at the other vampire. "So, what's with the stuttering?" she asked. She'd yet to meet a vampire with a speech impediment.
Oh, it was so well done until she had to ask. But Raziyya could not hide from it.

"A head injury," she managed sans stutter. "Have not rrrrecovered."

Well, only for so long.
That was... different. Mercy cast a sideways glance at the other vampire, lips pursing together in confused thought. "How'd that happen?" she asked, not one bit caring about social etiquette that might tell her that asking about injuries was rude or could cause trauma to the obvious trauma victim. To Mercy, vampires were next to invincible. They could be injured and even killed, but this was a strong ass vampire. "Did a building fall down on you?" Surely it had to be something major, and not like, a spice jar to the head.
"Yes," she lied comfortably, finding it less words than explaining the truth of angry shifters. "A ps- psychic expllllosion."
Mercy narrowed eyes at her. She couldn't tell when people were lying, but she did find it suspect that she had apparently nailed it. "Some psychics are too powerful for their own good," Mercy said with a nod. She took a few moments to look around her, making sure that there weren't other humans or psychics or anyone else about to sneak up on them.

She looked back to the woman. What else was there to really say? Mercy didn't often waste her time hanging around other vampires. "Well, have a nice night, I guess," she said with a shrug, and would be off unless stopped.
That was simple. Raziyya agreed — more trouble than they were worth.

"Yes. Nice night," she answered slowly, before taking to the skies.
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