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Getting to a spot for an Uber to get her was hard, walking hurt, her everything just hurt and when she finally got into the blessed car she almost fell asleep from the relief of being off of her leg. She could tell the bone was in right but the muscles were stretched and bruised; probably torn but those would heal. It would all heal but she still shouldn't be walking on it to make it worse.

Seeing her place come into view was heaven and she would pay before getting out to limp and stop several times until she got to the front door and unlocked it to let herself in. Heavy thuds of her bag dropping on the flood could be heard before she just gave up walking any further and just shut the door and let the floor claim her.

The woman was dirty and hungry and any form of pain relief she had was all the way up stairs and Imogen was probably still asleep. She'd just stay here then, floor decoration as she dozed a little.
Imogen had been asleep when Ravi had left but at some point she had awoken mind clear and energetic, as if her body thought morning had dawned. After twenty minutes of tossing and turning she gave up on going back to bed. If she couldn't sleep then she was going to make use of the time damn it. Good thing about Ravi's house was that is was big enough to practice ballet in, bad thing about Ravi's house there was so much stuff. Not that Imogen really had room to say anything, her own room usually looked like a hurricane had hit. It was kind of annoying to get dressed, wrap her feet, and then push furniture around so she could have room.

After pushing a couch up against the wall her ears caught the sound of the front door opening. Someone had been out~ At least one of them had a love life. Imogen didn't think she had time to date between raccoon shit and ballet. Which meant she was going to tease Ravi mercilessly.

"What sort of cute guys got you out so late?"

She called while making her way over to the entrance hall. Except Ravi wasn't exactly looking like after sex. More like after dirt bath, and she smelled like a fucking dog.

Squatting down she gave Ravi a poke.

"You get into a dog fight?"
Ravi was in a little doze, just happy to be off of her feet and walking in general. She could tell Imogen was home still, that was good at least but she'd wait to call her for some sort of help later as she just wanted to process what had just happened to herself tonight.

Lost in her thoughts though, she didn't hear her light footed roommate approaching until she heard her voice that made her smile. There was a little laugh that left her at the suggestion that she had a boyfriend.

"No cute guy, I'm afraid, " she told her as her eyes opened to look at her before down at herself. She was a hot mess, which was out of character for Ravenna because she loved her near and tidy appearance.

"No...I was off being my raccoon self so that I could focus on work and a dog were man decided to bully me. Jerk started by stepping on my tail and then tossing me as hard as he could after realizing that I wasn't just going to take being picked on but...he dislocated my hip when he threw me...possibly cracked a rib as well but I'll need an x-ray for that one" she said in a huff, "Think you could get me an ice pack, dear? " she would ask with a bit of a pained smile to her. Ravi didn't want Imogen to be worried about her, she would heal and be fine but right now, she did need some help so she would have to lean a bit on her for it.
Imogen was betting on Dog were man being a cutie, even if a bit of jerk as Ravi started the story. But things quickly turned sour. She was bristling with rage at the end of the very short story.

"He fucking threw you?!"

(if Imogen was a cat she would have been all puffed up back arched and spitting) Inside her raccoon gave a chatter fist shake. Conveniently forgetting that Ravi had once before been thrown when she had still been in a wheel chair.

"Where is he? Im going to fucking kill him."

She was wrath in a leotard and by god she was going to smash a bat over some asshole shifters head.
Ravi nodded, "Stepped on my...Gingers tail...then threw me after I tried to get him to get off...he is a massive asshole, " she told her as she still couldn't exactly walk around. She wondered if this was karma for biting Imogen when she was in the wheel chair- even if she didn't remember it.

Reaching out, she gently took her hand, "Gone, he left me back at the mines alone so I couldn't fallow him after I passed out from him popping my hip back, " she told her as she would sigh and give in to ask.

"Coiuld you get me your old wheelchair, please? I need to be able to get to the couch to check to see if it fully in place or if I need you to yank on my leg, " not a fun thing but she had walked too much on her leg so it was a slim possibility.

She was going to bash his face in. Even if Ravi didn't want her to. Her eyes narrowed as she came to the decision to stake out the mines as soon as possible. With a metal bat if she could buy one.

Maybe she ought to message Alice before she killed another were though..

As for Ravi, well. Getting the wheelchair would take to much time. So she bent down to get her arms under the wounded red head's body, careful of the legs as she didn't know which one was damaged.

"I'll just carry you there."
Ravi could almost see the flames in her eyes over this, maybe she should have waited to tell her. Oh well, she wouldn't stop her if she went and found him by some chance because she wanted to hit him.

When she stooped down though to pick her up, Ravi would only nod a little and wrap an arm around the back of her neck.

"Alright. The long part of the couch and then I'll need my large first aid bag from under my bed- it's most as a precaution, " she explained as she'd brace herself for the moving. It was not something she was looking forward to but she trusted Imogen to not drop her. Gosh please don't drop me
No protests on Ravi's part so she just went right ahead with lifting the woman up. Like doing a deadlift. Ballet meant she had pretty strong legs, and being a were ontop of it. Well Ravi wasn't really that heavy considering such things. Careful of the furniture she had been moving Imogen would navigate to the couch.

Only after Ravi was settled would she go to ret retrieve the first aid kit. Still fuming. Actually it was a good time to message Alice.
A pained sound would leave her at being lifted up, her teeth grinding together a bit as she would just focus on anything other than more movements. Once on the couch though, she'd let out her held breath and fall back into the couch a bit as she sighed out. That was better, much better. Lofting her shirt now, she'd look at the bruises along her ribs, touching them and wincing as she felt the slightest dip.

Ok, one small crack, that was fine.

While Imogen was gone, she'd reach for some pillows on the couch and use them to help prop and squish her hip a bit while placing some under her leg. Mostly stabilized, she'd just lean back and close her eyes, hating that she was getting her own couch filthy.
Only after the call with Alice did she find the first aid kit and make it back downstairs to the couch. Her expression turning dark at the sight of the bruises already formed on Ravi's chest and stomach. Screw hitting the guy, she was going to break his legs.

"Here's your kit."

She offered it over before sinking down on the floor beside the couch. She didn't know the first thing about medicine other then wrapping her own damaged feet.

"Alice is going to come by and try that leader healing shit."
Ravi would look up to see Imogen and offer her a little smile as she plopped the bag down and she would reach over to it and open it up up to pull out a wide ace bandage and then sit up a little to start wrapping it around herself. A soft sigh left her as the pressure helped on the sore bones a bit.

"Thank you and oh she as mad as you? " she asked, a little laugh leaving her that ended in a wince as she finished just giving herself some added pressure to ease it.

"That's a little better...I never would have thought other weres bullied others," she told her with a taking sound as she pulled out a shakeable ice pack and did just that before pressing it on her hip with a happy groan.
"I think she was more panicked then anything."

She said as she watched Ravi work. It didn't look that hard but she figured there was probably more then just wrapping a bandage on it.

"He's a dead man walking."

She said with utter conviction. Man was going to die for touching her Ravi. >:[
Nodding at that, "Good, at least I wont have to worry about two possible raccoons in the house then, " she told her as she tried to just lighten the mood a little bit. Never did Ravi want Imogen to worry about her, she was supposed to worry about her, not the other way around.

A little grin rose to her lips at that.

"Well, maybe Alice knows him or someone who might and if so, you can go over with a bat or I can just give you a tranquilizer to stab him in the butt with, " she offered to her with a little smile, shifting a bit as she pressed the cold pack against her side.
She'd find him with or without Alice. No point worrying Ravi about it now.

"Do you need a glass of water or something?"

Mostly she just felt so useless. She could do anything to make the pain go away. All the stuff in the first aid looked pretty foreign to her. After all the time they had spent together it felt shitty to not be able to do anything when Ravi need it.

She felt antsy, needed to get up and pace or walk. Just do something. Like bugs crawling in her skin that wouldn't go away until she moved. If it was the racoon or something else she didn't know.
The care from her had her closing the bag and pushing it onto the floor now so that it was off of the couch.

"Tea please, if you don't mind. I just got some loose leaf to restock as well, " she told her with a little smile.

Ravi wished she could help calm Imogen but she could see the restless energy bubbling inside her. Now all she wanted to do was help her just relax because things would get figured out soon enough and then she could go all harly quinn when it was over.
With something to do she would head back to the kitchen, the itchy feeling lessening a little with the activity.

Kettle on the stove she was left to her own devices which meant restocking tea, fiddling with appliances. Just doing anything to keep herself busy. She wanted to be doing something, helping Ravi or hunting the fucker down. No matter the consequence she had always thrown herself fully into things. She took action, she did stuff. How could she have gotten to where she was being passive? But now, now she couldn't do anything. And it was infuriating.

She felt so fucking useless. Like she was back in the damn chair having to be helped with everything from changing cloths to showering.
Thank god for GPS because Alice had absolutely no clue where anything was in Baron. The place was so fucking dusty that she often avoided the area, didn't need to get herself caught up with the local hicks. Same reason she avoided the whole area of Hollowstone, her place was with the city, and that's where she felt safest and most at home.

Either way, GPS got her to the house easily enough, the familiar feeling of her people hidden away within giving her all the confidence she needed to knock on that door. The raccoon within her head a anxious bumbling mess for the hurt raccoon within.
Ravi couldn't exactly get the door so it was up to Imogen to make the walk from the kitchen to open it for Alice. She didn't really know what the king's healing thing was or if it would help but a part of her was grateful the other woman was there. Only a apart though, a small part.

Still in her dance practice outfit and looking a bit disgruntled. Felt a bit of a mess compared to Alice who looked pretty composed, at least on the outside. Her own eyes were somewhere between a blue and an amber.

"Ravi's in the living room."
A sympathetic smile tossed towards Imogen, Alice would waste no time in making her way towards the living area, steps slowing as her eyes finally caught sight of Ravi. She looked like shit, which was probably the nicest way Alice could go about that.

Wasn't entirely sure how well this healing shit worked but hoped that it would be enough to get her at least semi-functional again.

"Thought you were meant to be the doctor around here." Alice teased, stepping closer towards the woman. "Wanna tell me what exactly happened as I figure this magic shit out?"
Ravi was jsut holding the ice to her side, eyes closed as she went over the evening a bit more trying to think of anything that she did to set off the dog man. Really, she had no idea, Ginger found a stray bag and wanted it and then the rest was painful.

Opening her eyes, a laugh left her at Alice's comment.

"Technically I'm a surgeon, " she countered with a little playful tone but yes, she was happily a doctor but even she wasn't impervious to damage. "Oh well let's see...I went to the mines, safe spot to let the raccoon out. Just letting her romp and found an abandoned bag when a man smelling of dog stepped on our tail, " that made her wince a bit more at the memory. "After, things went fast. We defended outside, tried to bite his leg but the man grabbed hold of the back of our neck, " she said as her brows furrowed then, disliking the memory that was still so fresh in her head. "He's an asshole... " she grumbled out, swearing for one of the rare times.
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Nothing much left to do Imogen headed back to the kitchen figuring they could use space for whatever Alice was going to do.
Alice's hands would tentatively press around the wounded area, her attention torn between figuring out how to dip into that unused magic realm and on figuring out what sort of dog creature had fucked around with Ravi.

"Don't really hang around the mines often, so I can't play like I know what animal you might have come across." Alice answered, none of those magic juices flowing just yet as her brow furrowed in frustration.

"I can ask around though, see what sort of animals might be hanging around her often. Did you pick up any distinctive features?"
Ravi would give a slight flinch but not pull away from the touch as she didn't try and stop her.

"Well he wasn't in animal form...he was a man. Possibly close to my age, had some medical training because he reset my hip before just leaving me in the dust there, " the redhead was crabby about that. What if someone had tried to harm her? She didn't even get put into one of the crumbling buildings there like she normally plunked herself in for the safety of it.

"He felt strong though, you strong basically...blonde hair blue eyes...square jaw- also now has a bunch of bites and scratches on his leg and arm, " she could pin point him anywhere though, all she needed to do was hear his voice.
Alice really wished that the description immediately pulled someone to mind, but unfortunately, there were a lot of square-jawed men in the world with blonde hair and blue eyes. The only two things that would be really of any use were the medical things, the strength, and the scent, and even then Alice couldn't really make any promises on that front.

Magic still refusing to work, Alice's face would screw up in frustration.

"If he felt like me, then he's gotta be a leader." She decided, voice getting gruffer with her effort. "I'll check with Asha and see what dogs she knows, figure out what this assholes deal was."
"Are there leaders here? I know this place feels like Ridgefield, claimed, do you think he lives here or was just passing through to be a royal twat? " she asked curiously. Her body was still aching horribly, nothing was happening and she could see that Alice was trying her damndest to help her.

Reaching out, she gave her a gentle touch on the arm.

"It's alright if you can't...I'll just be off my feet for a bit. If she knows someone, that would be spectacular... I didn't think others would go around beating on others who were just minding their own business, " she said in a bit of a huff at that part. She was mostly angry that he stole the bag of coins and shinies that she almost had.
No, now that Alice had started on this shit, she was bound and determined to do something. She just needed to key into that weird leadery power place in her that she hardly ever hard to use.

She only hoped that she didn't accidentally force Ravi to shift instead because that shit would be terrible.

"Hard to say, gots to be some leader around if there's a group, but I don't know for sure what animal." Alice answered, glaring down between her hands as the magic continued to fail her. "I've met a wolf, two jaguars, and a couple of vampires personally, but everyone else I haven't gotten the chance to speak with."
"Well...I'm not opposed to snooping around if I need to. That is if Asha doesn't have any leads for us. Damn this, it irritating. Out of everything, I've never been hurt worse than a cut from a scalpal in my residency, " she huffed out. Not irritated at her, just the man. Square jawed jerkface of a man.

Ravi could tell she was really trying to heal her, it made her give a tender tired smile to the young leader. "Don't hurt yourself, ok? " last thing the group needed was two injured raccoons laid up.

Looking to Imogen, she would give her a tired yet encouraging smile. She didn't deserve her but was thankful for her.
Finally, Alice snagged at whatever fucking magic thread she needed to, and the healing began. It was a slow trickling process on her end, but she could feel the energy zapping from herself into the woman that she was currently working on.

"Thank goooooood." She sighed aloud, head shaking. "And no, don't do any snooping if this dude is looking for trouble then its best we avoid him for now." She corrected, gaze moving back to Ravi's face.

"Only so much I can heal you, and we don't need our only doctor getting more banged up than this."
The sudden sensation of her body tingling made her jump a little and wince at the movement. Holy cow. She was doing it.

There was a smile on Ravi's face before she laughed a little, "Fine. I won't go looking for anyone, promise, " she told her. Something told her that Imogen would go hunt down the bugger without her help, she just needed to heal up and not be a burden to anyone in this room.

"I didn't plan on it, trust me on that, " she told her as she gave Alice a kind smile, "You are doing rather lovely, leading this band of bandits, " Ravenna would praise her. Really she was and she was happy to be here to see Alice grow into her leadership abilities.
The compliment did wonders on the size of Alice's head, the frustrated grimace that had taken up her face quickly turning into a wide smile as pride quickly took its place.

"Shit, you think so?" She laughed, stomach already protesting against the amount of energy that was currently being drained. "Feels like I've just done a whole bunch of guessing lately, but I'll keep trying my best."
"Yes I do, you're on a great path, " she told her with a bit of a sweet smile. When the discouraging look melted from her face, Ravi felt a little better. Alice needed this confidence and it cost Ravenna nothing to let her know that she was doing a spectacular job at figuring things out.

"I doubt everything comes easily, it takes time and practice. I didn't learn how to be a doctor in a day, it took time and practice. Before you know it, you'll have a lot more control over everything, "she told her as she heard the stomach growling, "If you're hungry, there is a pan of stuffed shells in the fridge with some garlic knots, " Ravi would offer to her; like heck she was coming over and leaving hungry. That went against every fiber of her being.
Yeah, but that practice involved having to ask every leader in existence for advice and constantly feeling like the new kid on the block. Sure there would be a time when someone would know less than her, but Alice had a fear that the time would be way further down the line than she liked.

Nerves that she would deal at another time, and not in front of the woman that she was both supposed to lead, and the one that she had changed.

"Thanks." She offered for the kind words, her face lighting back up as food was mentioned. "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna eat the shit out of that." She swore, fist pumping as the last of that magic fiber exhausted itself.
A laugh left her at that as she'd sink into the couch, relaxing fully now as things hurt a lot less than they did before. This was better, a lot better. Her ribs were sort but it could have been worse.

"You and Asher are more than welcome to come over for dinner any time you know. I always make too much, have at it. Imogen, mind showing her where the cutlery is? " she would ask the sweet ballerina that she had turned. It would give those two a chance to just chat a bit as she would just pull the blanket over and onto her lap, purely exhausted- even to the point of not wanting to eat, just sleep.
Imogen had been filtering about the kitchen having nothing to do as she waited for water to boil, but also not wanting to disturb the two incase the magic went weird from her presence or some shit. As water could only take so long to boil she ended up at the archway to the living room a steaming cup of tea in hand as the two finished up whatever they'd been doing. Hopefully healing Ravi. Catching the tail end of the convo. Mostly just Ravi inviting Alice and Asher over for dinner whenever. Long as they didnt expect a full get together Imogen didn't really care.

With her presence acknowledge she'd enter once again to drop of the tea.

"Let me know if you want anything."

She'd say to Ravi before turning to Alice.

"I'll show you where all the good food is."
Everything as settled as it could be for the night, Alice was content to just stuff her face, get home and get to texting to figure out who exactly had done what in this scenario.

"Thanks," she'd offer to Imogen as she allowed her to lead the way to the fridge and towards her future feast.
Ravi would look and give a sweet smile to Imogen.

"I will, thank you dear, " she told her warmly as she would just lean back and close her eyes. Oh this felt at least better but she would just let herself doze a bit, wanting sleep and to rest up after this chaotic night and day that she'd had to deal with.

Imogen and Alice, both very kind people she was happy to know.
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