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Afternoon, some time after the new moon
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Dakila had taken charge of this particular situation pretty quickly. Not only had he and Morgan been involved in the initial incident that seemed to be indicated by the date and description, this was also... home. His town. Even without the STF's directive to look into it, even without official assignment, he would have felt very compelled to look into this on his own. So it was better for him, for Sayed (if this was truly the accurate tip he thought it was) that he was coming into this under the title of Detective instead of Wolf King.

Though really, the two couldn't be separated so thoroughly as he might have liked.

Volunteering insistently, Haas had been quick to jump on the bandwagon as well, clearly eager for experience and to be involved. And Dakila... well, this was as much Morgan's as it was his. A cold case, a warrant floating on the air for over two years now. The charges to be levied against the man were not severe, per se, he had not killed anyone. And yet... he had resisted arrest, assaulted two officers in his flight, and had managed to vanish for so long it was just too curious to dismiss. Maybe wrapping up loose ends for once would do them some good.

So she came with, and though things were still strange, strained between them, Dakila was sincerely glad. And three of them would be better than two, with backup in the wings just in case. But this was happening mercifully just after the new moon, and he had made a point of deciding to come in the afternoon.

"If he's strong enough to be out in daylight, we're more likely to catch him alone," he'd explained as they'd prepared. "And if he's not, we get a chance to get a feel for the place and decide our next course of action from there."

They were here now, pulling into the lot of a library. A library! Of all places! Dakila wouldn't have thought twice about this place if not for this anonymous tip that knew too much. Who could have sent it? Maybe another vampire. Or maybe an unhappy psychic. Dakila liked to think if it had been another were they would have come straight to him, though he supposed it was just possible they didn't know the wolves had relocated and/or didn't know about him personally, so...

In the end all that sort of musing did nothing. Just put a lot on his mind to try and puzzle out.

"Game face on, Haas," he told the younger lady riding shotgun with him with a smile meant to reassure them both. "Just here to talk to the man if he's here for now." But as he'd prepared them all before hand... they had to be ready for anything. Vampires in general were unpredictable, so no matter who this was they needed to be on their toes, but Sayed had a history they could draw on specifically, and he had potential to be trouble. At this point it would be more shocking if it wasn't him than if it was.

Mirrored sunglasses were the easiest part of being prepared. He let himself out into the lot where Morgan had rolled up in her own shop just ahead of them. The detectives themselves didn't uniform, but they did have badges. Official business, then, especially with Haas along. "Still can't believe this might actually be him," he remarked to Morgan specifically. Of all the places and times that this name, this incident, this warrant might turn up again...
Being selected to go had her excited to tell the truth. The more experience the better and there was obviously a lot to gain from more senior people on the force like Morgan and Tomás who had their share of supernatural experiences, supposedly this same guy included. Really, it should be an easy enough time — check in on the location highlighted in the anonymous tip about a potential vampire that matched for one they were looking for, maybe question said person if they were around. The way the tip was worded though really did have Clara wondering into just who had filed it and how they were connected.

Either way, they were on their way to find out some answers if fate was on their side, the amount to be determined. Going during daytime wasn’t expected, but Tomás’ reason clarified well enough. The man was either going to be there by himself, making things a lot easier to be one on one, though they needed to be super cautious, or it gave ample time to take a look about the area. ”That makes sense, should be informative either way.”

As they pulled up, the car put into park, Clara set her face into seriousness at Tomás’ comment, though a genuine grin appeared at his own in a second. ”You know it.” Even if they went in there expecting just a chat, there was also the unspoken need to be prepared for anything, however.

Moving to get out, she’d nod her head in a hello as they moved to join Morgan. Listening in on the side talk, Clara’s attention was taken by the library. This was it, the newly renovated building where a small stream of people moving in and out of the doors could be seen.

”Anything I should look out for in particular with him,” she asked, turning to them both, wondering if their history of the guy brought with it any particular behaviors that wasn’t on the write up.
He is likely to resist again. The anonymous tip churned in her gut like bad seafood. Foot on the fender and knee bent to her chest, Morgan let the other dangle from the open tailgate of the police Suburban. With her back to the hardened vacuum-formed plastic siding, Morgan hummed I Wear My Sunglasses at Night as she watched Tomas and Haas pull into the parking lot. This was it, her first vampire since returning to active duty. To say she was apprehensive over the tip was an understatement. It was all wrapped with a bow. A little too perfect.

He has not stopped attacking people since. She continued to hum. Someone fucked up, ratted him out. Felt like they were doing someone else's dirty business. Drug dealers eliminated competition like this all the time. In the end it didn't matter; one more piece of shit off the streets. Mirrored sunglasses in her hair, Morgan hopped from the back and closed the tailgate.

He is likely to resist again. Her steps quick, Morgan fell in behind Haas and Tomas on their approach to the library's doors. "Yeah, what are the chances?" Things still weren't right between them, but that was for later. None of their shit mattered right now. And given what she now knew about Tomas, Morgan was glad he would be going in beside them. Likely if things went sideways, it would come down to him.

He has not stopped attacking people since. At her question, Morgan turned to Haas. "He does anything you don't like, don't hesitate." Hesitate and he ripped your fucking throat out. Dead on your feet and too dumb to realize it. She picked back up the tune and lowered her shades.
Honestly, the chances weren't normally this good. Getting a second chance at someone was almost unheard of. But Morgan had done it once, when she'd incinerated the monster who had tried to kill her. This time wasn't nearly so dramatic, but it was almost more unexpected. After all, Sayed had clearly tried to disappear, so why... this. Why a library? Why did he still even live around here? All assuming, of course, that their assumptions weren't completely off base. He'd never expected to cross paths with the man again, for all that night had never left his mind.

Haas' question was worth it. Morgan's answer was bitter but true. Dakila nodded as they approached the front. "He proved himself willing to both attack and run. He tried to suggest the victim last time into attacking Morgan. If he can make us turn on each other, I imagine he will. Sunglasses, no eye contact. He likes to talk, spin a story in his favor. Just because he says something doesn't make it true, so... grain of salt. Even more than usual." Most suspects had to be treated that way, unfortunately, but Sayed had proven... slippery.

At least this time they weren't walking in blind. And this time Dakila didn't have anything to hide from his fellow officers. If things went bad, he wouldn't need to hold back in fear of revealing himself.

And so inside they went, air conditioned atmosphere cold and sharp, a drawn breath slow on the werewolf and he felt a certain awareness stir...

"Nothing immediately fresh, but vampires have been around here," he confirmed quietly to his two cohorts, just so they knew what he knew. This wouldn't be like last time on so many levels. Already he felt more secure.
That wasn’t exactly the response she’d expected, eyes widening marginally as she fiddled with the end of the glasses hanging from her neckline. Tomás’ addition really did sell the cake here. The vampire theoretically in the building wasn’t a stranger to yanking their chains and suggesting around STF. ”Super fun guy then,” she summarized, making to move to unclasp the shades and put them on as they entered, the mirrored quality bouncing light back.

What met the group was, well, a library. The smell of it was bookish, coffee hanging in there, nothing exactly screaming that this was a vampire residence. Tomás’ point out had a question on the tip of her tongue as to how he knew before, right, yeah – the werewolf thing!

”Worth trying to see if he has an office we can be directed towards.” But, if there wasn't anything fresh that the other officer could tell than maybe he wasn't here after all and it'd be more about questioning the employees.
Whatever tale their perp wove was jack shit at the end of the day. This wasn't complicated. Nothing he said mattered. There was a warrant for his arrest, and they were here to carry out that warrant. There was no discussion and no bargaining. Sayed Moussa would leave with them in cuffs or a Dirt Devil. A third option lingered like a bad omen. The vampire could just kill them all.

Walking in from outside, the interior was a frosty wall that made the hair on her arms stand up. Morgan just nodded to Tomas' point on the vampire. Apparently, he had some sixth-sense on this they were supposed to take as gospel. Grace said the same about their brand of freak, and Morgan watched Tomas. She only needed one.

Might be something visual, a sound, a smell. Goosebumps or some shit. Which would it be? Were the goosebumps on her arms from the air conditioning, or was that Tomas? Was the sense of unease festering in her gut simply the situation, or was that Tomas? It was a distraction at the worst possible time. But in the lull between boredom and action, Morgan flexed those rarely used muscles and kept an eye on Tomas.

Hass wanted to check the offices she nodded. It seemed a good enough place to start. "If he's holed up here, likely be a storage room, basement, something like that. Wherever it's dark and private."

Morgan turned to Tomas. "How close do you need to be to know?" Was he their early warning system or would their first sign of the vampire be Haas gurgling through a ruined throat?
First direction was to head towards the front desk, reveal their status as officers, see what cooperation they could get. They didn't have a warrant to be going anywhere that wasn't unlocked, but this was a public space so nothing prevented them from looking around. And if they found something suspicious enough to warrant a request for further search, they could get it. For now, though, nice and easy. The was a probe, not an invasion.

Nodding to Morgan's wisdom--and figuring there was likely a basement if this was meant to be a vampire's headquarters--he took in the surroundings. Modern, understated enough. It had a new, clean feeling to it. If this was genuinely Sayed, he'd gotten bold with this place. Put some real work into it. It struck as something permanent, and vampires lived an awfully long time...

"Not terribly close," he told Morgan, glancing at her, finding she was looking right to him. "Especially if I'm paying attention." Which he was. No one was going to be able to sneak up on him. There were distant, far away sensation of other weres currently in Starling Hills, but he was looking, waiting for something more immediate. Nothing yet, other than the lingering scent of vivid rot.

Cooperation was swift. Staff here seemed human, normal. They were directed towards the office but told that "Mr. Moussa" wasn't in right now. Dakila nodded his thanks regardless, deciding they would determine that for themselves--and figuring his partners would not disagree as he moved them off towards the office they would find unlocked and unoccupied.
Ah, that was a fair point, it was day afterall, unless Dakila’s mention of him being able to walk around during now was something in play then, really, the guy could be anywhere. The office was maybe below their feet then? It was one of the moments that genuinely and with a subtle flourish pointed ot the differences between vampire and human. Whereas a human head of something would want to have plenty of windows, maybe even on a top floor, her was the suspect with a preference and need to hide from the sky.

She looked to Tomás as Morgan suggested,really leaning into that bonus sense of his to help on figuring out just where the vampire was. It was a big library and anything to bring down the total number of places to check would be a win.

With a bit of asking, they were ushered off and as hoped wouldn’t be the case, the vampire they were looking for was out. Still they needed to check. Following Tomás’ lead here, Clara kept her wits about her, looking for anyone that matched the description as they went along.
Morgan only grunted in reply to Tomas. How close was not terribly close? Their bloodhound best keep his nose clean. She didn't want them caught with their dicks in their hands. Following Tracey and Heartgrove, the task force couldn't lose any more members. They were already stretched thin.

The library, in all its normality, drove a skewer of paranoia through Morgan's chest. It was too normal… too ubiquitous to hide something sinister. But that was always the way it went. The hit came from where you least expected it. Morgan resisted the urge to touch the service weapon on her hip. She wanted to take comfort from the hardware and feel the grip's sharp stippling against her palm. Instead, she white-knuckled a belt loop and felt the bite of fingernails in her palm.

The staff were useless; the office empty. Morgan paced; her brow furrowed above her sunglasses. She looked to Tomas again. "Anything?"
Inside the office he gave an idle tug on one of the file cabinets as he looked around, but... of course it was locked. And there was unlikely to be anything of note in there anyway. He shook his head.

"He's definitely been here, but he's not here now. The tip was good, though--a vampire runs this place, without doubt. And if it's not our guy, I don't know who it would be." His hand folded across his chest, and he thought... wondering if this was easier with the power of the law behind him, the warrant that sat heavy on their minds, or if it would be simpler to take to it as the Wolf King. But no... the latter wouldn't solve anything. The best he could do there was drive the man out of town with warning, and the warrant would still stand, and he would have failed to get answers for the assault and the escape that marred Sayed's record.

For him, it was just bigger than just his job or just his need to protect his pack. Made it all very necessary and complicated all at once.

"I don't think we'd find much upstairs. I saw stairs to a basement, maybe we check that out and... if not, we can sit on it until night. I can't see a reason he wouldn't show up."

Unless someone tipped him off, but... he couldn't stay away from here forever. Unless he did, in which case... it was at least one problem solved for Dakila. And no danger presented to his two allies here.
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